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Changing the Chamber- Week Nine

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I titled my series of blog posts Changing the Chamber because my intentions as the new social media coordinator for the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce were to make a change in their organization by helping them drive in new businesses, better connect with their members and the community, and just have an overall better presence on social media. I am beginning to realize that significant change is hard. I came into this position with a lot of big ideas and high hopes, and a lot of those have been hard to implement. I wanted to go out into the community each week and post about a member or organization that is doing great things, but most of the organizations I try to contact are either hard to contact or there just isn’t much happening that I am aware of to post about. I have had to readjust my plans several times, and that has caused the content, especially on our Instagram page, to be weaker than I would like. I do think that I have have improved the Chamber pages from what they were like in the beginning to what they are like now, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. 

On Instagram, I have developed a pattern for posting Instagram stories. I always post for home UGA football games, reminders at the beginning of the week for events happening later that week, live videos from events I attend, business spotlights, and holiday posts. For Instagram posts, I have been less consistent, but only because I want to make sure that the content that will stay on our page’s grid will be good. If people come to our page and do not like the content on there that they see, then they will not want to follow us, so I am very picky with what I post. I do realize that a page that posts more will also gain more followers, so I am starting to create more things to post. I always post for ribbon cuttings and big events, and now I am going to start doing series of posts that highlight similar members. We also have an idea for a social media contest that we hope to launch as soon as we finalize what our prize will be. I am excited to start implementing my new strategy on Instagram and make it even better than it is.

On Facebook, I am able to post much more content that is relevant and important to post. I post several announcements for upcoming events that we, our members, or our partner organizations are hosting and promote those events by providing all the details and why our followers should attend them. I also post welcome posts for all of our new members, most of which are popular on Facebook but not on Instagram, making a post on Instagram irrelevant. When a new member is active on Instagram, I will also post about them on there. I also share relevant articles about our community and our members that I believe people will enjoy reading. I have also broadcasted two events on Facebook Live and paid to boost an important post about a new insurance plan we are providing. I believe that I post a good amount on Facebook- not too little, not too much. All of the content is relevant, important, and engaging.

On LinkedIn, I post a lot of content that is centered around UGA, Chamber events, member success, and business related promotions (like the new insurance plan). UGA is a great partner organization and member for us to celebrate, and there are a lot of articles about them on LinkedIn to share. I also like to find posts about other members that are doing great things in business. I also post about our own  networking events to highlight what business advantages we provide our members. I also like to post relevant business articles that major corporations, like Forbes, share on LinkedIn to motivate and inform our members about good business practices. I do not post as much on LinkedIn, but I think that it should not be our main focus because most of our members, and potential members, are more focused on Instagram and Facebook.

On all three platforms, I have decided what kind of content should be posted on each platform. Some content is posted on a combination of platforms, and some content is posted on only one platform. Each platform takes a different approach to the same goal: post content that is relevant, fun, and engaging. All content should either inform about something important, be fun for our followers to see, and allow followers to engage with the Chamber and what we are sharing. We do not want to appear boring, selfish, and irrelevant. We have a goal to drive in more business using social media, and that goal can only be achieved by posting good, creative content. I have made some mistakes in this position, but each time I learned an important lesson that has helped me improve. Looking back at my first blog post about the chamber, I believe that the content I have been posting focuses on my original goals for this job. I am excited to grow in this position, continue learning, and change the chamber.


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Classic City Coffee: Sips Espresso Cafe

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One of the lesser known coffee places in Athens, Sips Espresso Cafe is located on Prince Avenue. It’s regular customers benefit from long open hours (6am to 9pm) and its location outside of downtown which boasts free parking. Sips has been a part of the Athens for more than five years and hosts a hip and trendy atmosphere which matches the vibe of other Normaltown restaurants nearby.

