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Support New Local Business: Sake Mama

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Looking for a new, exciting experience in Downtown Athens? Look no further. Sake Mama offers a unique Japanese experience like no other bar. It concentrates on creating an enjoyable atmosphere for all customers by featuring passionate staff, beautiful lighting, and melodious music!

Sake Mama opened in January this year, and it’s based off a successful franchise in Texas. It’s located on E Broad St. next to The Cloud and General Beauregard’s. While Sake Mama celebrates its grand opening, the promotional deals are something you cannot miss! All sake bombs are only $5. If you post a picture or video on any social networking service with #sakemama and #sakebomb, you can get a second sake bomb for FREE. Additionally, there are no extra charges for doubles or reverses!

Wondering what a sake bomb even is? Let me explain a sake bomb for those of you who do not know. Sake is a Japanese liquor derived from rice which gives it a refreshing, smooth taste. Many of you may know of the basic beer sake bomb; however, Sake Mama offers over 20 sake bomb options. The most popular choices include the Sunrise, Mango Tango, Godzilla, and the Sake Mama. As you can see in the picture above, a shot glass is balanced on two chopsticks on top of a beer mug. A base is poured in the beer mug while sake fills the shot glass. A sake bomb perfectly combines sake and a base of either an energy drink, natural juice, beer, or premium sake. You can request a double or reverse for an additional $1. Along with every sake bomb ordered, the employees provide an indistinctive experience by chanting “Ichi Ni San Banzai” which means “1, 2, 3, Cheers!” On “Banzai,” customers hit the table allowing the shot glass to fall in, and customers race to chug and finish first!

             Now, meet some of the staff including me! I have the pleasure of working at Sake Mama, so I have firsthand experience in providing the energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere needed to enhance customers’ experiences. As a marketing major with a digital emphasis, I was also given a great opportunity through this business by creating social media content for Sake Mama. Support your local business and come visit if you’re 21 years or older! We’d love your support, so please check out our website and the Instagram page I recently created for Sake Mama:



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1000 Faces Through Instagram

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This week’s local Athens spot: 1000 Faces Coffee.  After seeing a picture of this bright, nicely decorated local coffee shop on my friend’s snapchat story, I knew I wanted to try it.  Not only did the coffee look good, but the shop itself appeared to be beautiful.  I quickly enlisted one of my friend’s to join me on a Monday afternoon for a well-crafted vanilla latte.  My friend had never heard of the place before, so I had a feeling 1000 Faces’ digital marketing could use some work.

As I approached the counter to order my drink, I glanced around the room for any indication that the coffee shop had a lively social media presence.  There was nothing.  No “check out our Instagram” or “like us on Facebook.”  Nothing.  And so my research began.  I decided to focus my efforts on the shop’s Instagram page, and I was impressed to say the least.

Interactive with consumers, yet professionally appealing.  The page posts pictures that were previously posted by customers, tagging each customer in his/her respective photo.  As we know, consumer’s thrive on obtaining attention from their favorite shops.  Not only do they enjoy being recognized for their creativity, but they feel valued as customers of the shop.  However, 1000 Faces’ does a great job of choosing which pictures to repost, only selecting those that look professional (great lighting, perfect clarity, overall excellent photography).

Worldly and intent on bringing awareness to the bigger picture, yet wonderfully local.  1000 Faces’ Instagram shines a light on the fact that the shop’s mission is to connect the coffee consumer and coffee producer through quality, education, service, and friendly interactions.  The shop posts pictures of Ethiopian coffee farmers while also highlighting a new employee from it’s storefront downtown each week.  Additionally, 1000 Faces helps promote local non-profits through various events held at the shop, which are always promoted in an ascetically pleasing photo on Instagram.

1000 Faces does a great job of encompassing every aspect of its business on its Instagram page.  I’m hoping that it will start to advertise its social media platforms around its storefront so that more people will be directed to the page.  Overall, I would definitely recommend visiting both the storefront and the Instagram page of 1000 Faces.  Both will keep you wanting more.

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Gucci Gucci

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If designer fashion is anywhere on your radar, you need to check out Agora Vintage. It’s a cute little boutique in downtown Athens that sells vintage designer hangbags, clothes, accessories and more. I have noticed it before, but I never had the pleasure of going in until yesterday. I actually had the opportunity to model some of their pieces on their Instagram.

