The Power of LinkedIn

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The Power of LinkedIn

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We all know LinkedIn. If you don’t then I suggest you check it out because it’s the social media for business professionals as I would like to call it.

We use it, we know it, but it’s actually more powerful than we know. Many people post on LinkedIn, wether it be a company posting their accomplishments, someone posting about their personal accomplishments, “life tips” and/or interview tips.

The connections you make on LinkedIn can be someone you know personally, or you just want to connect with someone randomly. What I’ve learned is to not be afraid to connect with randoms that work for a company you’re interested with.

For example, you want to work for Coca-Cola as one of their digital marketers. Search for people with that job criteria on LinkedIn and send them a small message telling them that you want to learn more about what they do and more about the company. Chances are they’ll reply and would love to talk to you.

I’ve made many “random” connections that turned out to be the best professional assets and part of the reason why I have accepted full time offer from a company that I’ve been eyeballing for quite some time now. They gave me tips on what it’s really like to work for this company, what they look for in a candidate, their work-life balance, where you can apply, and what you can do to prepare for a potential interview based on their own experiences.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Use LinkedIn to your benefit, go out of your comfort zone and talk to new people. What can you really lose? Nothing.

There’s always room for knowledge and connections. I’m not saying be best friends with those people but it is always nice to know someone on the inside. Word travels fast and many companies like to hire internally through their employee’s connections. How cool would it be to have an employee reference to the company you want to work for?

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Cindy Cheng

Cindy Cheng

February 11, 2019at 4:25 pm

LinkedIn is really a powerful tool! I remember back in my freshmen and sophomore years I mostly used handshake to find jobs and opportunities but after getting LinkedIn last semester, I realized how beneficial it really is especially if you want to put yourself out there for companies and employers to see. I’ll definitely take your tip and start following people that work in the kind of industries that I want to work in after graduation and make myself more known. Thanks for sharing!

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