Thomas P. Boyd: Part-time Advertising Whiz, Full-Time Netflix Historian

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Thomas P. Boyd: Part-time Advertising Whiz, Full-Time Netflix Historian

For the greater portion of my collegiate career, I have had the tremendous pleasure of living with someone who I had been acquainted with since elementary school. This student’s name is Tommy Boyd. Despite knowing of Tommy for the better part of my life, it took the both of us coming to UGA for me to truly open up the dusty paperback novel that is Tommy’s life.

Tommy climbs a rock (Greenville, SC – 2017)

Hailing from Columbus, GA (“the Fountain City,” says Tommy with a blank look and a wide grin), Tommy grew up as many of us did. He played soccer, went to church and youth ministries, studied hard, and doodled in his spare time. Despite an illustrious history of family Georgia Tech fan-hood, Tommy broke the mold and pounced upon his admitted status into the University of Georgia. These are the surface-level facts about Tommy that I knew even before becoming friends with him in college. Clueless as I was, I did not realize that the more I got to know him, the more questions I would begin to have.

Tommy and I bonded in college over confusion about our careers, a beginner’s status in working out at a gym of the Ramsey center’s caliber, and a deep appreciation of the 7-day, unlimited dining hall meal plan that we both were lucky to have our freshman years. Then came the eccentricities that would excite and frighten me. Tommy existed on a sleep schedule of four hours at night and deep, intense four hour naps during the day. In between these periods, Tommy likes to venture on extensive Netflix binges of television’s celebrated, but largely outdated, offerings. Shows like Cheers, Frasier, Seinfeld, and the West Wing were all on the table for Tommy, while many in our own age group sticked to the more comfortable paths of shows that have come out in the past ten years.

Tommy does not know how to play a guitar, nor does he own one. I am not sure where this came from (Sent to me, unprompted – 2016).

Tommy soon found solace in the real world, however, when a show still old but more recent than previous offerings inspired him to find a major that would give him a reason to continue his binges with reckless abandon. Tommy’s adoration of Mad Men soon led him to pursue a major in advertising in the Grady College of Journalism. When asked why the sudden interest in creating commercials and taglines, Tommy simply responds “Don Draper” and walks away, though sometimes turning around seconds after to add “or as I like to say, Dick Whitman,” with several more winks than necessary to realize that he is being coy.

Though at this point, you may think you have Tommy pegged. A lethargic but cerebral fellow who loses himself in television shows, you might say. However, his true passions lie in sports, not in playing, but in watching and analyzing. This led to Tommy’s rise in the ranks over at the Red and Black, the University of Georgia’s student-led and student-read newspaper. Beginning as a sports beat writer, Tommy was able to eventually graduate to Assistant Sports editor and earn a spot on the football reporting team. With his sports interests leading to some interesting opportunities, he decided to pursue a certificate in Sports Media.

With so many different quirks and facets, you may think that we should be wrapping up this little profile. Not quite, buddy. Tommy’s forays into journalism granted him the opportunity to work as a beat reporter and intern for the Nashville Scene, a popular publication in the Music City. Tommy was able to pursue many different stories, culture pieces, events, and sports alike. As part of his sports coverage, Tommy was lucky enough to be present for the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, featuring Nashville’s own Predators in the championship.

Tommy picking out a hat for his first day on the job in Nashville (2017).

Though our college careers are close to their end, Tommy refuses to settle and give up on his academic pursuits. With a degree in advertising and certificate in sports media soon to be awarded, Tommy is still weighing his options, and recently completed his LSAT and is considering Law School as one of many options. As I said before, questions abound when considering the life of Tommy Boyd. As a friend and roommate, I hope to never have all the answers.

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