Dream Chasin’ with Zac Chase

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Dream Chasin’ with Zac Chase

Zac Chase is a human sponge. Or at least that’s what he calls himself. He observes his environment very meticulously, soaking up everything he sees and hears. What comes out are his thoughts in rhyme-form. He is a third-year Finance and Music Business student at the University of Georgia, who writes and records Rap. I had a chance to sit down with Zac and talk about being a rapper at UGA. 

When did you start making music?

Zac started writing down his rhymes when he was a Junior in high school. He’s from John’s Creek, GA and attended the Weber School in Atlanta. He explains that listening to more and more rap music eventually led him to making his own. 

“Later [Junior] year, I put out a mixtape that was not very good,” Zac says in a very humbling way, almost thankful.

What have you gained personally for writing and putting out music?

He describes the songwriting process as, “almost cathartic in a way.” 

Zac uses his songwriting as a way to organize his thoughts. It’s almost as if he’s so wide-eyed and ready to learn, that he needs time to decompress and take in what he sees. 

By contrast, Zac sees actually performing his music live as “crazy”. He’s nearly at a loss for words to accurately describe what it’s like for him. 

“I used to be the quietest kid and I think that in making music, I sorta found my voice a little more, and got confident with myself”

How would you describe your sound?

Without hesitation, “punk,” Zac says, and immediately laughs it off. Then he actually starts to think about the question for a few moments. 

Zac fumbles for words and spills out, “there is an element of laid-back, but also I think I rap with a purpose.” I got the sense that he is still trying to figure out what his sound is. He tells me its not just his sound he’s trying to establish, but also his brand, and each song he makes, the closer he gets to understanding what those may be. 

Why call yourself an Athens rapper versus an Atlanta rapper?

Zac Chase may still be trying to figure out what sound he’s aiming for, but he knows exactly what he doesn’t want. 

“Atlanta’s poppin’,” Zac explains, “it’s flashy and gaudy,” and that isn’t what Zac’s sound is. 

Athens, GA is a creative hub where all kinds of music come out of and that is where Zac hopes to establish his sound. “That’s the kind of vibe I want to be associated with,” he adds. 


What are some of your goals while still at UGA?

An album. That’s the next big step for Zac Chase. Last September, he released “Something Concrete,” a four-song EP. Since then, Zac has been releasing a plethora of digital content on all major streaming services and social media. 

In a bigger realm, Zac wants to really dive deep and figure out what his sound and brand are. “I want to be more intentional with my messages,” is Zac’s biggest goal. 

Make sure to check out Zac on all streaming platforms, including his new single, “Talk to Me.” 

“My best song to date,” is how Zac is describing it, and is confident everyone will agree. 


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