A Legendary Super Bowl Commercial

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A Legendary Super Bowl Commercial

Babies? John Legend? Adam Levine? Chrissy Teigen? If you ask me, those are all the components needed to create a memorable and effective Super Bowl commercial. During the game last Sunday, Pampers debuted a new advertisement titled #LovetheChange that showed even EGOT winner John Legend has to be on “Stinky Booty Duty.”

The commercial begins with Legend starting to change his son’s diaper, when he realizes he may need a little more help to accomplish this unpleasant task. So, of course, he calls in back-up. His daughter, dressed in a princess gown, comes in and attempts to throw her dad a wipe, but isn’t able to toss it far enough. After this, Legend decides he needs to call in the big guns. The camera pans over to show a group of dads all with their young babies in front carriers. If you thought the commercial couldn’t get any better, the choir of men breaks out into song about changing diapers. Unexpectedly, Adam Levine, the halftime performer, appears as he finishes changing his daughter’s diaper. To wrap up the ad, Chrissy Teigen, Legend’s wife, walks in and simply asks “Must we do this every time?”

After the Super Bowl, Teigen, Legend, and other celebrities took to social media to further the excitement of this campaign. Teigen posted an Instagram story imitating Legend’s song and then stating “I can do this!” After she turned around, it was revealed that she was actually changing the diaper of a baby doll. She also tweeted out questioning who was going to be the next dad in the #lovethechange campaign. Teigen and Legend are often seen as “parent goals” by their followers. They post about the hardships of parenting as well as cute milestones in their kids’ lives. Because they post about what it is like to be a parent in the 21st century, this ad is very on-brand for them.

Overall, the feedback from viewers has been very positive. Women and men everywhere are reaching out in support of the message behind the ad. People are calling the commercial a “Celebration of fatherhood,” because it highlights the role of dad’s around the house. The main point of the ad was to show that men should be proud of their family and their duties around the house. The stereotypical household roles are changing across America and the commercial emphasizes that parents everywhere should #lovethechange.

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Kristi Stubbs

Kristi Stubbs

February 12, 2019at 10:18 am

This was my favorite Super Bowl commercial! They are such a sweet family within the public eye and it is nice to see that celebrities can be “normal.”

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