Support New Local Business: Sake Mama

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Support New Local Business: Sake Mama

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Looking for a new, exciting experience in Downtown Athens? Look no further. Sake Mama offers a unique Japanese experience like no other bar. It concentrates on creating an enjoyable atmosphere for all customers by featuring passionate staff, beautiful lighting, and melodious music!

Sake Mama opened in January this year, and it’s based off a successful franchise in Texas. It’s located on E Broad St. next to The Cloud and General Beauregard’s. While Sake Mama celebrates its grand opening, the promotional deals are something you cannot miss! All sake bombs are only $5. If you post a picture or video on any social networking service with #sakemama and #sakebomb, you can get a second sake bomb for FREE. Additionally, there are no extra charges for doubles or reverses!

Wondering what a sake bomb even is? Let me explain a sake bomb for those of you who do not know. Sake is a Japanese liquor derived from rice which gives it a refreshing, smooth taste. Many of you may know of the basic beer sake bomb; however, Sake Mama offers over 20 sake bomb options. The most popular choices include the Sunrise, Mango Tango, Godzilla, and the Sake Mama. As you can see in the picture above, a shot glass is balanced on two chopsticks on top of a beer mug. A base is poured in the beer mug while sake fills the shot glass. A sake bomb perfectly combines sake and a base of either an energy drink, natural juice, beer, or premium sake. You can request a double or reverse for an additional $1. Along with every sake bomb ordered, the employees provide an indistinctive experience by chanting “Ichi Ni San Banzai” which means “1, 2, 3, Cheers!” On “Banzai,” customers hit the table allowing the shot glass to fall in, and customers race to chug and finish first!

             Now, meet some of the staff including me! I have the pleasure of working at Sake Mama, so I have firsthand experience in providing the energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere needed to enhance customers’ experiences. As a marketing major with a digital emphasis, I was also given a great opportunity through this business by creating social media content for Sake Mama. Support your local business and come visit if you’re 21 years or older! We’d love your support, so please check out our website and the Instagram page I recently created for Sake Mama:

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