The Expat: New Fine Dining in 5 Points, Athens

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The Expat: New Fine Dining in 5 Points, Athens

Although the many expresso-lovers of S. Milledge were disappointed that the infamous 2-story coffee house closed in the 5 points area, that disappointment shifted to excitement for many local foodies when The Expat moved in to the small, quaint building. A French-style bistro and bar, the restaurant was opened by Krista and Jerry Slater, famous in Atlanta for their wine and whiskey expertise. The Slaters have aimed to create a cozy yet sophisticated hideaway in a trendy area of Athens. 

            The menu first features artful charcuterie boards and a diverse selection of small plates to start, including escargot and “Pommes Frites” (very French, French fries), develops into strong, flavorful main courses, and finishes with delicate sweets. One of the recent favorites of Expat diners is the Duck Breast, but many patrons also bragged about the signature cocktails. However, to keep things fresh, the menu changes every two weeks, so if you’re picky, make sure you check out the new menu online before you go! The ambiance is amazing, the staff is friendly, and the drinks are strong; What’s not to love?! 

            Although still it is still too early to decide if the Expat will rival favorites of Athens’ self-proclaimed foodies (myself included), it is certainly another great example of Athens’s diverse food culture. No matter what you fancy, the Expat is certainly an excellent addition to the 5 points area and fits in quite nicely with its new neighbors: 5&10, The Pine, and LRG Provisions. Although an excellent treat, this menu is a bit pricey, so make sure to add it to the list of “Places I’ll Suggest When My Parents are in Town”! Bon Appétit!

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