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The Woman Behind What Makes Atlanta So Darn Cool: Sheoyki Jones

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T: What is your Job Title and what do you do?

S: I am the Program Manager of Creative Industries at Invest Atlanta. My role is basically for local content creators in creative industries such as film, music, and digital entertainment. I create programming to help invest in them and to keep them sustainable as a business. Also, I work on economic development projects for high profile entertainers that are purchasing real estate in the city of Atlanta.

T: How did you get started in entertainment and what is your story?

S: Originally, my degree is in Paralegal Studies, so I was on the path to become a lawyer. But, I was working in a law firm after graduating while managing a singer-songwriter and a fashion model. With the fashion model, we were very successful with four consecutive seasons of New York Fashion Week and even Milan. I have gotten her national and international campaigns. For the singer-songwriter, I helped her develop her first EP, features on some projects, and performances on tours with major record labels. As I was doing that, I realized that I liked the corporate structure just because it was a more sustainable lifestyle for me. So, I decided to start doing legal work again and ended up working at Invest Atlanta as the Senior Legal Assistant. Two years after that, I moved to the Economic Development Team and asked my boss if my focus could be Film and Entertainment and he said yes. From there, I basically merged both of the worlds I learned in Entertainment and Economic Development. Essentially, I have been able to create a loan fund to invest in content creators, promote the city of Atlanta as a place to do business in the creative industries nationally and internationally, and work out million-dollar deals to help drive the success that we are seeing in the city.

T: What is your favorite project that you have worked on so far?

S: I am working on a project right now with a high-profile entertainer. They are backing the development of a creative industries incubator for Atlanta. It will be the first time you will see Film, Music, Digital Entertainment, and Technology all housed under one roof. They will all have the resources to create on an independent level with access to workforce development and training. I would say that is my favorite because it does a lot for the community and gives independent content creators the resources they need. This will promote Atlanta as not just a transactional city when it comes to entertainment, but a cultural driver.

T: We have spoken about you working on something called the Creative Industry Loan Fund. What exactly is that?

S: The Creative Industry Loan Fund is the first fund in the city of Atlanta, funded by the city, that invests in content. It is a 1.25 Million dollar fund that local content creators can use for film, music, digital entertainment, production, post-production, marketing/distribution, tours, attractions, tours/festivals, and prototype/product development. We are super excited about it. It is something that we would like to be able to give our filmmakers, musicians, and our content creators. [With this], it gives them the opportunity to seek funding from their city and keep control of the content that they are creating. Also, we can use this as an educational platform to teach them how to be a sustainable business, how to seek funding, and how to operate as a business when taking in funding. This is our idea of how to push the next generation of content creators forward, but in a way that they will be sustainable as a business.

T: For students who are interested in entertainment but want a more structured environment, like you, what do you advise them to do?

S: There are film commissions and economic development agencies all around the world. Some economic development agencies have not started including creative industries. So, I think that there are opportunities there to create those roles in those organizations. There are also those film commissions that are operating under your city and state governments that are always looking for the next generation of leaders that are experienced in these industries. [With their experience], they can help build programming and opportunities to help keep and retain these content creators. There are also major record labels who have corporate structures.

T: Does Invest Atlanta have internships or other work opportunities?

S: Yes, we have interns every summer in different departments… just depending what the need is. We also have a program called Students2Startups where we give students the opportunity to work for startups. We pay 2/3 of their salary and the company pays the other 1/3 for the student to work with them for the summer. So, we have a few options.

Sheoyki is a powerhouse and is doing great things to futher our beloved city. Atlanta is special because of the culture, feel, and creativity it has. We need more people like Sheoyki to help communities advance economically and culturally. It was a pleasure interviewing her and I hope that I will see some of my classmates in similar positions in the future.

