Mellow Your Mornings with Yoga

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Mellow Your Mornings with Yoga

Do you ever feel like you wished you did more with your mornings ? That was a constant feeling I had for years until recently when I started doing Yoga. I have never been a morning person so the idea of waking up any earlier that right when I needed to leave for class did not seem like my cup of tea. 

My roommate started doing yoga at the beginning of this school year and used to swear by it saying that since she started she not only was able to wake up earlier with ease but, she also was noticing many improvements in her overall life.  I was still not happy with the idea of losing a few more minutes of sleep in the morning so I decided to do my own research and see what all the hype was about. 

After doing some research I was shocked to find how many benefits really did exist and come from doing yoga. One of the biggest things that intrigued me was how refreshed it seemed to make you after completing it and the reduction of being stressed and anxious all the time which is something I have always struggled with. So I thought I would give it a shot, and 2 months later I feel as though it was one of the best decisions I have made.

Since starting to do yoga I feel as though not only do I no linger struggle to wake up early in the morning but, I look forward to morning more now and to begin my day. In addition to that I also do feel less stressed and anxious during my day. In addition to just having a more positive outlook on life, I also have been noticing positive impacts in other aspects of my life. For starters, it increased my metabolism  and I noticed myself not only being more energetic but also losing a couple extra pounds I had been working on. 

Overall, starting doing yoga in the mornings was a very beneficial life change I have made. I hope I continue to keep this habit up and improve my overall lifestyle.

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