Student Spotlight: Kristen Plummer

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Student Spotlight: Kristen Plummer

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Kristen Plummer is a 4th year Fashion Merchandising student from Norcross, GA. She loves being at UGA, and her favorite part about being here is the eclectic nature of Athens because there’s always something to do. Whether it’s finding a fun place to go eat, enjoying the music scene, or going on hikes, Kristen loves the various things that Athens has to offer. In her free time Kristen loves running, hanging out with her friends, shopping, and playing the piano. Kristen is a member of Phi Mu, where she has served on the executive board. After graduation in May, Kristen hopes to obtain her MBA from the London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts London. 

Kristen chose to pursue a degree in fashion merchandising, because fashion is something that she loves and feels passionate about. She was drawn to fashion at a very young age when she would dress up her dolls in various outfits that she made herself. She finds it fascinating how much fashion is changing and how people are becoming more conscious consumers. 

During Kristen’s freshman year she became involved with the UGA agency, and she has been a part of it ever since. The UGA agency does a fashion show every fall and does photoshoots in the spring. During her first three years at UGA Kristen did modeling for the agency, but for her senior year Kristen decided to join the styling team. She wanted to have the opportunity to be behind the camera because it applies more to what she wants to do in the future. Her favorite part about modeling and being involved with the UGA agency is seeing everyone collaborate on an artistic piece, because sometimes modeling isn’t viewed as an art even though it should be. Modeling is much harder than people think it is, models have to put their bodies into certain shapes and they have to work with the photographer to create something really cool. She enjoys seeing hair and makeup come together and looking at the final product that is produced when the photographer edits the pictures. Kristen hopes to take what she has learned from the fashion industry to work for a corporate high fashion company in New York City. 

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