Sheoyki Jones: Invest Atlanta’s Program Manager or Creative Industries


Creative Industries Loan Fund: https://www.investatlanta.com/businesses/startups-creatives/creative-industries-loan-fund

Invest Atlanta Website: https://www.investatlanta.com/

Thank you for reading,

Taylor Tucker

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Hunter Peatman: Local Rapper and Artist

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Hunter Peatman is a local visual artist and the frontman of up-and-coming band Aldente. I sat down with him to discuss the role of art is society, how he differentiates himself artistically from his peers as well as his music.

What is art in 2019? How does someone differentiate themselves from everything that’s already been done while staying true to your influences?

I really don’t know. I used to paint like Ed Roth I used to paint like basquiat, now I don’t really paint that much. I’ve been trying to focus on painting clothes when I’m feeling creative. When I feel like I’m doing something that feels derivative I like to switch mediums or subject matter. I think about my work in series a lot. I pretty much paint and draw the same thing over and over until I can do it so well that I hate it. In 2019 people like to focus on the process that went into the creation of the work. They’ll tell you how many layers of this they did, and how many thin [layers] they hand cut and put together but to me good art needs no preface. Good art should show you what went into it and you should understand without a 6 minute spiel or a plaque.

What do you think the role of purposefully derivative art and music is in society today? Or designers like Virgil Abloh who are selling nothing but a brand?

There is a vacancy in at today as far as fine art in popular culture. Memes are the most popular art today. Painters are basically practicing a trade that should be extinct. Everyone has a phone, everyone is a photographer and everything that ever could have been painted has.  Instagram has replaced the need for visual creative works in the lives of the people. People are derivative because there is nothing original to be made. The envelope cannot be pushed and it’s out of reach. Bands like Greta van Fleet are able to win Grammys for making what is essentially a cover band because originality in Rock music usually sounds terrible. People want what they know. Virgil had the Pyrex shirts going crazy  and then when that fell off little bought his new clothes that we a renamed version of the same brand because people value status over the actual fashion of the item… Wow I’m jaded….

What makes the music and art you make different from everything else in Athens?

I’m in a band… But I can’t sing… And I rap… And it sounds nothing like limp biscuit. We make music that I want to listen to. It’s not really my rap that makes it new or interesting it’s that I’m rapping over a live band. I can’t really be better than Gucci Mane or Ski Mask [the Slump God] but they damn sure can’t play an instrument.

How has your music evolved since freestyling over youtube beats in a freshmen dorm?

I don’t freestyle at all anymore. If I make a song, I want the lyrics to be worth and captivating. I want you to listen to the song for the fourth time and laugh about a lyric you never noticed before. I also will never touch a YouTube beat again. There are a ton of people who are better rappers than me that have already killed that beat, and I love hearing my lyrics over live instrumentation.

Where did Aldente get its name?

I honestly have no idea. It’s just something my friend said as a joke and I started using the term incorrectly to describe all type of stuff. As a band name it just worked so well because we’re a band with a rapper so we like to imagine we aren’t quite as soft as your run of the mill Athens band haha.

What’s on the horizon for Aldente?

We’re playing a house soon on the 21st and we’re going to play a frat in April. Also everyone that reads this will email us to see if we will pay their house show/fraternity/wedding/funeral. We’re awesome and I can’t imagine we don’t kill it this year.

Check out Hunter’s band Aldente here!

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Music Industry Reacts to R. Kelly

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It’s been just over a month since the ground-breaking documentary, Surviving R. Kelley, was aired on Lifetime, detailing sexual abuse allegations against R. Kelly. This story took off like a wild fire and for several weeks became a major talking point on social media. Artists such as Chance the Rapper, Lady Gaga, and Céline Dion, who were once affiliated with R. Kelly, swarmed to Instagram and Twitter to make statements apologizing for supporting the artist in past years. This made the on-going social conversation grow even more, followed by many artists removing their collaborations with R. Kelly from all music streaming and purchasing platforms.

