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Support New Local Business: Sake Mama

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Looking for a new, exciting experience in Downtown Athens? Look no further. Sake Mama offers a unique Japanese experience like no other bar. It concentrates on creating an enjoyable atmosphere for all customers by featuring passionate staff, beautiful lighting, and melodious music!

Sake Mama opened in January this year, and it’s based off a successful franchise in Texas. It’s located on E Broad St. next to The Cloud and General Beauregard’s. While Sake Mama celebrates its grand opening, the promotional deals are something you cannot miss! All sake bombs are only $5. If you post a picture or video on any social networking service with #sakemama and #sakebomb, you can get a second sake bomb for FREE. Additionally, there are no extra charges for doubles or reverses!

Wondering what a sake bomb even is? Let me explain a sake bomb for those of you who do not know. Sake is a Japanese liquor derived from rice which gives it a refreshing, smooth taste. Many of you may know of the basic beer sake bomb; however, Sake Mama offers over 20 sake bomb options. The most popular choices include the Sunrise, Mango Tango, Godzilla, and the Sake Mama. As you can see in the picture above, a shot glass is balanced on two chopsticks on top of a beer mug. A base is poured in the beer mug while sake fills the shot glass. A sake bomb perfectly combines sake and a base of either an energy drink, natural juice, beer, or premium sake. You can request a double or reverse for an additional $1. Along with every sake bomb ordered, the employees provide an indistinctive experience by chanting “Ichi Ni San Banzai” which means “1, 2, 3, Cheers!” On “Banzai,” customers hit the table allowing the shot glass to fall in, and customers race to chug and finish first!

             Now, meet some of the staff including me! I have the pleasure of working at Sake Mama, so I have firsthand experience in providing the energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere needed to enhance customers’ experiences. As a marketing major with a digital emphasis, I was also given a great opportunity through this business by creating social media content for Sake Mama. Support your local business and come visit if you’re 21 years or older! We’d love your support, so please check out our website and the Instagram page I recently created for Sake Mama:



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Student Spotlight: Hannah Bostdorff

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As a fourth-year student of the University of Georgia, 21 year-old Hannah Bostdorff is nearing graduation as a Consumer Journalism major. When she was only a freshman in May of 2016, Hannah began to use Instagram as a tool for accountability for her own health. Initially, she began to post her breakfast and lunch during her summer job. Hannah then realized that her platform, Hannah Harvesting Health, would help her to eat in a way that would make her feel better overall and could be used as a creative outlet to share fun and unique recipes.

Hannah’s page was not always at the level that it is today. It took some time to gain the following and confidence that her account now has. By consistently posting appealing content and engaging with others’ pages, Hannah was able to gain 10 thousand followers by April 2018 and currently has an impressive 30.5 thousand followers.  While it’s fun and exciting to run her account, Hannah noted that it is definitely tricky at times to keep up with while also being a full-time student. She knows that it is essential to allocate her time and resources to both school and her passion, which is of course her account, @hannahharvestinghealth.

Growing up Hannah always had a passion for cooking and baking, but she started navigating toward healthy options in high school in order to fuel her workouts and soccer practices. Later on through Instagram, Hannah really began to learn about nutrition and all of the amazing food and products out there. The knowledge she has gained through Instagram and various nutrition classes here at UGA has really solidified Hannah’s love for a healthy lifestyle and sparked her continuous desire to keep learning about food and how it impacts our bodies.

As most people have found out the hard way, it’s not easy to build healthy habits and it’s even harder to stick to them. Hannah’s advice to build healthy habits and turn those habits into a lifestyle is to “Just start somewhere!” While many people want to dive into a healthy lifestyle, they don’t take the right action. Hannah recommends not getting caught up in trying to follow someone’s exact lifestyle choices and instead focusing on what comes easily and is enjoyable for you. “You have to find what works for YOU and progress in that daily. In the end, finding what works best for you is going to be extremely beneficial to your health and well-being.”

As a food blogger, Hannah has created and recreated countless recipes and meals, but her go-to is oatmeal because on top of being tasty, it is also loaded with nutrients including healthy fats and proteins and it helps to keep you full. Because of Hannah’s social media success, she receives a lot of snack products like bars that she eats daily, but she also enjoys making homemade snacks such as energy bites and smoothies, which can all be found on her page.

