A Definitive Ranking of Athens, GA Queso

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A Definitive Ranking of Athens, GA Queso

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1. Taqueria del Sol

“Best in town,” “An Athens staple,” and “5/5 stars” are a few of the ways that UGA students have described Taqueria del Sol’s infamous queso. In the words of Josie Guitton, a third-year Pre-Med student, “Taq queso is the perfect amount of spice and incredibly consistent. you know what you want when you go in and you get just that.”

2. Taqueria la Parilla

La Parilla is affectionately referred to as “La Pa” by locals and sorority girls alike. In the words of Katie Ryan, a junior marketing major, La Pa queso is “the greasiness your body needs and deserves after a 21st birthday rager.”

3. Tlaloc el Mexicano Restaurant

“One word, authentic.” -Katie Ryan

4. Cali N Tito’s at La Puerta del Sol

To get the full experience, you have to go to the Eastside and experience Cali N Titos queso at La Puerta del Sol. The chips are the perfect amount of crispy and crunchy and they pair amazingly with Cali N Tito’s queso, which is smooth with a hint of spice. The best part- La Puerta del Sol accepts credit cards.

5. La Fiesta

A hidden gem of Athens– La Fiesta is on the Eastside, across from UGA’s Veterinary School. Their queso gives you that hometown, local Mexican restaurant feel that you can’t find anywhere else. Add jalapeños for an extra kick.

6. Agua Linda Taqueria

A classic. No jalepeños, no chorizo, no frills. According to Laren Durkee, a third-year Pre-Med student, Auga Linda queso is “cheese dip you can stick a straw in and drink.”

7. The Taco Stand- Downtown

Taco Stand queso is a mix between the usual Mexican restaurant melted cheese and your mom’s spinach and artichoke dip. It’s the only queso in Athens, and maybe the world for that matter, that adds spinach to an everyday favorite.

8. Taqueria Tsunami

The best part about Taqueria Tsunami’s queso is that you have the option to dip chips, tortilla triangles, or tots in it, according to junior Josie Guitton. Definitely a great queso to indulge in when you and your roommates can’t decide between Mexican or Asian food for dinner.

9. Sr. Sol

An escape from the Athens, GA bubble. “Sr Sol is where you go when you want to indulge in your melted cheese fix without being judged by the rest of the UGA student population,” according to junior Katie Ryan.

10. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

A flavor explosion. Fuzzy’s queso is loaded with tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, cilantro, cheddar, and mozzarella. Their chips add an extra kick with a signature blend of spices that is unique to Fuzzy’s locations. Fuzzy’s earned it’s spot at the bottom of the list, according to junior Carolina Pinckney, who added that “Fuzzy’s doesn’t even deserve to be called queso. It’s just melted cheese.”

*Honorable Mention: Willy’s Mexicana Grill

Willy’s gets an honorable mention for being the best fast-food, southwestern grill queso in Athens. As third-year Engeneering student Ellie Ferguson put it, “Willy’s is the best restaurant in America… don’t @ me.”


Jules McBride

Jules McBride

February 12, 2019at 3:40 pm

Love this!!! Agree that Taqueria Del Sol rules over all 🙂

Jordan Matilskky

Jordan Matilskky

February 12, 2019at 3:51 pm

This was not the blog we asked for, but the blog we needed. Thank you for your service.

Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson

February 12, 2019at 4:56 pm

Going to UGA from Austin, the one thing I craved constantly was Mexican food. Although there are plenty of good options of queso in Athens I will say they can’t nearly compare to what you can find in Texas.

Taylor Tucker

Taylor Tucker

February 17, 2019at 4:20 pm

I did not even know that we had this many mexican food places in Athens. I love finding new places to eat, so thank you for this.

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