Will UGA become a basketball school now?

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Will UGA become a basketball school now?

Exciting news came to UGA this past week with the announcement of No. 1 prospect Anthony Edwards, five-star commit heading to Athens in the fall. Anthony Edwards is a 6-foot-5, 215-pound shooting guard. He had an outstanding performance at the National Hoop Fest last month with 41 points and 11 rebounds.

Edwards is projected to be a future top 10 overall selection in the first round of the NBA draft. He is compared to the current NBA scoring leader James Harden of the Houston Rockets. Anthony Edwards will be the highest rated signee for Georgia basketball in the internet recruiting era.

It has been years since UGA basketball has been a top caliber team. With the addition of Edwards, it is possible we could once again see a Georgia basketball team at the top of the SEC. Tom Crean has also been able to get four-star Jaykwon Walton (small forward from Montgomery, Alabama) and four-star Toumani Camara (small forward from Hollywood, Florida).

With the incoming recruits, UGA has climbed to the No. 3 class in the SEC and the No. 12 class in the nation. Hopefully UGA can change things around next season after a not-so-hot season this year. Only time will tell.


Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner

February 12, 2019at 11:00 am

I remember seeing this on twitter yesterday! Pretty exciting stuff getting the number one recruit. Time will indeed tell how much of a difference Anthony Edwards and his fellow recruits will make. Tom Crean certainly has the passion.

Will Johnson

Will Johnson

February 12, 2019at 11:52 am

To preface – I am a huge college basketball fan, I have been since I was in middle school watching March Madness games on my iPod Touch in class (because I didn’t have an iPhone until junior year of high school, spoiled kids these days) and a huge SEC basketball fan – which has less fans than some other major, objectively better conferences like the ACC (Duke, UNC) and Big 12 (Kansas). UGA basketball has so much potential and an underrated history but was stuck in a tar pit with Mark Fox. I was so glad when I read he was fired and replaced with an actual competent coach with Final Four pedigree. So basically as a huge fan of the sport and league I think UGA is on the path to success, and I would have said that even without Edwards commitment yesterday. Looking at Claxton this season from last shows just how good Crean’s player development can be – from a bench player to leading the SEC in rebounds and blocks. Now that it is clear Crean is recruiting very well I think we are in a great place. Hopefully if Rayshaun Hammonds gets a little more consistent and we get meaningful contributions from hot and cold players like Hightower and Crump we can make the tournament next year, which would be amazing.

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