One thing that Hannah has learned from people with similar accounts is that it’s important to just be yourself! As Hannah emphasized, “We each have something unique to bring to the table and that’s exactly what we should bring.” She also pointed out that when you embrace who you are can provide a lot of encouragement to yourself and others.

Aside from all of the delicious knowledge about food and health that Hannah has gained throughout this process, she has also gotten a lot of feedback from her followers. Many people have reached out to her not only about their love of a recipe, but also to let her know that they relate to her words of encouragement. Knowing that she is able to inspire people and make a difference through her posts is what keeps Hannah going and what makes the account mean so much to her. If you scroll through Hannah’s page, @hannahharvestinghealth, you can easily take notice of her incorporation of her faith into her platform. Hannah attested, “2 Corinthians 1:4 says “He comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort others” and I firmly believe that! [God] puts people in our lives for a reason and I just continually pray that I can be that comfort to someone who isn’t exactly walking a smooth road.” As you can see, Hannah is not afraid to be true to herself and to share that version of herself with anyone who views or follows her page.

As Hannah’s college chapter comes to a close, she plans to utilize both her major and her platform to pursue a food marketing career. Through her account she has been able to network with an amazing variety of people and brands, of which she is very grateful for. She hopes to focus her time and effort into her work and apply everything that she has learned so far to her future. Hannah is an inspiring young woman and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her in years to come.

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Animals of Instagram: Last One, Best One

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For this last blog, I have been waiting to share one of my favorite accounts that I think definitely deserves to be featured. @MaisyTheBarnHippo is a rescued pit bull pup that has a great feed and it definitely requires one to check it out.

This account is important to me due to the controversial issue of pit bulls as pets. People are discriminatory against pit bulls and these accounts are showing these dogs as they should be- as loving and funny pets. By having Instagram accounts such as this one, people can really see the loving nature of these animals. How can you resist their big smiles?

Here is the social media update on this account:

@MaisyTheBarnHippo has 25.1K followers and almost 1500 photos. This account is filled with adorable pictures of this dog that always comes with a caption featuring funny hashtags. The Instagram is also very diverse with content including plenty of videos of Maisy. I don’t know how you can not love this animal when you see the cuteness overload from this account.

Go check out this account to see just what I am talking about and see how amazing pit bulls actually are!

As this is my last blog, I wanted to send you readers off with a call to action. Go out there and find an Instagram account that makes you smile. From goats to reptiles to dogs, I am sure you will find an account that you are passionate about and a community that shares the passion with you.

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Changing the Chamber- Week Nine

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I titled my series of blog posts Changing the Chamber because my intentions as the new social media coordinator for the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce were to make a change in their organization by helping them drive in new businesses, better connect with their members and the community, and just have an overall better presence on social media. I am beginning to realize that significant change is hard. I came into this position with a lot of big ideas and high hopes, and a lot of those have been hard to implement. I wanted to go out into the community each week and post about a member or organization that is doing great things, but most of the organizations I try to contact are either hard to contact or there just isn’t much happening that I am aware of to post about. I have had to readjust my plans several times, and that has caused the content, especially on our Instagram page, to be weaker than I would like. I do think that I have have improved the Chamber pages from what they were like in the beginning to what they are like now, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. 

On Instagram, I have developed a pattern for posting Instagram stories. I always post for home UGA football games, reminders at the beginning of the week for events happening later that week, live videos from events I attend, business spotlights, and holiday posts. For Instagram posts, I have been less consistent, but only because I want to make sure that the content that will stay on our page’s grid will be good. If people come to our page and do not like the content on there that they see, then they will not want to follow us, so I am very picky with what I post. I do realize that a page that posts more will also gain more followers, so I am starting to create more things to post. I always post for ribbon cuttings and big events, and now I am going to start doing series of posts that highlight similar members. We also have an idea for a social media contest that we hope to launch as soon as we finalize what our prize will be. I am excited to start implementing my new strategy on Instagram and make it even better than it is.