With all of this being at the forefront of the media, it was a shocking to all to see that Kelly’s music streams had increased by over 116% within a week of the docuseries airing. R. Kelley’s music generated nearly 4.3 million new streams within those seven days alone, which is equivalent to over $30,000 in royalties. This left many people bewildered, questioning the spike in streams and wanting to understand why consumers were still showing him support. American actress Jada Pinkett voiced her own confusion through an Instagram story she posted on her page – attached below.

Jada Pinkett Reacts to R Kelly’s Spike in Music Streams

It the era of social media, companies are become more and more wary in regard to what people are talking about. It’s never been so easy for one to share their opinions online to what seems to be an unlimited audience. In relation to R. Kelly, many companies were forced to scramble together a plan to address the situation before consumers would begin to make up their own fictional narratives. Sony’s RCA, Kelly’s record label, was the first to respond by quickly drawing up plans to drop the artist from their roster, stating that they will no longer be supporting R. Kelly in any aspect. Spotify then responded by implementing a new feature, called Mute, which allows one to essentially block an artist on the streaming service. This prevents an artists’ music from reaching an individual on their platform, whether that be appearing on curated playlists, radio play, or recommended songs. Spotify’s decision to implement this feature was influenced by their previous attempt to remove hateful artists (R. Kelly included) back in 2018 under their hateful conduct policy, which was met with major backlash from high profile artists such as Kendrick Lamar. With this new feature, however, artists are able to keep their music on the platform, while consumers now have the power to theoretically remove the artist themselves from their end. Within weeks of this feature’s release, Apple Music, Pandora, and Tidal implemented similar features that were aimed at addressing the R. Kelly accusations.

With the conversation surrounding R. Kelly started to dwindle down, it goes to show the power that social media plays in the lives of consumers. Everyone is able to be a part of the conversation and bring issues they deem important to light. In this instance, it was an issue that truly needed to be addressed and discussed to make a lasting impact. These cases happen more often than people would like to believe, but bringing them to the forefront of a social media discussion is a step towards being more transparent about the issue.

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This is Kacey Musgraves’s “Golden Hour”

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On Sunday, February 10th, the 61st annual Grammy Awards aired on CBS.  It’s my favorite night of the year.

I have been following Kacey Musgraves since she released her album Pageant Material in 2015. She has mastered the art of songwriting and combining her personal experiences with different styles and sounds to create a genuine and relatable product that is growing to be loved by the masses. I can’t say that I’m a huge country music fan, but I have been an avid follower of Musgraves since I discovered her four years ago.

Musgraves was nominated for (and won) Album of the Year and Best Country Album for Golden Hour, her most recent collection she released last year. She also won Best Country Song for “Space Cowboy” and Best Country Solo Performance for “Butterflies,” two brilliantly-written songs from the album. This is the first time a country artist has won album of the year since 2010 when Taylor Swift won for “Fearless.”

Her reaction to winning Album of the Year at the Grammys was so authentically hilarious that she asked her Twitter followers to “meme” her. This was my favorite:

Tweet from Julian on Twitter

Musgraves has often been titled the “next Dolly Parton,” who she claims had served as an inspiration for almost every aspect of her life and career. In an interview with Billboard earlier this year, Musgraves said “How has she [Dolly] not influenced my life and career?” when asked about her adoration and appreciation for Dolly Parton. Some fans have gone so far as to create a legend that Musgraves is actually Dolly’s daughter.

As I prepare for my big trip in September to go see Kacey Musgraves in Charleston for the first time on her “Oh, What a World Tour,” I can’t help but be excited to see where the future of women in country music goes as Kacey Musgraves paves the way for today’s female artists, not unlike Dolly Parton did many years ago.

The two queens of country had incredible performances at the Grammys.  In addition to Musgraves, other winners included H.E.R., Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Cardi B.  I find it refreshing to see such a female-powered awards show and see so many incredible and talented women be recognized for their achievements.

Let’s go, ladies.

Check out Kacey’s performance of “Rainbow” from the Grammys here.

