Teresa Caro: The Woman Who Wears Every Hat

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Teresa Caro: The Woman Who Wears Every Hat

Marketers have to wear many hats. Teresa Caro is the queen of hats. With more than 20 years of experience, she currently holds the role of Senior Vice President of Marketing for Atlanticus. Teresa has an extensive marketing strategy background, holding leadership positions at premier digital agencies such as Razorfish and Engauge. She not only has experience in both the brand-side and agency but also has expertise in both B2B and B2C.

The Beginning

Teresa didn’t start off in marketing. In fact, she received a management degree from Villanova. However, her first job in customer service taught her about the importance of the voice of the customer. That first role gave her exposure to “listening” for the first time. After her customer success role, she moved onto sales – something she was good at, but not something she was passionate about. She moved into marketing because she was passionate about the customer and the strategic influence – relationship marketing and understand the needs of the consumer.

Creating a Data-Driven Social Strategy

Social is a tactic, not a full-on strategy. Social media is simply one part of a larger strategy and thus should be connected to all other tactics. You create the strategy before you create the tactic. First, understand your 3-4 business objectives – brand awareness, an acquisition goal, retention, etc. Then create different ways to measure whether or not you’re successful. Social could be following a brand awareness priority and measured by the number of mentions. You can also measure through social listening tools. For acquisition, you could measure how impressions connect to sales. Measurement is incredibly important, you don’t want to be the one to say, “I know it’s working but I don’t know which piece.”

Similarities Between B2B and B2C Strategies

What does not change:

  • The framework
  • Needing to understanding the audience
  • Social – all departments need to play in the same sandbox
  • The general approach

What does change:

  • Business specific goals
  • Content style

Advice for a Young Digital Marketer

You have to be an expert on something. However, in order to become a CMO, you need to understand all facets of the business. How do you get someone looking through one lens to understand all the different pieces? Figure out the answer to that question. Understand the overall business and how your piece impacts the overall business. Don’t get too pigeonholed in your chair. Become an expert then look for an opportunity to pivot to another area. Know how to tie all of those areas together.

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