Digital Marketing Breakdown

Facebook: SIPS Espresso Cafe

  • Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 47 reviews
  • Posts about 5 times a month
  • Posts feature coffee and food offerings and special holiday posts
  • Average less than 10 engagements per posts

Instagram: Sipsespresso

  • 245 posts
  • bio states: “Come see us for great locally roasted coffee, espresso drinks, teas and baked goods!”
  • Posts the same content as on Facebook with a few additions
  • Posts receive more engagement, about 30-80 likes per post
  • Use story highlights on profile, but do not segment highlights by any specific category


Digital Marketing Ranking: Digital Novice

Sips Espresso Cafe seems to be popular among Athens locals, however it is not doing a great job with its digital marketing. While they do have a presence on social media through their Instagram and Twitter, the company does not have a website. This is a big mistake because it leaves users without an online landing page. In order to begin moving through the digital marketing evolution it needs to provide online browsers with a digital presence. Once a website is established, Sips would then be able to move towards publishing through a blog. By offering timely publications, the coffee shop could cultivate a more loyal following as well as intrigue online searchers who stumble across the site. Once these two things have been done I recommend furthering their social media presence by allocating a small monthly advertising budget and utilizing the Ads Manager feature on Facebook where they already have an established presence.



  1. Hire a web designer to put together a professional website
  2. Segment the website into sections: Home, About, Menu, Blog
  3. Include professional photos of the cafe, products, or employees


  1. Establish a regular posting schedule for content
  2. Begin with an introductory series on the owners, employees, and vision behind Sips
  3. Later introduce a couple different blog series like “What’s in Season?” which might highlight special seasonal product offerings or a “Sips Serves” series which might showcase employees volunteering together in the local community (generates good word-of-mouth advertising).

Social Media

  1. Establish a more regular posting schedule
  2. Try to create a mix of content
  3. Begin using Facebook Ads Manager to start sponsoring posts and ads targeted towards new customers within the target audience
  4. Read and respond to reviews/claim business on review sites like Yelp and Google Business
  5. Try out promotions on discount apps like Hooked


Overall, Sips’ has a lot of room for improving its digital marketing strategy. However, despite not having a website, the coffee cafe seems to be doing well for itself since it has stayed in business in Athens for more than five years. I think investing in paid advertising on Facebook or even beginning to bid for keywords on Google Adwords and increasing its presence among search results would greatly benefit the cafe’s return on investment.



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Changing the Chamber- Week Eight

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I have been working at the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce as the “new” Social Media Coordinator for about three months now. Time really does fly when you are having fun. Though I enjoy this position, it can also be stressful when I think of ideas for content and they don’t pan out. I am constantly trying to think of new ways we can improve our content and gain more followers.

For Instagram, I have mastered story content but am struggling for actual feed content, which is really more important. We have not had any ribbon cuttings or events for me to post about, and all of my other content ideas have not panned out. I know that I need to start making some changes to my strategy and focusing on different types of content to post than what I originally wanted to. This past week, I posted a  Halloween graphic on our Instagram story that encouraged people to tag us in their pictures for a chance to be featured on our page. I wanted to share fun pictures of our members on our feed, but I only got a couple of tags and those were not suitable for our page. I also posted a story congratulating the UGA football team on clinching the title of SEC East Champions. One part of the story was a graphic that the UGA football team account posted and the other was a post link to a video they posted with Kirby Smart celebrating in the locker room with his players. It is a very hype and hilarious video that I thought would make us look more fun for sharing. I know that I have struggled with our Instagram feed, but I do have some more ideas for this week and into the future that hopefully will pan out.


On Facebook, I posted the same Halloween graphic and also encouraged people to tag us in their pictures for a chance to be featured on our page. I got hardly any responses on Facebook, as well. I am excited to learn more about Facebook algorithms next semester in the Digital Marketing Analytics class because I can see that we are not getting as much reach as we should be. Some posts also get much more than others, which I would like to fix. I also need to find a way to get our followers to become more interactive because that will also help our posts, and page, get more attention. I have still been doing daily new member posts because we have several new members join every week. I also posted about a new offer for a health insurance plan available to all Chamber members. That post is both informative and will hopefully showcase an example of some of the special benefits that our members receive that will influence non-members to want to join. I also posted a great article about one of our members, Beau Shell, and his business ventures. I am constantly looking for ways to showcase our members and show our support, and this article was a great to do both.

On Linked In, I posted the same article about Beau and his business. I also posted about our upcoming Diversity Summit that we are helping sponsor alongside the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. I am still struggling to gain followers on LinkedIn. I assume that most people still do not realize that they are following the wrong LinkedIn page, but I have plans to change that soon.

