#AdultingPractice: Balance Academics and Extracurricular Activities

By now you know a healthy balance of academics and extracurricular activities is key to a successful college experience. An imbalance not only causes poor performance in one area but can lead to stress and anxiety in both. Here are four tips for juggling academics with extracurriculars. Academics is Your Day Job Your first responsibility is learning

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#InClassThisWeek: Marketing to {insert diversity label here}

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What’s the difference between marketing to Digital Moms, Asians or Affluents? I mean, you just place your ads where the audience is (repeatedly), in a time when the audience is open to seeing them, and then let your brilliant creative do the work. If that doesn’t work, you just coupon them until they buy. Right? It

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#InClassThisWeek: The Internet is a Very Big Deal

#InClassThisWeek: The Internet is a Very Big Deal This week we are studying the Internet’s Impact on Sociology, Motivation, Group Behaviors and the Associated Economic Impact When teaching Digital Natives, it’s important to remember they don’t know what life is like without ubiquitous connectivity – everybody connected, all the time, to everything. They can’t remember

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#InClassThisWeek: Brad Pitt Teaches Marketing Analytics

With the start of the new school year, I’ve decided to share a little more about what we are doing in class each week with hope that it will encourage connection between the digital marketing community and students. Please join in the conversation. #InClassThisWeek: Moneyball While Angelina Jolie is reportedly scheduled to teach at the

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Students: Let’s Make #ThisYearBestYear

For many of you, this is your last summer as a student. Next year (and every year after that), you’ll have a full-time job. Life will never be the same again. Some of you will embrace this notion as an exciting opportunity and others will look at the calendar with fear and dread. Either way, it’s coming

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