Student Spotlight: Kylie Zamer

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Student Spotlight: Kylie Zamer

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When choosing someone to highlight for a student spotlight I knew Kylie would be the perfect person. She is a fourth year marketing major with a minor in fashion merchandising from Maryland. She is very outgoing, personable, and has an incredible work ethic. She had the opportunity to study abroad in China this past summer, and become culturally immersed during her time there. She has had many accomplishments through her work at the Red and Black, and as a Nasdaq marketing intern this past summer. She is also an active member of Pi Sigma Epsilon, the marketing, sales and management fraternity on campus.

Kylie has been making her mark on UGA’s campus, and doing so through the Red and Black. She started as an Account Executive in September of 2017, and worked her way into the Student Advertising Manager role in March of 2018. This position includes her overseeing Account Executives, advertising teams who sell advertisements in the Red and Black through the paper, and their social media. She organizes weekly, and monthly goals to ensure they are on top of their tasks. This includes creating proposals, cold calls, and having brainstorming sessions. She also takes care of the hiring and recruiting of Account Executives. Aside from her managerial role, she has the pleasure of taking care of national accounts such as chains, and businesses who are not local to Athens. She officially hit the ground running in this position in August of 2018, the start of her senior year while taking an 18- hour semester, and her work ethic truly shined during this time.

Moreover, Kylie also had the pleasure of interning with Nasdaq this past summer in Rockville, Maryland where she served as a Marketing Intern. Some of her tasks included assisting in social media, and marketing campaigns while reviewing and examining their analytics. She would draft social media and blog posts on their websites as well. She had some other big tasks while working as an intern. She was able to create and implement new social media marketing techniques to enhance the virtual presence and viewership of Nasdaq’s platforms. Her individual project included a social media competitive analysis. She worked hard to compare platforms against Nasdaq’s competitors with companies like the New York Stock Exchange. This was done through analyzing websites and social media platforms to ensure everything looked seamless across the board. She was also able to organize a social media campaign for national intern day which slotted Nasdaq on the Top 10 U.S. internships list. She was able to accomplish an immense amount of work in her short summer with Nasdaq, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Kylie’s involvement on campus and off has shown how determined she is to be a hard working individual through everything she does. She is hoping to secure a job in marketing, and would like to work in the fashion industry, but is open to anything. She is very versatile, and I know her skills will be greatly utilized wherever she decides to work in the near future!

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