Student Spotlight: Deepansha Chadha

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Student Spotlight: Deepansha Chadha

Many students come into their first semester of college thinking they know what they want to study or what route they want to take, but a good number of them have ended up changing their major at least once or twice before they graduate. Deepansha Chadha, a current senior from Austell, GA, was once in that position. She was set on becoming a doctor upon entering her freshman year, but after she took an intro to psychology course, she found that her passion lied in psychology, specifically in neuroscience. From that point on, she decided to switch her major to psychology and minor in sociology because she figured it will help give her a better understanding of the socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds of individuals.

Picture was taken on Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, Peru

After she made her official change, she decided to go on a volunteer trip abroad to Peru through the organization MedLife during spring break of her sophomore year where she gained a lot of experiences working in different medical fields, such as dentistry, pharmacy, and primary care. On top of that, she was able to practice her Spanish speaking skills that she learned from her intermediate level courses. The overall experience was eye-opening for her as it was her first time traveling alone in a different country and it also allowed her to see the circumstances that third-world countries face.

Deepansha Chadha (VP), Wahenoor Singh (President), and Nanki Udwani (Secretary)

Throughout the course of her time, she has devoted herself to many organizations on campus, some of which include HEROs, Indian Cultural Exchange (ICE), and American Medical Student Association (AMSA). She is currently the Vice President of Sikh Student Association (SSA) and works alongside Wahenoor Singh and Nanki Udwani, President and Secretary of the association who can be seen pictured above. She became part of SSA this year because she wanted to create awareness about Sikhism and bring together other Sikh students on campus. When Deepansha isn’t devoting her time to her studies or organizations on campus, she can also be seen working on the weekends as both a project manager and lead mentor at Envision Academy, a tutoring service based in Duluth, GA.

As she finishes the last of her remaining months here at the University of Georgia as a fellow dawg, she looks back at her time and could not have imagined how fast it went by. When asked what advice she would give to new and current students, she said “There will be some challenging days, but as long as you have good company, friends, and roommates, those challenging days can be conquered easily and time will go by in a flash, so try to make the most of it.” Deepansha will be graduating in the summer of 2019 and leaving her mark here at UGA as someone who demonstrates the value of perseverance. Best of luck to all of your future endeavors Deepansha!

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