Ted Alling Motivation

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Ted Alling Motivation

I got the chance to hear Ted Alling speak when I was a part of Atlas Business Society. Along with two of his fraternity pals, he built the largest third-party logistics firm in the United States. He started Access America Transport, which is now Coyote Logistics. He is a successful entrepreneur, to say the least. His start up made him a millionaire in his Thirties. Ted Alling is currently a managing partner at Lamp Post Group, where he actively recruits and mentors entrepreneurs. He doesn’t claim he is a genius, but he shared some of what he has learned to our Business group.

One piece of advice that he shared with us was that “the first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day.” This applies to anyone. When you get up, he says, you generally have the clearest mind you will have all day. So instead of lingering in bed, set up a morning routine. I would personally suggest making your bed, doing some stretches, and eating a good breakfast. Starting off productive will translate to the rest of day.

Mr. Alling advocated us to journey outside our comfort zone, even if we might fail. He reminded us if we do fail, celebrate our mistakes and learn from them.

He also told us about the importance of good time management. Mr. Alling encouraged the students to reflect critically on how much day we are screwing around. “You’re either investing time or spending time,” he said. He explained that in the early stages of his business, he prioritized company culture. He wanted to create the best place to work in America. This vision turned out to be a success. He told us from his experience, positive people are productive.

As for motivation, Ted Alling tries to help other people believe in themselves. People have told him ‘hey Ted, I never thought I was that good but you kind of pumped me up and motivated me to kind of see stuff that I didn’t kind of see in myself’. He says motivating other people motivates him, and I think that would be a good take away.

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