I have definitely had some recent struggles in this position, but I have come up with some ways to overcome them and am excited to move forward in this position. I do not want our social media to be good, I want it to be great, and that is going to take some great ideas.

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Movie Review: the Social Network

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For the third and final movie review I chose to watch the movie The Social Network. I personally enjoyed this movie and would watch it again. I thought the movie was brilliantly cast and directed.

The Social Network was released in 2010 and is the story of how Facebook came to be. It traces Mark Zuckerberg’s journey in developing Facebook and all the trials and tribulations he faced to bring the platform to what it is today. The story begins with how Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg, got the idea for Facebook which occurred after his girlfriend dumped him. He then began working with friends to develop the website at Harvard but relationships began to fall apart which ultimately led to Mark Zuckerberg getting sued. The movie also explains the smaller websites that Mark created and worked on that slowly developed/inspired the Facebook that is live today.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who was looking for a movie to watch. I use Facebook every single day so it was very fascinating to see how the extremely popular social media site was created. I personally am not a fan of why the platform was created, however, in the end I am extremely happy it was founded. I also did not realize how many enemies Mark Zuckerberg made in the process. I know it is difficult to rise to the top but I did not expect him to butt heads with so many people. I also thought Jesse Eisenberg portrayed Mark Zuckerberg in a brilliant manner as his little nuances provided a great character depth. I could really picture Mark actually speaking and acting as Jesse did in the movie. I thought this was a great production and deserves 5 star reviews!

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Movie Review: The Social Network Edition

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In this film, money, intelligence, and a lack of personal skills equate to loneliness. Mark Zuckerberg is arguably the most intelligent young entrepreneur alive, but the journey to get there proved to be alienating. Without communication and personal skills, it is not possible to live a happy and honest life. Subsequently, it is also hard to be successful. Looking good on paper, which is exactly how Zuckerberg operates in this film, will not suffice. He lost friends, lied to people, went through multiple lawsuits, and almost lost everything due to his inability to work with others, be selfless, and not so arrogant.

Although this film is a huge example in regards to a lack of personal skills, every single person can learn from it. Success does not bring likability. Life cannot be fully lived on or behind screen. Although digital is taking over, it is so important that all people still value those interpersonal skills and know how to have face-to-face interactions, work on teams, care for others, and share success. Too often, I see so many people absolutely enveloped in their own profit and the top is lonely. And just like Zuckerberg losing his girlfriend, friends, and business partners—it’s also lonely getting to the top without the right mindset. Do not get me wrong, Facebook is an extremely profitable idea and deserves all of the credit, but it’s important to understand the journey. I do believe the underlying theme of this film circles around that journey, the losses, and the importance of doing things the right way, together. Do not lose sight of what really matters just because of money.

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Changing the Chamber- Week Seven

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I am still continuing to change the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce by improving their digital marketing as their social media coordinator. Each week I learn something new and develop a stronger strategy for their social media. My fellow coworkers and I have started coming up with a weekly plan for what I should post, including welcome posts to all of our new members, promoting local events, and reminders. At the beginning of each week, I decide what I will post each day and what social media platform is appropriate for each post.

On Instagram, I posted several stories that were mostly graphics I created myself on Canva. I had hoped to be able to post on our feed, but the organizations I contacted have been extremely slow to respond to me. I posted a story for National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day and encouraged people to use the hashtag #SupportYourLocalChamber. I also posted a story promoting the Georgia Florida Food Truck Rally put on by Glynn County in St. Simons. I posted a reminder for our October Business After Hours event the morning of the day it occurred. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event to take pictures or post live footage because I was out of town. I also posted a graphic wishing everyone at UGA a Happy fall Break. All of these stories either show us supporting a partner organization or promoting our own event, both of which are our goals. Now, I just need to focus on creating content for our actual feed. My struggle with contacting local organizations has taught me how important effective communication is for a business.


