Apple Music Shows Artists’ Memojis During the Grammy Awards

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Apple Music Shows Artists’ Memojis During the Grammy Awards

Sunday night was a big night for many music fans as they got to see some of their favorite artists nominated, or possibly winning a Grammy award. However, I was only interested in watching Travis Scott perform in anticipation that his latest Air Jordan shoe would have a shock drop during his performance. In the midst of all the chaos the Grammy Awards hosts, I noticed particular commercials repeating throughout the awards. This was Apple Music’s new Memoji advertising campaign.

Apple Music launched a new advertising campaign throughout the 3 hour special. It seemed like a new commercial for this campaign played every time there was a commercial break. What made these commercials different from each other was the featured artists, that were at the Grammy’s, participated in the commercials. For instance, Ariana Grande (winner for best pop album), Khalid and also Donald Glover (winner for best music video and best record of the year), had their own Memojis in these commercials. Donald Glover also made an appearance in a commercial with his own Memoji. The commercial was fun and had a different twist, which separated itself from other commercials. In these commercials, fans had the chance to see the artists Memoji and they also got to hear the artists song play while the Memoji was singing along to the words, like it was a mini music video.

                It was a very smart move in the end from Apple music, as not only did they market their premium music streaming platform through the Memoji, but they got to also advertise the emoji features on the new apple devices, in hopes people would want to be a part of this new Memoji train. In short, Apple got to cut their advertising budget by advertising two different aspects of their company into one commercial. Three of the music videos are featured on Apple’s YouTube channel with all of these videos having over 500,000 views in less than a week. If it wasn’t enough, people who did not watch the Grammy’s or see it on YouTube, could have had the chance to see it on billboards all over Los Angeles right before the awards.

Again, another smart move Apple.

Ariana Grande Memoji commercial shown in a commercial break during the Grammy’s

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