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UGA Miracle Dance Marathon

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“For the Kids”

There is never a shortage of things to do at UGA. Whether your passion is sports, cooking, academics, fitness, the arts, etc., you are almost guaranteed to find an organization that addresses your extra-curricular needs and peers within that organization who share your same interests. For me, this organization is UGA Miracle. For those who are unfamiliar with the group, UGA Miracle is a non-profit, student-led organization that benefits Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA). It serves as the official philanthropy of Greek Life here at UGA. It works to return a sense of normalcy to those who need it most, namely sick children who are currently or have been under the care of CHOA. UGA Miracle’s work truly is selfless and geared towards the children, leading the members of its organization to coin the acronym “FTK” (“for the kids”).


Why to Get Involved

I have been a member of UGA Miracle all throughout my time at UGA. In high school, I was involved in a multitude of community service organizations and wished to continue that work during my college career. After attending an introductory meeting explaining the purpose and cause of the organization, I knew I would fit in well as a member of UGA Miracle. Personally, I felt the mission and goals of this organization were perfectly aligned with my own mission and goals as an individual. Often times in college, it is easy to get distracted by school or our own personal dramas. In doing so, we forget to be thankful of the opportunities awarded to us and give back.  

Dance Marathon

UGA Miracle hosts a multitude of events and fundraisers during the year, with its largest event being Dance Marathon. The event started out as a way to celebrate Miracle families and acknowledge the past years’ fundraising efforts. Now, the event has grown into a community-wide celebration FTK. Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome to register and get involved.


UGA Miracle’s Dance Marathon event will be held from 10:10 am Saturday, February  23rd to 10:10 am Sunday, February 24th. This twenty-four hour event will be help in the Tate Student center, with entertainment (including but not limited to) Brendan Abernathy, Underground Springhouse, UGA Redcoats, and UGA Cheerleaders. While there, Dance Marathon participants and spectators are able to participate in many activities: laser tag, silent disco, hair chop challenge, and RAVE. If this is not already enough to cause you to want to get involved, Chick-fil-A, Tazikis, and Alpha Gamma Rho have offered up their catering services.

And Finally…

UGA Miracle is truly a fantastic organization with the capability to accomplish whatever its members put its mind to. I am truly humbled to be able to participate in such a group. It is even more impressive to note that UGA students (my peers) are able to coordinate an event as large as Dance Marathon. So much work goes into the scheduling and ticket sales this event has been in the works for months in advance. If you have the time, come join us February 23rd and 24th and see the rewarding culmination of months of hard work and determination (for a good cause).

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Dance Marathon 2019

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On February 23rd, UGA Miracle will host its 24th annual Dance Marathon. It is a 24 hour event from February 23rd at 10 am to February 24th at 10 am benefitting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  It is a celebration of everything UGA Miracle has accomplished for the kids throughout the year and is located in the Tate Student Center. Miracle is hoping to raise $1.3 million this year and their grand total will be revealed at Dance Marathon! Miracle children, those who are currently being treated at Children’s or have been treated, attend the event with their families and join in on the fun!  

Throughout the year there are many ways that Miracle members raise money to reach their goals including posting on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. One of their biggest fundraising days is $100 day where each member strives to hit that goal in 24 hours! Many do this through their social posts and Venmo requesting friends and family a few dollars at a time to inch towards this goal. Last year, Miracle raised over $1.2 million and hopes to surpass that this year!

In my opinion, Dance Marathon is their biggest and most inspiring event of the year. There is something for everyone at Dance Marathon this year including Laser Tag, Silent Disco, and a Rave! There is also local entertainment from musicians, UGA cheerleaders, and even a hypnotist! Since it is a 24 hour long event, of course there will be food, provided by Chick-Fil-A, Tazikis, and Alpha Gamma Rho BBQ. While all of that is good and fun, you might be wondering what you can do to help at the event. One way is to participate in the Hair Chop Challenge! You can donate 8 inches + of your hair for a good cause! I find the Hair Chop Challenge to be one of the most inspiring parts of Dance Marathon. The hair goes to Children With Hair Loss which is the only non-profit that gives wigs to children dealing with hair loss for free! Every year the amount of children requesting their hair replacements increases and Dance Marathon strives to contribute to this growing number. It is an amazing way to get involved and do something that really makes a difference.

I hope I have convinced you of the magic of UGA Miracle’s Dance Marathon and I encourage you all to register. You can always donate to the cause too! Join in on the celebration and excitement here!

(Information and photos found on their Facebook page and website)

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