When my boyfriend was out studying/shopping (because those somehow go together), he and a friend peered around Agora. He told me all about it because he’s all about designer and luxury brands, and he said one of the associates asked him to model. That’s how we made it to their IG yesterday.

For a small business like this one, it is important to have a social presence, especially in their industry. With 19,000 followers on Instagram, Agora is definitely reaching lots of people. However, the online presence seems to be more substantial than physical visits. With a prime location in downtown Athens right on Broad Street, it is a shame I had never gone in until my fourth year here. Apparently, this is common and foot traffic in the boutique is a little less than desired.

I think this just goes to show that digital is powerful. Even though foot traffic may not be as heavy as other larger stores like DressUp or Urban Outfitters, the niche market of Agora is profitable enough to withstand fewer daily customers. Their big following on Instagram is probably attributed to how much they post and how quickly they respond. I scrolled down their Instagram and they post daily and respond to all direct comments from people asking about products. When I was in the store, I heard multiple phone conversations with customers who called and the Agora employees responded with care and enthusiasm. That also goes to show that customer relationships matter and make people want to come back.


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Local and Savvy: How Athens’ Businesses Excel at Social Media

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Living in Athens, GA is a great experience.  It is a town full of great food, football, rich history, and amazing local shops.  You can find a variety of products from vintage clothing to colorful stationary.  Many of the shops are small, meaning that they do not have the same large budget that larger corporations, such as Urban Outfitters, have for marketing.  This is where creativity, word-of-mouth, and experience comes into play to help these businesses establish themselves in the community and make a profit.

One of the ways that these businesses are able to reach their audience and generate traffic towards their stores is through social media.  However, this only works if it is used effectively.  Businesses need to know how to use this platform in the right context so that they can reap the most benefits.  In no particular order, here are the local shops that I believe are doing a great job at utilizing social media to market their business.


K.A. Artist Shop 

Facebook: The K.A. Artist Shop

Instagram: @kaartist

Twitter: @kaartist

Pinterest: The Kristen Ashely Artist Shop

The K.A. Artist Shop is the one-stop-shop for all of your creative needs.  They have planners, specialty paper, pens for calligraphy, cards, and so much more.  Their creativity is boldly displayed on their multiple social media channels.

On the shop’s Twitter and Instagram there are pictures of work completed at the classes that are taught there, along with aesthetically pleasing photos and quotes about art and creativity.  They also use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to constantly update followers about what is happening in-store and event/class reminders.  Lastly, the shop utilizes Pinterest to show some of the amazing art that customers could create with their newly purchased art supplies.

K.A. Artist Shop effectively uses social media to keep their customers informed and showcase the beautiful art that can be made with the many supplies that they have to offer.

K.A. Artist Shop Location: 127 N Jackson St.  It is between The Pita Pit and Dynamite Clothing.


Cheeky Peach 

Facebook: Cheeky Peach

Instagram: @cheekypeach

Twitter: @ShopCheekyPeach

Pinterest: Cheeky Peach

Cheeky Peach is a fashion boutique for the chic and savvy girl who likes to make an impression.  The store has many different clothing items that are stylish, classy, and versatile.  The beautiful fashions that this store has to offer is proudly displayed on their social media sites.  On Instagram, the boutique shows the multiple clothing items they have to offer styled on local models.  Also on their Instagram and Twitter are fun quotes and gifs that encompasses the store’s image and grabs the attention of their target market.

I believe Facebook is where this boutique really shows their expertise.  There are updates on the store, event reminders, event flyers, photos of merchandise, and more.  One of the best things that Cheeky Peach does through Facebook is provide an outlet for open communication with customers.  This is where customers can shop, see what is happening, and chat with sales associates about various items; this is perfect for the loyal customers who may not have the luxury of having the brick-and-mortar in their backyard.  Cheeky Peach does a wonderful job of using social media to engage and produce positive results.

Cheeky Peach Location: 160 W Clayton St.  It is next door to Wing Zone and across the street from J. Crew.


Sonia Says 

Facebook: Sonia Says

Instagram:  @shopsoniasays

Unlike the other businesses on this list Sonia Says is not located in Downtown Athens.  This could make it difficult for the shop to have a steady flow of foot traffic; however, they make sure that people know who they are and where they are through their social media.  This shop only has two social channels but they know how to use it to their advantage.