On Facebook, I posted a welcome to all of our recently new members. We had six new members, and I posted an individual post each day for each of them explaining what they did, quoting their mission, and linking their website. I also posted a picture of my boss with a loving message for National Bosses Day. I shared an event from one our members, Academia Brewing Company, that was hosting their One Year Anniversary and congratulated them. I also shared an event from the Lyndon House Arts Center that was having House Party fundraiser for arts center programming. I contacted one of our members, Global Escapes, who was celebrating their 30th anniversary and asked them why they enjoyed being a chamber member. I posted to congratulate them and shared their answer. This post promoted their business, showed our support, and encouraged other people to want to join the chamber with their explanation of why they enjoy it. I also promoted a fundraising event that Hope Haven of Northeast Georgia was having in celebration of 60 years. I posted about National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day on Facebook, the Georgia Florida Food Truck Rally, and UGA’s Fall break, as well. I also posted a reminder for our October Business After Hours event, but on Facebook I shared the event on Monday to allow more people time to plan and RSVP for it. I posted a lot on Facebook this week, but I made sure to spread them out evenly throughout the week.

On LinkedIn, I also posted about National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day. I felt it was appropriate to post here too because it directly affects our organization and encourages people to support us. I also thanked people for all of the support they have given us in the past and will continue to give us in the future. I also shared an article about the founder of one of our partner organizations, Athensmade, and how he is helping educating entrepreneurial students at UGA. That article combined two members that we are deeply connected to, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to support them both at the same time.

We have steadily been gaining followers on Instagram, but much slower on Facebook and LinkedIn. I plan to include the links to the pages in our monthly newsletter that will be sent out at the beginning of November. I also plan to collaborate with my coworkers to help decide a contest that we could have to promote our pages and gain more followers. I am excited to launch a contest and possibly start using paid media on our social pages. It is hard to promote the Chamber when we have such a small budget for promotion, but I think that we all realize how much social media is worth and the impact it can make on our organization.

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Founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, Leaves Facebook

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“No one ever leaves a job because everything’s awesome,” said Systrom, the creator and founder of Instagram. During a tense time between Zuckerberg and Facebook, Systrom suddenly left Facebook without a warning. Systrom and Instagram’s co-founder, Krieger, felt that Instagram had gotten to a point of self-sufficiency and Systrom and Krieger were ready to build something new. Like many tech startup gurus, the two desired to create, rather than to maintain.

Systrom was asked during several interviews why we left, but he didn’t respond in detail. He said, however, there were “no hard feelings at all.” He said, “when I sat down with Mike (Krieger) and we started talking, we started talking about what legacy we wants to leave. We were like, ‘What do we want to have accomplished? Is it a revenue thing? Is it a users thing?’ And it just all felt pretty hollow.”

Systrom added he was proud of Instagram’s progress towards combatting bullying and harassment. He wants to leave a legacy not of selfies and hashtags, but something that leaves a mark on the work that normal social media doesn’t do.

There are no plans for Systrom’s next project publicly announced, but what we do know is that Systrom, who is worth over $1.3 billion, won’t be laying on the beach retiring early.

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Changing the Chamber- Week Six

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Working at the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce was rather slow this past week, with a few exciting events, like our Local Candidate Forum. It is hard to promote the chapter on weeks when we do not have many exciting events happening, but I still managed to generate some good content and continue to build our digital marketing presence.

On Instagram, I did not have any relevant content this past week to be able to make an actual post for our feed, but I did make use of the story feature. I posted a story on Game Day from Sanford Stadium wishing UGA a Happy Homecoming and congratulating them on another Bulldog win. I also posted a reminder of the local candidate forum that we hosted this past week. This event gave people running for office the chance to answer some questions, both from the audience and from the moderator, to showcase their viewpoints and promote theirselves. The story I posted as a reminder for that event was a graphic that I created myself using Canva. I also posted a reminder about our Small Business Breakfast Club event happening tomorrow morning. I had hoped to be able to spotlight Avid Bookshop, our 2018 Small Business Winner of the Year, through a post on Instagram, but the owner has been slow to respond to me and her schedule has not allowed for it yet. In hindsight, I do wish that I had gotten a picture/pictures of the candidates from the forum to be able to post on our Instagram feed, but they all left rather quickly, and I was preoccupied during the event because I was broadcasting it via Facebook Live to our page.


