Tips for People Who Find Valentine’s Day an Unnecessarily Stressful Holiday

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Tips for People Who Find Valentine’s Day an Unnecessarily Stressful Holiday

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February 14th is quickly approaching, this Thursday to be exact. When I think of the day, I think of stress. Some are upset because they don’t have a Valentine, some are angry because someone forgot to book reservations, and some are unsure if they are even in a relationship. Whether you’re single, taken, or in the in between, I have compiled some ideas to make February 14th an enjoyable Thursday. After reading this, I hope the only thing you are worried about on Thursday is making it to your 9:30.

For my singles, no you are not the only person single on Valentine’s Day. If thinking about being single gets you down, just remember Zac Efron, Emma Watson (yes, Hermione), and Chris Pine are all single. I believe they are doing great.  Just because you are single, doesn’t mean you are alone. For this Thursday, I recommended planning a night with your Galentines or Palentines. I will personally be grabbing dinner with a couple of my friends and going to see the movie, “Isn’t It Romantic” with Rebel Wilson and The Liam Hemsworth. It’s a romantic comedy where the tagline is “No Date Required.” Get a large popcorn, a Coke slushie, and Twizzlers and enjoy a laughter filled night with your closest friends. Another option is to have a night in playing card games. I strong recommend “Most Likely To” or “What Do You Meme.” Both will have you crying with laughter by the end of the night.

My couples, how are you doing? I know expectations are high and bank accounts are low but don’t worry it will be okay… I hope. For the people stressed about making the reservation, I strongly recommend Open Table. You can download the App and have photo evidence to prove to your significant other that you did in fact make the reservation. The second stressful part of the Valentine’s Day is the gift. Are flowers and chocolate enough? Do I need to buy breakfast? What’s the price limit? My advice to you is to be open about your budget for the gift. No one wants to spend $30 dollars on a gift only to receive a coupon for a free hug. Be open and it will go much more smoothly.

I hope these tips have made you a little less stressed for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Just remember it is quite possibly one of the least important holidays during the year. I am a firm believer Groundhog’s Day is more important.

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