Student Spotlight: Ethan Mowery

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Student Spotlight: Ethan Mowery

Ethan Mowery is a third-year Marketing major from Nashville, Tennessee. When Ethan began attending UGA, he knew that he was interested in math and analytics, but also had a desire to enter a field that required both creativity and an understanding of human psychology. Ethan ultimately decided to major in Marketing upon realizing that it would employ all the things he was interested in.

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Ethan poses for a picture at Southwind, one of the Young Life camps he has worked at as a leader.

When Ethan first came to UGA, he didn’t know anyone. However, he quickly became involved on campus and started making lifelong relationships. Ethan is currently a brother of the Christian fraternity Beta Upsilon Chi, a Young Life leader at Morgan County Middle School, and the Greek Relations chair for CURE. Ethan has a passion for music, and occasionally leads worship for the various Christian organizations he is a part of. He also loves travelling and playing sports.

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Ethan has traveled to many places, including South Africa (pictured)

Ethan exhibits the traits of a leader, including leading by example, motivating others, and saying the right things when they need to be said, even if it might not be what people want to hear. Ethan’s biggest leadership position at UGA so far was his year-long term as Vice President of Beta Upsilon Chi. “Being Vice President helped me learn how to work well in a team and that the decisions you make as a leader will not satisfy everyone. You have to be willing to accept that.”

Ethan encourages new undergraduates at UGA to pursue Marketing, as well as their unique interests and passions in general. “My advice to incoming students would be to tearn and take advice as much as you can, understand the importance of networking, and don’t be afraid to be creative or think of something that no one else has.”

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