Everyones Favorite Season is Here: Girl Scout Cookies

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Everyones Favorite Season is Here: Girl Scout Cookies

The air is humid and midterms have arrived, it is Girl Scout Cookie time. Coincidently these famous treats infiltrate neighborhoods and busy streets of Athens only a few weeks before spring break, say goodbye to those beach bods. Something about giving a Girl Scout $4 in exchange for a bright box of goodies inevitably puts a smile on faces all across the country. Living in a college town it appears that we lack the vast majority of girl scouts and it nearly seems impossible to track down their stands. Although Girl Scouts of America has been around for ages, they are coming up with new ways to get your favorite box of cookies to your hands. Throwing traditional door-to-door sales tactics out the window, they have implemented new technology to buy cookies. One way to feed your “hunger for good-deed-doing deliciousness” is simply by searching your zip code on www.girlscouts.org to get dates of cookie sales and locations near your area. It’s almost as easy as downing a full roll of Thin Mints (frozen). Another popular alternative is to download the “Girl Scout Cookie Finder” app on your mobile device and press “Find Cookies Now!” to support young up-and-coming entrepreneurs and change-makers in your community. For the more elite buyers, you encouraged to enroll in a Digital Cookie Platform that includes a digital order card and Smart Cookies that allows you to purchase from girl scouts you know personally. This allows the girls to gain crucial business knowledge and take their traditional skills to a whole new level that focuses on Ecommerce and online marketing. With all the options to hunt down these cookies there are no excuses not to contribute to the largest non-profit in America. 

Now to address frequently asked questions about this loyal brand:

  1. Why is the season so short? Unlike winter, we want this season to last more than 6-8 weeks. According to girlscouts.org, the reason for the short season is because this is only a fraction of the many activities these girls participate in during the year. The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the premier girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world, but it is just one part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
  2. Who makes them? Warmest regards to ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers.
  3. What are the best sellers? The question that ruins countless relationships. Everyone has their favorite and they are not afraid to voice their opinion. According to girlscouts.org the best sellers are 1. Thin Mints, 2. Samoas, 3. Peanut Butter Patties (tagalongs) 4. Girl Scout S’mores (what?) 5. Peanut Butter Sandwich. 

Comment your favorite flavor.

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