On Facebook, I am able to post much more content that is relevant and important to post. I post several announcements for upcoming events that we, our members, or our partner organizations are hosting and promote those events by providing all the details and why our followers should attend them. I also post welcome posts for all of our new members, most of which are popular on Facebook but not on Instagram, making a post on Instagram irrelevant. When a new member is active on Instagram, I will also post about them on there. I also share relevant articles about our community and our members that I believe people will enjoy reading. I have also broadcasted two events on Facebook Live and paid to boost an important post about a new insurance plan we are providing. I believe that I post a good amount on Facebook- not too little, not too much. All of the content is relevant, important, and engaging.

On LinkedIn, I post a lot of content that is centered around UGA, Chamber events, member success, and business related promotions (like the new insurance plan). UGA is a great partner organization and member for us to celebrate, and there are a lot of articles about them on LinkedIn to share. I also like to find posts about other members that are doing great things in business. I also post about our own  networking events to highlight what business advantages we provide our members. I also like to post relevant business articles that major corporations, like Forbes, share on LinkedIn to motivate and inform our members about good business practices. I do not post as much on LinkedIn, but I think that it should not be our main focus because most of our members, and potential members, are more focused on Instagram and Facebook.

On all three platforms, I have decided what kind of content should be posted on each platform. Some content is posted on a combination of platforms, and some content is posted on only one platform. Each platform takes a different approach to the same goal: post content that is relevant, fun, and engaging. All content should either inform about something important, be fun for our followers to see, and allow followers to engage with the Chamber and what we are sharing. We do not want to appear boring, selfish, and irrelevant. We have a goal to drive in more business using social media, and that goal can only be achieved by posting good, creative content. I have made some mistakes in this position, but each time I learned an important lesson that has helped me improve. Looking back at my first blog post about the chamber, I believe that the content I have been posting focuses on my original goals for this job. I am excited to grow in this position, continue learning, and change the chamber.


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Changing the Chamber- Week Eight

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I have been working at the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce as the “new” Social Media Coordinator for about three months now. Time really does fly when you are having fun. Though I enjoy this position, it can also be stressful when I think of ideas for content and they don’t pan out. I am constantly trying to think of new ways we can improve our content and gain more followers.

For Instagram, I have mastered story content but am struggling for actual feed content, which is really more important. We have not had any ribbon cuttings or events for me to post about, and all of my other content ideas have not panned out. I know that I need to start making some changes to my strategy and focusing on different types of content to post than what I originally wanted to. This past week, I posted a  Halloween graphic on our Instagram story that encouraged people to tag us in their pictures for a chance to be featured on our page. I wanted to share fun pictures of our members on our feed, but I only got a couple of tags and those were not suitable for our page. I also posted a story congratulating the UGA football team on clinching the title of SEC East Champions. One part of the story was a graphic that the UGA football team account posted and the other was a post link to a video they posted with Kirby Smart celebrating in the locker room with his players. It is a very hype and hilarious video that I thought would make us look more fun for sharing. I know that I have struggled with our Instagram feed, but I do have some more ideas for this week and into the future that hopefully will pan out.


On Facebook, I posted the same Halloween graphic and also encouraged people to tag us in their pictures for a chance to be featured on our page. I got hardly any responses on Facebook, as well. I am excited to learn more about Facebook algorithms next semester in the Digital Marketing Analytics class because I can see that we are not getting as much reach as we should be. Some posts also get much more than others, which I would like to fix. I also need to find a way to get our followers to become more interactive because that will also help our posts, and page, get more attention. I have still been doing daily new member posts because we have several new members join every week. I also posted about a new offer for a health insurance plan available to all Chamber members. That post is both informative and will hopefully showcase an example of some of the special benefits that our members receive that will influence non-members to want to join. I also posted a great article about one of our members, Beau Shell, and his business ventures. I am constantly looking for ways to showcase our members and show our support, and this article was a great to do both.

On Linked In, I posted the same article about Beau and his business. I also posted about our upcoming Diversity Summit that we are helping sponsor alongside the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. I am still struggling to gain followers on LinkedIn. I assume that most people still do not realize that they are following the wrong LinkedIn page, but I have plans to change that soon.

