Greed is Good

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Greed is Good

Greed is good! Well maybe not in everything. In this case, being greedy with your time is good. It’s good for your well-being, work, mental health, and all relationships. From the moment you wake up you’re checking your social media to give your time to friends. Maybe you stay away from your phone in the mornings. If you have a significant other, then you’re giving time to them. Maybe you ignore your phone and partner, but then you’re with your kids or getting ready for school. The point is your day is started with giving your time to everything in your life except yourself. As your day progresses, you get busier and your time to yourself is still neglected. Any free time during your day is occupied by checking your email or stressing about a test. When you finally get out of school, you go to eat with your friends and still give time to your friends. Then right before you go to sleep you watch movies and give your time to Netflix. To be transparent, giving your time away is not detrimental. On the flip side, throughout your day you don’t give time to yourself! Some of you may take “alone” time on the weekends. Sorry to ruin your weekends, but just being by yourself does not qualify as alone time. 

In my life, I started waking up at 7:00am. From the time I wake up to 8:00am I am only focused on Nasir Wise. Every day I spend this time deep thinking about my life, friends, ventures, and goals. I’m greedy with my alone time because deep thinking will help me evaluate the actions that I take in life. For example, I want to show love and support in a positive way through constructive criticism to each of my friends and family members. In this one hour I walk to the gym (thankfully no one goes there in the morning) and walk uphill for 10 minutes. With walking uphill, I keep my heart healthy but its not too intensive that I have to focus on my workout instead of myself. Personally, exercise clears my mind so that I can involve myself in deep thinking and meditation. I only started two weeks ago but I’ve seen improvements in not only my health but my work in school and positions that I hold. 

Now I bet you’re asking why do you need alone time because you’re doing fine. Why do you keep up with everything in the outside world, but not in own head? With alone time you are more aware of thinking habits and the why behind the actions you take. Even if you don’t commit to the deep thinking you are still clearing your mind to relax in this hectic world. I challenge you! I want you to start being greedy with your time. If you think you don’t have enough time in your day because you are super busy with building the next rocket ship. Go smaller and start with just 5 minutes. In that time, devote your energy to relax and think about what truly matters in your life. What values do I hold? Do I agree with my actions? How can I portray my values in every decision you make? These are the questions I ask myself. You can develop your own questions (it’s your time, do whatever you want!) or you can use mine. In the case that you don’t accept my challenge, start taking care of the most important thing in the world: YOU.

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Alyssa Cuson

Alyssa Cuson

February 24, 2019at 3:21 pm

It’s very coincidental that this post was written right when I was thinking about the same thing! While giving our time to others is good, it can be detrimental if it means you are not putting enough time in yourself. For me, I was giving too much time to others who were not reciprocating that same effort to me. While I’m not entirely forgetting about these people, I began to allocate my time differently and mostly to myself. I do want to add that giving time to yourself doesn’t necessarily make you selfish, because in the end you are constantly with yourself everyday, so there’s no need to drain yourself in that way. Thank you for writing this!

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