On Facebook, I was able to post and promote multiple things this past week. I shared a post from Lil Ice Cream Dude, who had the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. and visit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and share his story with Congress members. He was named a finalist the U.S. Chamber of Commerce & Metlife’s Dream Big Awards. We want to promote our members that do great things like that to show both our support to the member and how phenomenal our members are to the community. I also promoted the Local Candidate Forum Event on Facebook. During the event, as I mentioned earlier, I used Facebook Live to broadcast the event to our followers and posted it afterwards. We got over 400 views, over 100 clicks, and reached 1,200 people. We also had multiple people comment and share that post.  I was very excited with the engagement and reach we had with that post, as it was more than we normally have. I definitely want to do more Facebook Live events in the future, but I think they key is make them for events that are important or interesting enough that people will be willing to engage with them. I also promoted our Small Business Breakfast Club event for tomorrow on Facebook to remind people and get them excited and created the event page for our Business After Hours event next ThursdayI shared an event that Athensmade, a partner of the Chamber, is sponsoring. It is a series of classes to help local businesses grow. I shared the first class in September, and this week I promoted their second class happening on Wednesday. Lastly, I posted a welcome to one of our new members, Athens Neighborhood Health Center. We really want to start promoting our new members now that we have been getting multiple a week. Showing how much our chamber is growing will hopefully inspire more businesses to join and be apart of the movement. We also want our new members to feel supported by promoting them.

On LinkedIn, there was not much to post about the Chamber since we did not have many big events this past week. I did share a post about the University of Georgia that mentioned that they are the largest university to offer hands-on learning experience. We try to promote their accomplishments as much as we can to strengthen our relationship with them.

I want to start focusing more on creating digital marketing content, rather than just waiting for an event or grand opening to post about. This would include going to visit members around Athens and telling their stories, asking members why they chose to join the chamber and why they like being a member, and celebrating our partners in the community. I want to post more content that is engaging instead of expected. I am excited to continue growing in this position and changing the chamber through their digital marketing- one post at a time.

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Changing the Chamber- Week Five

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This was an important week for the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce. We had our Mid-Year fundraising event and our NetWORK lunch. The Mid-Year Event took place at One Press Place in downtown Athens and is one of our biggest fundraising events of the year. We had food, drinks, opportunities to network with other members, and a chance to hear our new CEO David Bradley introduce himself formally and say a few words. We also announced our 2018 Small Business of the Year award winner, Avid Bookshop. It was a very successful and fun night. I posted prior, during, and after the event on social media in order to promote it and show how fun it was.

On Instagram this past week, I posted a lot for the Mid-Year event I just mentioned. I attended the event in order to be able to take pictures to post on social media, and while I was there I posted multiple Instagram stories. The first story was of the entrance into the event, which was lined by some lit trees and represented our theme of the night: Lighting the Way. Some of the servers were wearing light-up robot costumes, which is of course extremely interesting and a little weird, so I posted them on my story with our theme’s logo in the background. I think that post really highlighted how fun and how cool the event was, and made it seem less serious and boring, as some people may have imagined it would be. I also posted a video of one of the food tables because who doesn’t love food? The food was also very good, and I wanted to showcase that. I also posted a picture of David speaking with a quote from his speech, “the future is awesome.” I thought that quote would get people excited and show how excited David is to make progress as the new CEO. I also posted a video of everyone having fun and mingling at the event, which also showed off our really cool event space. The caption read, “Great people having a great time,” which I think shows how much we love our members and how everyone that attended the event enjoyed it. At the end, I posted a story thanking everyone that came. I think each post for the Instagram story highlighted a different aspect of the event, and all together made it look like a fun evening. I also posted the next day a carousel of pictures from the professional photographer. All of the pictures were people in groups that looked like they were having fun. The first picture was of our 2018 Small Business of the Year winner, Janet, holding her award because I wanted that picture to be on our page’s feed. Janet was also recognized in Georgia Trend magazine as a Top 40 under 40 and was on the cover, so I added a picture of that to our Instagram story congratulating her. I also made sure to congratulate her on her own post by commenting to show her followers that we support her and all of our members when they do something great. On Saturday, I posted an Instagram story from Sanford Stadium for Game Day, which shows us supporting the Dawgs and UGA. I have been posting those for every home game, and plan to continue because I think it is important to highlight our relationship with the University. Plus, everyone in Athens loves the Dawgs and seeing posts about them. I also posted an Instagram story and an actual post congratulating and promoting one of our new members, Pure Balance Pilates, who had their ribbon cutting this week. We posted quite a bit on Instagram this week, but I think it wasn’t too excessive and I think that everything we posted was relevant and important to include. I think that having a consistent presence on Instagram will help us attract new followers.