I have definitely had some recent struggles in this position, but I have come up with some ways to overcome them and am excited to move forward in this position. I do not want our social media to be good, I want it to be great, and that is going to take some great ideas.

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Animals of Instagram: The Absolute GOAT

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Ever since Halloween a week ago, I have been filling up on candy. No, I did not go trick or treating…but what better excuse to eat tons of candy than Halloween?? This Instagram account especially caught my eye because I realized I was not the only one surrounding myself with tons of candy (see featured photo).

@Goats_Gone_Grazing_Acres is an animal Instagram account that features a farm in Kentucky that has plenty of goats. Let’s check out the social media on this one.

This account has 35K followers and over 10K posts. That’s a lot for a few goats. The owner of this accounts posts very frequently with posts multiple times a day throughout the week. With all of the followers, this account does not get as many likes on each picture than one would expect. Depending on the picture, each post gets from either a couple hundred to max 1000 likes on it. The comments are pretty limited as well. This lack of engagement with followers does not stop these owners from all the posts though. The pictures range from individual shots of the goats to relevant activities that are going on around the farm.

This account could improve from more diversity in content, and honestly, probably better quality pictures of the goats. However, the content is great for both goat and farm lovers. This account is obviously used in order for these farmers to share their love for goats with the rest of the world and they are not so caught up with the buzz around social media.

See if this account is actually the Greatest.Of.All.Time and give it a follow.

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DIFF Eyewear Instagram

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I’ve been following DIFF eyewear on Instagram for a few years now, since before they were a well-known brand. Now, they have 566K followers on Instagram and are endorsed by celebrities like the Chrisleys and Kardashians. They sell designer sunglasses at a more affordable cost than other big name brands. DIFF brands itself as a charitable organization that gives back by donating a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need for every pair of sunglasses they sell.

I believe DIFF has a very effective social strategy, particularly on Instagram. As you can see in the photo of their feed below, they maintain an aesthetically pleasing feed with high quality content that engages followers. I also think it’s unique that the majority of their content is user-generated, yet still professional quality. This encourages brand loyalty by showing customers DIFF wants to see how people are using their products with individual style.

As I mentioned before, DIFF has partnered with many celebrity influencers in order to promote their products. This has allowed them to increase brand awareness and followers tremendously. The influencers also typically offer a code for 20% off a DIFF purchase, which increases sales in addition to awareness. In addition to working with influencers, DIFF has collaborated with some celebrities to help them create an eyewear line under DIFF. Below are photos of Khloe Kardashian, Jessie James Decker, and Demi Lovato promoting their collaborations with DIFF.

Overall, I believe DIFF has a strong social strategy on Instagram that has led to their current success. Now that they are well-established as a brand, they focus on promoting new products and collaborations. I personally love everything about DIFF, from their products, to their social media, to their charitable efforts. What are your thoughts?

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Changing the Chamber- Week Seven

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I am still continuing to change the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce by improving their digital marketing as their social media coordinator. Each week I learn something new and develop a stronger strategy for their social media. My fellow coworkers and I have started coming up with a weekly plan for what I should post, including welcome posts to all of our new members, promoting local events, and reminders. At the beginning of each week, I decide what I will post each day and what social media platform is appropriate for each post.

On Instagram, I posted several stories that were mostly graphics I created myself on Canva. I had hoped to be able to post on our feed, but the organizations I contacted have been extremely slow to respond to me. I posted a story for National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day and encouraged people to use the hashtag #SupportYourLocalChamber. I also posted a story promoting the Georgia Florida Food Truck Rally put on by Glynn County in St. Simons. I posted a reminder for our October Business After Hours event the morning of the day it occurred. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event to take pictures or post live footage because I was out of town. I also posted a graphic wishing everyone at UGA a Happy fall Break. All of these stories either show us supporting a partner organization or promoting our own event, both of which are our goals. Now, I just need to focus on creating content for our actual feed. My struggle with contacting local organizations has taught me how important effective communication is for a business.


