Appealing to Fathers

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Appealing to Fathers

Most commercials during the 2019 Super Bowl appealed to emotions: from humor, to guilt, to sadness. These commercials primarily focus on appealing to physiological needs, concentrating on the sale of vehicles, food and beverages. The new Pampers’s campaign is no different as it prioritizes family care and pulls on the heart strings to make a point. The new Pampers campaign was successful and funny, featuring a commercial showcasing John Legend and his family in relatable situations. This sets up other companies to follow suit and target fathers in their ad campaigns.

The John Legend campaign started last June and starred him and his daughter Luna and continues with his son Miles. The new ad features not only John and his adorable son, but Chrissy Teigen and their daughter as well. To top it all off, a chorus of fathers accompany John and Adam Levine offers his support with his own daughter. This star-studded ad captured the attention of the audience and kept them hooked with humor and emotional appeal. Pampers also launched their new slogan, “Love the Change,” which encourages the enjoyment of family. This is Pampers’s first Super Bowl campaign and was successful in reaching their target audience. It also gained traction on Twitter with the hashtag, #StinkyBootyDuty. John Legend has personally confirmed that the “Stinky Booty” song is a common tune in his home, helping both his daughter and son to solidify their potty-training skills.

This is not the first ad to use fatherly love as a primary drive of consumer sentiment. Many of these instances arose at last year’s Super Bowl featuring companies such as Toyota and Huggies. This so-called “DADvertising” appeals to new family roles, strong parental figures and diverse family structures. Automotive companies appeal to dads by creating heart-felt ads that focus on children and how a vehicle can keep them safe. Huggies and Pampers acknowledged dads’ prominent roles and how they can affect real change in their children’s lives. Overall, this strategy is effective in supporting and celebrating dads in an effort to capture their loyalty. This emotional appeal has been prominent in this and last years’ Super Bowls and we should expect it to remain so in the coming years.

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