Current Campaign: Lime Crime

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Current Campaign: Lime Crime

Like many people my age, I use social media on a daily basis. I find it intriguing how marketing professionals utilize this fact to their advantage in order to help promote their brands. One industry where this happens very frequently is the beauty industry. A brand that I feel does a excellent job of using their platform to engage their followers, increase awareness, and accelerate profits is a cosmetics company called Lime Crime.

Specializing in bold colors and unique makeup that is “made for unicorns,” Lime Crime has been around online since 2008. Though they have always had a cult following, especially for those seeking pigmented makeup, Lime Crime did not always experience the positive attention, awareness, and success that it does today. Riddled with a past of scandal, poor customer service, and a negative brand reputation, it is remarkable how far they’ve come in rebranding themselves and completely altering their image.

A big component of this success is due to the introduction of social media as a marketing platform. Today the brand has 3.4 million followers and has posted 10,289 times on Instagram, while they have 1.1 million followers on Facebook, and substantial followings on other types of social media as well. On their website, they state their mission is “to create products and experiences that transport you to a magical world where you can express yourself unapologetically, experiment with every color of the rainbow and escape from looking like everyone else.” Their social media certainly exemplifies this mission well, illustrating just how easily customers can get creative with their products

Always vibrant, always colorful, Lime Crime’s bright and vivacious products flood both their Instagram feed and other social media. A brand like Lime Crime is the perfect type to use Instagram. By focusing on the visuals– the products themselves, the products in use, different makeup looks that followers create, and makeup looks that are a part of their own marketing campaigns– every photo helps shape their image in a positive way. The beauty community is one that has especially grown in recent years, and Lime Crime certainly takes full advantage of this by sending free products to well-known beauty influencers. These influencers use the products and post about them… and then just like that Lime Crime is able the reach an entirely new audience and perhaps even gain followers and customers in the process.

Another thing that Lime Crime does especially well is hyping up new products. Something I have consistently noticed is that they stay well ahead of beauty trends, often setting them, in fact. Though they got there start with their highly pigmented “unicorn lipstick,” they were actually one of the first brands to popularize matte liquid lipsticks, one of their claims to fame. It was around the time that they came out with this product that they starting becoming extremely popular and it was also around this time that they started fixing their image by improving their social media and customer service overall. They often respond to customer service questions in the comments of posts and even have an online customer service rep chat box. Since then they have gone on to expand their range of shades, never failing to impress with the sheer quality of color, look, and wear of each of their products. As the years have progressed, they have gone on to create metallic liquid lipsticks, lip toppers, eyeliner, eyeshadow palettes and quads, fake nails, highlighter, hair dye, and so much more.

Equally important, with the incorporation of sales deals into their social media, they are able to catch the attention of their followers and generate more business. By sometimes giving away free products, greatly reducing clearance items, offering free shipping, along with other deals, Lime Crime knows how to make their customers happy and interested in the brand by utilizing their social media accounts. By providing a lifestyle and aesthetic that consumers continue to be engaged by, in combination with sales deals, they have the formula for success in the beauty business figured out. For instance, after partnering with Ulta to sell their products in stores, they have also created exclusive shades or palettes that you can only get at Ulta, adding a new component of exclusivity in sales deals that die-hard customers will find especially appealing.

Finally, Lime Crime has always focused on the packaging and look of their products to a level of impeccable detail. Luckily, the perfect way to show potential customers this focus on quality is by showcasing their products on social media platforms. Additionally, allowing free samples to speak for themselves in beauty guru’s reviews often lets customers get to see firsthand the entire “experience” that goes along with being a Lime Crime customer. In many different ways, they have figured out how to use their platforms to highlight each good thing about their brand, continuing to strengthen their brand awareness,  while keeping their followers excited, always hungry for the next best thing that Lime Crime has to offer.

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