On Facebook this week, I shared Avid Bookshop’s post about their owner, Janet, wining 2018 Small Business of the Year with a caption saying congratulations and that we are excited to see what they do in the future. I also posted multiple pictures from the Mid-Year event that the professional photographer took, most of which were the same ones I posted on Instagram, and had a caption thanking everyone for coming, congratulating Avid Bookshop again, saying we had a great time with great people, and quoting David Bradley, “the future is awesome.” I basically combined everything that I had said on Instagram into one caption for all of the pictures I posted on Facebook. I also created Facebook events for our NetWORK lunch and Small Business Breakfast Club to promote those upcoming events. Facebook is where I mainly promote our events, while occasionally reminding people about them through Instagram Stories. I also posted about an event that the UGA Small Business Development Center was having to discuss non-traditional options to fund a small business or new start-up. That post combines promoting our relationship with UGA and helping some of our members have the opportunity to get educated on an important, relevant topic. I also met with the lady that is the head of the leisure department for the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government, who wanted some help promoting the annual Athens Parade of Lights and informing businesses that they need to start applying if they want to be apart of it. I posted a video of the event from last year on Facebook, and I included an explanation of how businesses can start applying to be a part of the event. I also included the link to the application and guidelines. Lastly, I shared a post from Georgia CEO that was a video of our CEO David Bradley talking about why he is so excited to be in Athens and what he loves most about it. This video shows how much our CEO loves Athens and hopefully will get other people as excited about Athens as our CEO is. I think all of these posts meet our goals of wanting to celebrate our members, our relationship with the community, and the Chamber itself.

On LinkedIn, I shared some other people’s posts about our Mid-Year event, including one congratulating our 2018 Small Business of the Year winner, Janet. This was an awesome award to win, so I think we should celebrate her and promote her business as much as possible. I also shared a post about our NetWORK lunch that thanked everyone for coming. These posts were focused more on the content of our business events instead of promoting them like I do on Facebook. They were relevant to business and I think our followers enjoyed seeing what events and networking opportunities we were having.

As I mentioned earlier, our Mid-Year event is one of our biggest fundraising events of the year, so it deserved more promotion and mention than our other weekly events. I think I posted a lot about it, without posting too much. I posted mostly the same thing on each platform because we have different audiences for each one and because some people may have missed it on one social media platform, but then were able to see a post about it on another one. My job as the head of their Digital Marketing was extremely important this week, and I think I did a good job of promoting our Mid-Year event, as well as other things. I enjoy the challenges that each week brings, and I am excited for the big things we have planned next week.


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Is Security a Selling Point in Social Media?

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With the recent Facebook data breach I began to think if security was a major player when users decide to use social media.  Of the major social media platforms only 1 has an inherit security measure built into it, Snapchat.  But Snapchat only encrypts messages while stored at its servers and just deletes the messages after being seen by the recipient.  The main selling point relates to security, but it does not keep your user information in any different way than the other social media sites.  Users are not thinking about the security levels of their personal information when signing up for social media platforms.

Users think about the features.  The draw of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on originally had nothing to do with their security.  Facebook for example seems to have stored early user failed password attempts in plain text, allowing Mark Zuckerberg to read and use them to login to their non social related accounts.  The popularity of Youtube was because of its use of video, Twitter its concept with communication, Vine its concept with short looping video, Instagram and Pinterest their uses of photos and display.  Security features were not emphasized on the back end or even talked about widely.  The only reason we are talking about security now is because of breaches in the systems.  Too few cared to look until the platforms’ market shares were already massive.

Will people look for security in their social media in the future? From our track record, I doubt it, but it’s never a certain future.

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Countdown to SPARKsouth

SPARKsouthSeptember 28, 2018
Happy Networking!

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