World Champion Dawg: Samara Pattiasina

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World Champion Dawg: Samara Pattiasina

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An Interview with Samara Talia Pattiasina

Samara Talia Pattiasina is Dietetics major and a former synchronized swimmer for her country, Indonesia. She is the president of the Indonesian Student Organization. She has served as an International Orientation Leader, Campus Kitchen’s research and development intern and UGA Football Nutrition Performance Program intern.

Interviewer: Tell us about the competitions you represented Indonesia in

Samara: I represented Indonesia in SEA Games (South East Asian Games) and 3 World Championships back to back. I was chosen to swim on the national team in 2011, and I was the youngest in the team! That summer, I swam at my first World Championship in Shanghai, China. I swam my solo free, duet technical, team technical, team free, and team combination at Worlds. You may ask what’s up with the “free” and “technical,” but pretty much for free, I can do whatever I want in one routine. For technical, they have set movements that I have to incorporate in my routine. Later that year, I swam at SEA Games in Palembang, Indonesia. I swam my duet free, team technical, team free, and team combination. I was in the national team for several years after that and competed at several other international competitions including 2 more World Championships in 2013 and 2015 at Barcelona, Spain, and Kazan, Russia, respectively. 

Interviewer: What advice would you give to someone new to UGA?

Samara: My advice would be to get involved with what you love and stick with them for a while to build a network and to show that you have dedication! I’ve learned that people like to see how you can commit to something. So make sure you’re involved with what you really liked! You may have to be involved in so many different things before you can finally find “the one!”

Interviewer: You’re graduating in just a few months, what are you going to miss about Athens?

Samara: Cali n’ Titos fish burritos! I’m kidding, apart from the amazing food options in Athens, I’ll miss the awesome people I’ve met. It’s amazing how I can build personal connections to not only my colleague, but also faculties, proctors, staff, and even just local Athenians! I came here to UGA not knowing a single soul, but in two short years, of being a transfer student, I’ve made some lasting friendships!

Thank you so much for chatting with us Samara. We wish you all the best at Graduate school!

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