Modern Record Label Marketing

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Modern Record Label Marketing


The record industry has been transitioning from an era where tangible copies were the most widely used to a time where streaming services rule supreme. The method of music ingestion switched from analog to digital, and record labels that seek a competitive advantage have followed suit with their marketing efforts. A quick scroll through my Instagram feed exposed me to three separate ads each with the goal of promoting a different aspect of the music business.


St. Vincent, on the artist side, is utilizing Instagram to heighten her brand while providing a call-to-action that could increase ticket sales or streams. I would assume her record label has a social media team that works to optimize the reach and conversion percentage of these posts. The second advertisement pushed beyond the individual artist in order to showcase an entire music festival based in Las Vegas.


This campaign is heavily stressing the “party” vibe while also informing the audience that an early bird ticket deal is available, as well as payment plans. This approach could prove worthwhile if the ticking clock to secure the cheaper tickets pushes customers to purchase. 


The previous two ads are directed to the music fan rather than the producer. The third music related ad I encountered, in the span of five minutes, was from Native Instruments. This ad offers a range of Virtual Studio Technology plug-ins that emulate various analog synthesizers, drum sequencers, and other tools that help a musician shape their sound. 

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Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner

February 11, 2019at 4:15 pm

These are interesting observations! I realized different artists would appeal to different fans but I had never thought about how they would market differently. I wonder how much of that the artist has a say in. Definitely a question worth the research.

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