3 things that EVERY small business should be doing on social media

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3 things that EVERY small business should be doing on social media

You could be a hardware store or a software company. You could have launched 5 days ago or 5 years ago. If you’re on social media, there are 3 things that your small business should be doing to help bring you the most customers.

1. Respond to every share and mention

If someone takes the time to share content from your company, be sure to like it and thank them for the support. What matters much more than if the person has 10 or 1,000 followers is developing a legitimate relationship with your supporters.

Think about it from your perspective: if you took the time to share content from a new company, what would make you more or less likely to share their content in the future? If they don’t expect you to interact with them, they’re surprised, and it makes them feel special and appreciated. If they do expect you to interact with them and you don’t thank them, think about how special they’ll feel then.

These shares are critical for getting your content in front of as many eyes as possible. Here’s an example from my company Dapper Wraps: we had a post that was shared 17 times. We reached over 2,200 people and had 403 engagements. Our next post a week and a half later had no shares, and it only reached 43 people and had 9 engagements. The importance of your customers’ support cannot be overstated.

2. Create content that is valuable for your customers

It is easy to promote your business, but in today’s oversaturated digital marketing landscape, you need to promote your customers first. Instead of pushing information about your company, your goal should be to reel in your customers by providing information that is useful to your target demographic.

Marketing designed to bring visitors and potential customers in, rather than outwardly pushing your brand information, is referred to as inbound marketing. If you’d like to learn the basics of inbound marketing, Hubspot offers a free introductory course that will teach you the basics, and if you complete the course, you can earn your Inbound Marketing Certification. I went through the Inbound Marketing Certification process and so I can personally recommend the program.

3. Quality over quantity

An easy mistake to make when you begin marketing with social media is to think that you need to make as many posts as possible to establish your brand. While it is important to remind your potential customers that you do exist, you need to demonstrate to your customers that your brand holds itself to high standards. By not constantly spamming your social media accounts, you show your customers that you respect their time and won’t waste it with haphazardly posted memes.

Additionally, when a new visitor sees your account for the first time, you want them to look through the old posts and see that you take yourself seriously as a business, and low-quality content will not help your brand image.

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