On Facebook, I posted a welcome to all of our recently new members. We had six new members, and I posted an individual post each day for each of them explaining what they did, quoting their mission, and linking their website. I also posted a picture of my boss with a loving message for National Bosses Day. I shared an event from one our members, Academia Brewing Company, that was hosting their One Year Anniversary and congratulated them. I also shared an event from the Lyndon House Arts Center that was having House Party fundraiser for arts center programming. I contacted one of our members, Global Escapes, who was celebrating their 30th anniversary and asked them why they enjoyed being a chamber member. I posted to congratulate them and shared their answer. This post promoted their business, showed our support, and encouraged other people to want to join the chamber with their explanation of why they enjoy it. I also promoted a fundraising event that Hope Haven of Northeast Georgia was having in celebration of 60 years. I posted about National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day on Facebook, the Georgia Florida Food Truck Rally, and UGA’s Fall break, as well. I also posted a reminder for our October Business After Hours event, but on Facebook I shared the event on Monday to allow more people time to plan and RSVP for it. I posted a lot on Facebook this week, but I made sure to spread them out evenly throughout the week.

On LinkedIn, I also posted about National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day. I felt it was appropriate to post here too because it directly affects our organization and encourages people to support us. I also thanked people for all of the support they have given us in the past and will continue to give us in the future. I also shared an article about the founder of one of our partner organizations, Athensmade, and how he is helping educating entrepreneurial students at UGA. That article combined two members that we are deeply connected to, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to support them both at the same time.

We have steadily been gaining followers on Instagram, but much slower on Facebook and LinkedIn. I plan to include the links to the pages in our monthly newsletter that will be sent out at the beginning of November. I also plan to collaborate with my coworkers to help decide a contest that we could have to promote our pages and gain more followers. I am excited to launch a contest and possibly start using paid media on our social pages. It is hard to promote the Chamber when we have such a small budget for promotion, but I think that we all realize how much social media is worth and the impact it can make on our organization.

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Animals of Instagram: Better than the Gators

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This specific blog post is inspired by our amazing football win over my least favorite reptiles…the Florida Gators. However, this Instagram account is not technically about gators…but a similar reptile and a much better addition to my timeline. @MacGyverLizard is quite the interesting account that features a dog-sized lizard. To be more specific, MacGyver is a six-year old Argentine red tegu lizard born in a lizard farm in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Here is the social media update.

This Instagram account has 181K followers and 510 posts. Although the posts are infrequent, there are still plenty of lizard lovers blowing up the comment section under each picture. In the Instagram bio, it also features a website that is all about MacGyver. On the website, it shows popular Instagram posts and it is where you can find a little bit more information about the reptile. There is also a section where a fan can submit fan art for the lizard which is a great way to get people connected and involved. MacGyver also has his own Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter account. He is a very well-rounded lizard when it comes to social media! The YouTube account has various videos of the lizard, however there has not been a post in 8 months. On Twitter, it also has infrequent posts but has plenty of shares of pictures of MacGyver and funny captions to go along with it. Facebook is also a popular platform with over 146K followers and funny Photoshop pictures.

This is definitely a great account to follow in order to enhance your feed and add even more variety. Plus, with the funny captions, it will definitely provide you with a laugh or two. This account just shows how Instagram is a platform for any individuals with any sort of interest. Personally, I would never be able to own a pet lizard, but check out @MacGyverLizard and decide for yourself.

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Instagram Polls

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If you watch Instagram Stories, you’ve probably seen them:


Polls on polls on polls. Some people love them, some people hate them, but they sure are popular. Personally, I’m a fan. I’ve used them several times, and I find it entertaining to know how my friends and followers feel about random subjects.

Beyond personal entertainment, polls act as an excellent tool for user engagement, an opportunity that anyone– from brands and influencers, to the average Instagram addict– can use to interact with their audience.

For brands in particular, I think polling is an excellent information resource. Just the other day, I saw popular yoga retailer do a poll gauging customer anticipation for their new legging line. And while it might not be an unbiased or truly scientific form of customer research, polling does provide quick answers.


Polling also is a way to show that a brand cares about its customer base. Allowing customer voices to be heard empowers users, and creates a greater sense of community–which is what social media marketing is supposed to be about.

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