Say It With Donuts

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Say It With Donuts

Following their rebrand from Dunkin Donuts to simply “Dunkin,” this company is ensuring customers that their new name does not mean they are taking baked goods any less seriously. Their Valentine’s Day campaign, “Say it with Donuts” is reaching new heights.

Dunkin began this season with some typical marketing techniques they have used in the past with some small twists. They changed their instagram theme to pink for the holiday, they released Dunkin themed Valentine’s, and added glitter to their seasonal heart shaped donuts.

However, they decided to take an extra step this Valentine’s day.  Partnering with Andy Grammer, Dunkin has entered the wedding industry. In one of their Vegas locations, Dunkin is having fully legal weddings. These weddings include Andy Grammer singing you down the aisle, an Elvis impersonator officiating and most importantly a donut boutique. This marketing technique has proved successful, as Dunkin has posted instagram stories of people waiting outside in a tremendous line in hopes of a sugary ceremony. Luckily for them, Andy Grammer has passed out free donuts down the line to sweeten up their wait.

I am very excited to see what message Dunkin will say next with their donuts because I think it will be hard to beat “I do.”

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