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Setting Yourself Apart

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There are a great number of students who most likely have applied to some of the same companies or positions that you want after college. With the constant increase in the amount of applicants that apply every year, the greater the amount of competition you will face going into each interview process. So, the real question is “How do you set yourself apart from them?” There are a few key pointers that I’ve picked up from past interviews and a few that I’ve learned from my fellow peers that I would like to share.

  • Print your resume on resume paper. When going into an interview face-to-face, you want to make sure to print your resume on thicker paper than the typical white printer paper. It gives off a nice touch and looks more presentable as well as professional when you hand in your resume to a recruiter. Most students overlook doing this kind of extra step because they don’t think it’s a really big deal, but I have been told a couple times from recruiters about how appreciative it is that applicants take that extra step or initiative by doing even the smallest touches. So the next time you are about to have an in-person interview or even just going to a career fair, try to take that extra step to stand out and really make a difference!
  • Make sure to ask permission before taking someone’s business card. This was something new to me that I did not know before and would not have thought twice about. It is common courtesy to ask for an employer’s business card even when it’s displayed out in front of his or her table. A common rule I give myself is to ask for permission no matter what and you can never go wrong.
  • Make business cards for yourself. You are always told to have extra copies of your resume with you because you don’t know when you will meet potential employers. Although there are times when giving them your resume might be a hassle, so having a business card with you can make it a lot more convenient. Also, it’s small enough for employers to take and store in places, such as their wallet or bag when they need to put it somewhere.
  • Be genuine. This might seem like something obvious, but I know sometimes your nerves might get the best of you and you often try to impress recruiters of your many accomplishments and talents you have. Don’t get me wrong. It is a good thing to show off your achievements and talents, but by doing so, make sure to show consistent authenticity and not make them feel like you are simply answering to just complete their question. Being genuine will show off your true colors and potential in the end.

These are some of the ways that can help you set yourself apart from other applicants and it may seem like a small thing to add to your list of interview tips, but it is really the little touches that matter.

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It’s Hiring Season: Get Your Interns & Recent College Grads Here

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Want to hire a UGA Marketing Intern or Recent College Grad this summer? Here’s everything you need to know.

Jobs are pretty straight forward. Please post your opportunity here.

What qualifies as an internship?

We define an internship as employment that gives a student practical experience in marketing activities and provides academic credit.

An internship is the equivalent of a 3-credit hour upper level marketing course, so the work responsibilities must provide substantial marketing experience which contributes meaningfully to a student’s understanding of the discipline.  Examples of things that qualify include serving as a manufacturer’s sales representative, working on a promotional campaign, analyzing consumer data, creating a digital or social media marketing campaign and serving as a marketing assistant.  Positions that are primarily administrative (with duties such as copying, answering the phones, running errands) would not qualify.  For a job to count as an internship, it must be a new position for the student and not a continuation of the student’s existing position.  Because an internship is the equivalent of enrolling in a 3-credit hour upper level marketing course, it should provide a “new” learning experience.  The specific position must be approved by a faculty advisor.

Do I have to offer paid internships?

The internship arrangement must total at least 200 hours over the academic semester in which the internship is performed.  This may be broken down in to 13-15 hours per week for 15 weeks, 20 hours per week for 10 weeks, 25 hours per week for 8 weeks or any other schedule that fits your requirements.  Academic credit is granted regardless of whether the internship is compensated or not.  However, a compensated internship generally draws a much larger pool of students than do uncompensated internships.  While rates of pay vary significantly across internships, most employers offer between $9.00 and $12.00 per hour.  The negotiation on compensation is done strictly between you and the student.  The university is not involved in any way in that process.

Your responsibilities during the internship are to provide the student with meaningful marketing experiences and to supervise work activities.  At the end of the internship, you will be asked to evaluate the student’s work by completing an Intern Evaluation Form.  Your evaluation will count as 1/3 of the student’s academic grade.  In addition to meeting your work requirements, the student is expected to keep a diary of major activities and accomplishments during the internship.  At the end of the internship, the student prepares and submits a paper to the faculty advisor describing his/her internship experience and linking his/her activities and work efforts to marketing concepts.  This paper constitutes 2/3 of the student’s grade.

How to post an internship

Please post your available internships here on digitalmarketingdawgs.com to share with Terry College of Business Marketing Students.

You are also encouraged post your opportunities with the UGA Career Center.  You can do so my visiting www.hireUGA.com, then select ‘Post Jobs & Internships’, ‘First-Time Users’.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jen Osbon at jenosbon@uga.edu or Jason Booth at jwbooth@uga.edu.



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