CAULIPOWER: Caul Me Maybe?

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CAULIPOWER: Caul Me Maybe?

How Caulipower, a health-conscious company that sells pizza crusts made out of cauliflower, is using Valentine’s Day to launch a clever marketing campaign.

The time of the year when every lonely single in America is stressing about whether or not he or she should feel disheartened for spending Valentine’s Day on his or her own has come again.

However, single individuals are not the only ones that are feeling stressed over this holiday. Marketing departments are scrambling to find new and innovative ways to align Valentine’s Day with their respective company objectives and goals. (for most, this typically includes an increase in sales of their product or service)

This year, while scrolling through Facebook, I came across a marketing campaign associated with Caulipower, a maker of cauliflower pizza crusts, that caught my eye. Although many singles are actively searching for a relationship this Valentine’s Day, others may currently be involved in a complicated relationship that the holiday may emphasize even further or raise tension or awkwardness between them and their significant others. Although not focused on an actual relationship with another human being, Caulipower focused their Valentine’s Day campaign around emphasizing the complicated “relationship” people have with the typical comfort food, pizza.

If not already obvious, America has quite the love affair with pizza. Caulipower conducted a study that revealed “the complex psychology behind America’s healthy eating choices and their favorite comfort foods.” The company found that not only did America LOVE pizza, but they in turn, would eat even more pizza if it was actually healthy.

  • 98% of Americans eat pizza
  • 54% of pizza-eaters admit “I love pizza.”
  • 30% of pizza-eaters say that pizza is a mealtime staple in their household at least once a week

But if Americans want to lose weight…

  • 84% would completely rethink their relationship with pizza
  • 26% agree pizza is bad for their health
  • 45% would simply cut out pizza in their diet altogether

The MOST important statistic in the study found..

  • Approximately 75% of Americans would eat more pizza if it was healthier!

“The research confirms everything that our delighted customers have been telling us for two years. They love CAULIPOWER because it offers them a healthier and better-for-you version of their favorite food. No one needs to ditch pizza. You can literally have your pie and eat it too. To celebrate National Pizza Day, we are launching a buy-one-get-one-free offer so more people can fall in love with pizza all over again.”

Gail Becker, CAULIPOWER CEO and Founder.

This creatively thought out love letter signed “xo, Pizza” can be found on Caulipower’s website along with the promotional buy one get one free (to share with someone you love) coupon. The letter will also have a full page feature in the New York Times and is shown on billboards in NYC and Chicago, two of America’s pizza capitals.

If you are feeling particularly anxious and depressed about not having that special someone to share Valentine’s Day with, maybe go on over to Caulipower’s website and receive a free pizza to share with a friend, family, or even your favorite Netflix series. (no judgement here)

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Caroline Bradley

Caroline Bradley

February 10, 2019at 5:15 pm

This is great!!! I love this love note concept that Caulipower came up with. I am a huge pizza lover, literally had it last night actually, but I also love Trader Joes Cauliflower frozen pizza because it is just as satisfying to me on a week night, but I do not feel nearly as guilty about it. This company is on the right track with where they are going with people’s relationship with food, specifically pizza, because it seems to be one of the universally loved foods. Great post, enjoyed reading it!

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