Playing Cupid on a Student Budget

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Playing Cupid on a Student Budget

Alright guys and gals, love is in the air but there is no money in your wallet. What to do? What to do….. Fret not! Here are some ways to ~frugally~ show someone you care about them:

  1. Don’t bash on the Dollar Tree or Kroger’s daily deals. Those things save dollars (and relationships). Even fake $1 flowers are better than no flowers, and say some cliché thing like “I’ll stop loving you when it dies.” Call Nicholas Sparks because I think we have our newest tear-jerking romantic movie!!
  2. Cook/bake for them. Going out to eat can be expensive. And, you can be waiting in line for hours in you don’t make a reservation. Skip all that by making a intimate, romantic dinner for two. Nothing screams “I cherish you” like a homemade candle lit dinner.
  3. This is really 2a, buuuut for those of you that only know how to heat up ramen noodles, get a simple takeout. Pizza, Publix sushi, even Wendy’s 4for4 will do the job.
  4. Take a walk. Athens is home to more gems than you think. If you don’t mind the chill, walk through North Campus, Georgia Botanical Gardens, or Sandy Creek Park. Pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors with the person that makes the air more enjoyable to breathe.
  5. A homemade card. Get some macaroni and make it as cheesy as possible. It might be terribly ugly, but who cares? It’s the thought that counts.

Alright, you’ve reached the end of this listicle. I hope you learned something. It’s not about the amount of money you spend of your significant other, but the amount of time you spend on them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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