The target market for this store is a mixture of an older and younger demographic so they have adjusted their social media strategy with this in mind.  The store synchronizes their Instagram and Facebook so that the same updates, reminders, and images can be seen by the different age groups that use the different social media sites.  The shop does a great job at displaying merchandise and show casing Athens.  The models seen on their pages are local women who are shot at many different locations around Athens. The store does a wonderful job at not only supporting themselves, but also the thriving community around them.

Sonia Says Location: 798 Prince Ave. It is down the street form Dunkin’ Donuts and The Taco Stand.


Dynamite Clothing

Facebook: Dynamite Clothing

Instagram: @dynamiteathens

Dynamite Clothing is a vintage boutique full of treasures you may not even know you needed.  It is a fun store that can brighten anyone’s day with all of the interesting things it has to offer.  This boutique also has limited social media channels but that does not mean that they are lacking in the department.  The store’s Facebook page is full of updates about new inventory coming through the store and information about sales, changing store hours, and more.  The boutique’s Instagram is where customers can interact with the shop; the page features many customers wearing the items they have bought and allows followers to see the same items in many different styles.  The page also allows open communication; customers can ask questions about the store and/or merchandise and get answers in a timely manner.

Dynamite Clothing does a great job of engaging and interacting with customers through social media.  They are not on multiple sites; however, they excellently execute their social media strategy by valuing quality over quantity.

Dynamite Clothing Location: 143 N Jackson St.  It is between K.A. Artist Shop and Adams Optics.


Creature Comforts Brewing Co. 

Facebook: Creature Comforts

Instagram: @creaturecomfortsbeer

Twitter: @creaturebeer

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. is brewery that is known for their crafted beers and fun atmosphere.  The brewery is the destination for great beer and a great time.  This business does a great job at displaying themselves and reaching out through its social media.  On Facebook, there are multiple posts about upcoming events, new products, and updates on the brewery itself.  Many of the same pictures can be found on their Instagram page with updates so that a different audience can be met.

The brewery’s Twitter is where they engage a little more.  They not only have their usual updates but there are also retweets from customers and newspapers on what they think of the beers offered.  Creature Comforts Brewing Co. does a great job of keeping their target audience informed on what they are currently doing and plan to do in the future to enhance their products and brand.

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. Location: 271 W Hancock Ave. 


All in all these businesses are doing a great job at updating, engaging, and reaching their target market through the social media pages they have created.  Each of these shops have proved that it is not about how much money you have to spend on resources, but about how you can utilize the resources that are already available.  Next time you find yourself on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or walking down the streets of Athens, keep an eye out for these shops and see how they are trying to grab your attention through your phone.

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Classic City: Classic Posts

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Athens, Georgia, or the Classic City, is known for its many eateries, boutiques, and small businesses. With a fluxing population of university students, Athens businesses rely on word of mouth and strong branding as well as support from the locals to keep people flowing through the front doors.

Many companies in Athens rely on social media to market their brands and specific goods, especially to the young, social media users that make up a large part of the population. Generally people weight the opinions and suggestions of friends over marketing messages. With this in mind, it’s important to capitalize on this form of recommendation marketing and create an environment that consumers desire to visit. Even better, an environment consumers want to capture and post on social media.

Businesses in Athens are smart enough to know the influence social media can have on expanding their customer base, and they use their brand logo and style to their advantage. Here is a list of businesses in Athens that have a strong presence on social media* because of the popularity of the backgrounds they supply for social media posts. I’ve divided the businesses into two sections, brand images and brand representations.

Brand Images

These companies provide their logos as backgrounds for pictures. Beyond possibly being tagged as the location of a social media post, their company’s logo and name are completely visible in the background.

Mama’s Boy

Thousand Faces Coffee

Zombie Donuts

LRG (Last Resort Grill) Provisions

Five Points Bottle Shop

Georgia Theatre

Brand Representations

These companies do not have easily available logos to take pictures with, but their distinct styles make them easy to pick out amidst competing businesses. They provide either indoor or outdoor environments as backdrops for social media pictures.

Taqueria del Sol

Rook & Pawn

Wuxtry Records

East Side Cali n Tito’s

Georgia Museum of Art

*note that in this case, social media refers to primarily picture social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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