Digital Marketing Competition

6th Annual Digital Marketing Competition

Welcome to the 6th Annual Digital Marketing Competition.  This experience is like no other and can become one of the most meaningful activities of your college career. The competition requires student teams to create a digitally focused integrated marketing campaign. You will need to use your creativity and ability to think strategically and analytically to create a campaign that ensures the client achieves its desired objective.


Who Can Enter?

All entrants must be enrolled undergraduate students at UGA as of Spring Semester, 2019. Teams must be made up of 4 – 5 people.

Students in the Digital Marketing Area of Emphasis are required to participate as part of their degree program.

Students are free to recruit outside of the Marketing Major in order to round out the skill set of their team as long as at least two team members are Marketing Students.

How to Enter

  1. Select your team and then fill out the form here
  2. Payment
    1. Venmo $50 (make sure your name is tied to your Venmo account) to @jenosbon – OR – 
    2. Drop off a check for $50 per person made out to University of Georgia
      C310B Benson Hall
      630 South Lumpkin Street
      Athens, GA 30602

Applications will be accepted through January 17, 2019. Unpaid applicants will be dropped from the competition on January 22, 2018.

Competition Format / Rules

The Concept

The Voice TV Show

The challenge will loosely follow the format of The Voice. The Voice has been a hit TV show since April 2011. If you have never seen the program or just want a quick refresher course on the rules, here are some things to note.


The show has four famous judges from all across the music industry. Artists include Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Hudson.

On The Voice, the winner is really set up for success but the other contestants have a great experience too, learning and building relationships that they can take with them beyond the show.


The show is formatted into four stages:

  • Blind Auditions
  • Battle Rounds
  • Knockout Rounds
  • Final Round

Blind Auditions

The Blind Audition kicks off the show, narrowing contestants solely by voice. Contestants are selected as the judges face the audience and are only allowed to listen. Each judge has only a few spots to fill, so this early selection process is key.

If more than one judge is interested in a specific contestant, they each make their case as to why they want to work with the contestant, and the contestant ultimately can choose which judge they want to work with.

Battle Rounds

During the battle rounds, the judges select two of their own to duel in front of a studio audience. The selected parties are required to sing the same song as chosen by the judge. The judges then select the winner of the face-off. Contestants are coached by the judges during this period.

Two contestants are taken from this phase, one decided by the team’s judge and one by the fans.

Knockout Rounds

The knockout round, known as the live performance stage, involves the final eight singers left in the competition. The television audience and the coaches have an equal 50/50 share in deciding who moves on to the final four spots.

Final Round

The final contestants perform with their fate solely in the hands of television voters.

UGA Digital Marketing Competition Modifications

The UGA Competition will make the following modifications to the television show’s format:

  • The role of the Coach & Judge will be separated for the final round.
  • Coaches will select their teams during the Blind Auditions and then and then eliminate them based on team performance over the previous period until the final round.
  • Each coach will have one team represented in the final round.
  • The final round will be judged by the Client
  • There will never be a point where a studio audience (or any other form of popularity) will decide whether or not a team advances to the next round.
  • Students will work in teams and elimination will be team-based; No individual will be eliminated by a coach.


The Coaches are respected, senior level executives from the Digital Marketing Industry in Atlanta. Each coach will select up to 5 teams during the Blind Auditions.

Coach Joe Koufman





Coach Teresa CaroClient Alan Magee






Blind Auditions 

The Blind Auditions kick off the competition. Students will create a short video introducing your team to the Coaches:

  1. Tell the Coaches how you plan to structure your team and the different skill sets of each team member. Who is creative? Who is good with the budgeting? Do you have a project manager?
  2. Tell them about relevant, non-school related experience. What internships have you had? What roles have you had on campus or in organizations?
  3. Showcase something that reflects your unique style/culture. 

This video does not have to be over-produced. Maybe just a shot of your team in front of a laptop sketching out a big idea and a bit about why your team is well-suited to turn the idea into reality.

Introduction Videos

  • Here are examples from last year’s videos.
  • Upload your video and provide a link here

Blind Auditions

Coaches will review each team’s video and then draft the teams.

The Blind Auditions will conclude with a formal ceremony (Kickoff Dinner) at the Rialto Room at Hotel Indigo on Friday, February 2. During the evening activities, Team/Coach pairings will be revealed. In addition, this year’s client will do a deep dive into the brand and the business problem to be solved.

Key Dates:

  • January 17 – Teams Formed, Entry and Payment Due
  • January 17 – Video Due
  • January 24 – Formal Kick off Dinner / Coach & Team Pairings Revealed (College Football Hall of Fame)
  • February 1 – Formal Kick off Dinner / Coach and Team Pairing Revealed (Carter’s)

Note: You will attend the kick off dinner based on the client you have been assigned. You are not expected to attend both client kickoffs.

Battle Rounds

During the battle rounds, the coaches will work with each team to develop their proposal concept, validate ideas and begin to consider execution and measurement. At the end of this round, coaches will select two teams to move forward.

Key Date: February 15

Knockout Rounds

The knockout round, involves the remaining teams left in the competition. The coaches will work with each team to refine the creative concept, hone the budget and ROI. At the end of this round the coaches will select a single team showing the most potential to advance to the final round (thus eliminating the other teams).

Key Date: March 8

Final Round

The final round will consist of a live pitch to executives at in the Client’s Boardroom in Atlanta, GA. Coaches will work with their team to refine all aspects of their presentation from verbal to audio visual and leave-behind collateral.

Executives from the Client Company will judge the presentations and their evaluation will determine the first and second place teams.

Key Date: March 29


  • All participants get a certificate for participation
  • All finalists are recognized in a formal awards ceremony
  • 1st Place Award: Trip to San Francisco

Team Selection

Smart team selection is key to doing well in this competition. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best teammates.

Team Roles:

  • Team Leader/Project Manager/Strategy
  • Team Creative Lead (both visual and/or copywriting)
  • Team Marketer/Pitch Leader (thinks through how to deliver for client need and also “win the pitch”)
  • Team Technology Lead (understands how to integrate the marketing and technology together)

Some of these roles could be combined or split depending on your team’s unique skill set.

Team Member Success Factors:

  • Do I feel confident that each team member will contribute equally to the success of my team?
  • Does this person have the right attitude and drive to help my team win?
  • Does the team member bring a skill that is necessary and/or deficient from my team?

Key Dates

  • January 17: Final Date for Team Entry
  • January 17: Introduction Videos Due
  • January 24: Kickoff Dinner – College Football Hall of Fame (Athens)
  • February 1: Kick-off Dinner – Carter’s (Athens)
  • February 15: Battle Rounds
  • March 8: Knockout Rounds
  • March 29: Final Round (Atlanta)
  • April 18-20: SFO Trip

Requirements by Round

Round 1: Blind Auditions

Video introducing your team. Don’t over-work the video. Just introduce yourselves and explain why you think you are a great team. Send link to video here.

Round 2: Battle Rounds

The focus of this round will be on validating and refining your big idea, considering how it will be executed and looking at options for measurement. Your Coach will take the lead and walk you through their process.

Round 3: Knockout Rounds

The focus of this round will be on making sure your execution plans fit the budget and are likely to provide the appropriate ROI.

Coaches will also be evaluating your commitment. They are looking for the team that is willing to devote time to building the presentation and delivering the final pitch.

Final Round

This round will be held at the Client’s Headquarters in Atlanta. You will pitch your idea to company executives and the winning team will be named.






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