“Sell Out” by Marshmello & SVDDEN DEATH

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“Sell Out” by Marshmello & SVDDEN DEATH

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As one of the marketing kings of Electronic Dance Music, Marshmello takes an unexpected turn on his new grimey and raw collaboration with SVVDEN DEATH. Coming off the heels of a brand partnership with Fortnite, Mello is proving to the world with this release that his artistic integrity and production skills still remain, even though he is willing to partner with large corporations as a means of promoting himself.

In the past, Mello has released songs in which he essentially provided pop or rap production for chart-topping artists like Selena Gomez and Khalid. While some may consider this “selling out” because it removes himself further from the subculture and outcast community of electronic music, it has actually provided him a platform to promote talented, underground artists like SVDDEN DEATH.

Overall, Marshmello has begun to repair the damage done to his brand by mainstream success, and he has demonstrated that his love for the culture of bass music is still present through this collaboration. As a fan who holds Mello in high regard for his branding and production ability, I hope to see more demonstrations of his passion and skill in all areas of music in the future. For now, check out “Sell Out” below!

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