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A group of UGA students participate in the weekend-long hackathon hosted by UGA Hacks.

This past weekend, more than 300 students from the state gathered at The Lamar Dodd School of Art for the UGAHacks4 event. Students ranging from novice coder to the experienced programmer worked together on lots of different challenges and could earn prizes as well. During the 36 hours, student-led hackathon, different projects involved tech companies, working to promote physical and mental health, and even one project that helped farmers perform analytics on their cows. I thought it was interesting that the event was student-led and organized. There were over 400 students at this year’s event and UGAHacks4 plans to gain more support from the university in the future. To me, it shows how much students can accomplish when they work together in what they’re passionate about.

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Lawton Geiger

Lawton Geiger

February 12, 2019at 11:26 am

This was an awesome event. A lot of bright students working together is really cool to see. Its awesome to see other tech companies to get involved as well! It’s cool how they even made a project to perform analytics on cows!

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