Chester the Cheetah and Fast Food Twitter

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Chester the Cheetah and Fast Food Twitter

I recently watched this incredibly interesting YouTube video essay by user “Sarah Z” called “The Late Capitalism of Fast Food Twitter”. When I saw this video in my recommendations on my YouTube profile I was at first averse to watching it – I didn’t want to be lectured about economics by some girl in pigtails, especially not for 20 minutes! But I did watch the video and within seconds realized it was actually of quality. I highly recommend this video and it is essential understanding for what I’m about to talk about. I have linked the video below, please watch it and give it a ‘Like’ because I think it is incredibly well-made and informative about an issue plaguing our current society – one that is extremely relevant to Marketing majors as well.

So after watching this video, despite having already noticed this phenomenon, I began noticing it everywhere I looked, even inadvertently. The most notable I recently encountered was the utterly ridiculous Cheetos attack ad directed at Flaming Hot Doritos. Flaming Hot Cheetos have been a gas-station mainstay and have ascended into meme status as a snack, thus becoming one of if not Cheetos’ most successful items. Flaming Hot Doritos, or rather “Doritos Flaming Hot”, clearly is taking the success of Flaming Hot Cheetos and copying it – a good idea but also a relatively strong threat against Cheetos. Cheetos however decided to make an attack ad using their old Chester character (who has appeared in commercials here and there in the 2010s but not as much as his heyday) revamped to have him rapping about Doritos’ shameless rip-off. And honestly I really like this ad. It’s hilarious, if corny, and I wanted my friends to see it and laugh as well, so it clearly does its job. However, looking at this ad in the larger context of “the late capitalism of fast food Twitter”, is this sort of direct attack ad going to become even more popular? This could rapidly get annoying if not made with the humor Cheetos created their diss-rap commercial with.

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