Breakfast for Your Brain

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Breakfast for Your Brain


Some college students don’t eat a bite of breakfast. This is quite concerning. The most common reason that students give for not eating breakfast is that they simply “don’t have time.” There are a couple of easy solutions to this problem. One option is to just wake up five to ten minutes earlier. This extra time is enough to eat some simple, packaged foods like granola bars or a yogurt, or possibly even a quick bowl of cereal. Another solution that would allow you to eat prepared foods in a small amount of time is to prepare food prior to that morning. Most breakfast options do not work well as “leftovers,” but preparing some meats the night before could make for an easy re-heat after your alarm wakes you up.


Breakfast should be a crucial cog in the daily life of students. Eating breakfast lowers stress, leads to stronger concentration, and helps your memory. All three of these results directly benefit a student mind that sits in classes for hours a day. It’s tough to take notes when your mind is stressed out. Stronger concentration means better note-taking and fewer daydreaming moments in the classroom. And a good memory means better test scores when you remember what you studied!


Bottom line, eat breakfast. Try new things for your morning meals. The best things to eat are whole grain foods, lean proteins, low-fat dairy, and fruits and vegetables. For example, oatmeal as a whole grain, eggs or nuts as lean proteins, yogurt or cheese as low-fat dairies, and fresh fruit or juice without too much sugar.


Don’t leave the house without a bite to eat. Your brain will thank you during class.

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