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The Athens Music Scene

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As college students, it’s easy to get wrapped up in campus and school-related activities. We have more assignments than we can possibly fit into a 24 hour day, and when we aren’t studying we are likely watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, or working. The Athens that we spend the majority of our time in is the MLC, the Tate Student Center, and Sanford Stadium. We have our favorite restaurants: Taqueria del Sol for some good Mexican food, Last Resort Grill if we want some fire cheesecake, and Little Italy or the Grill when it’s after midnight. When we hear “Athens” these are the images that typically come to mind- symbols of our home away from home. Athens is known for many things, but if you subtract the University of Georgia from the equation, what are you left with? I’ll give you three clues: R.E.M., the B-52’s, and Widespread Panic.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, Athens is known for it’s one of a kind music scene. With multiple bands reaching international acclaim, Athens has become a top destination for musicians seeking inspiration and fame. The Athens Music History Walking Tour, sponsored by the Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau, goes to infamous music venues like The Georgia Theatre, and has become a tourist attraction. Hidden amongst downtown shops, bars, and restaurants, the venue attracts major music talent.

The Georgia Theatre initially opened as a music venue in 1978. Soon after it’s opening, the theatre was operated as a movie theatre until it was reestablished as a music venue in 1989. Pylon was the first band to perform at the Georgia Theatre, and in the coming years the venue hosted many famous bands like Widespread Panic, Beck, Dave Matthews Band, and R.E.M., just to name a few. After a fire destroyed the roof and part of the building in 2009, the people of Athens and artists who felt connected to the theatre came together to restore the building. The renovation process was a success, and the theatre was brought back to its former glory.

Since the restoration, the theatre has maintained a packed schedule. Not a week goes by where the stage isn’t occupied and the stands aren’t full of eager listeners. Thousands of bands have come through the venue, each leaving their own mark on the music scene and bringing positive vibes to those who attend their concerts.

This Friday, February 15th, 2019, Walk the Moon is coming to The Georgia Theatre. The American rock band is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio and derives their name from The Police song “Walking on the Moon”. Their debut album, released in 2010, was wildly successful and their song “Anna Sun” was regularly played on Alternative radio stations. In January 2019 they released a new single, “Timebomb”, which immediately topped the Alternative genre music charts. When tickets went on sale for their Georgia Theatre performance, they sold out almost immediately. Don’t worry, if you weren’t lucky enough to purchase a ticket before they sold out, you can still find some on resale sites like Stubhub for a little over face value.

Although it is definitely challenging to balance a social life with studying, every UGA student should take advantage of the opportunity that they have to experience the Athens music scene. It’s easy to get sucked into the “campus life”, but our college town has so much more to offer us. There is a culture of Athens that some Bulldogs may never experience, which is a shame. Popular artists like Walk the Moon aren’t the only performers who step onto the Athens stages, there are smaller, local bands who add to the foundation of the unique music culture. Whether you go to The Georgia Theatre, AthFest, or The Foundry, make sure that you see at LEAST one Athens show before you graduate.

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Student Spotlight: Local Rapper Kkwtheak

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Album cover for newest mixtape from The Sus Boys.

Local Soundcloud rapper Kkwtheak is helping to modernize the local music scene that seems to have fallen into complacency. He leads the rap group, Sus Boys, who recently released a new mixtape alilsumsum and play at house shows around town. I recently sat down with him to discuss what inspired his unique take on the Soundcloud rap genre (think “Licence to Ill” with trap beats) and his plans for the future.

How did the Sus Boys get started and who were your biggest inspirations?

In high school I would always joke about dropping a mixtape. Senior year I met my buddy Kai who made beats and we started talking about making music. From there we just started recording stupid songs with the rest of our friends and realized it was actually really fun. I was intrigued by the idea of a rap collective from other groups like Odd Future, Pro Era and Sad Boys (hence the name). Most of us are pretty avid SoundCloud users, so we get a lot of inspiration from some OG SoundCloud rappers like Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi and Playboi Carti, as well as the underground Atlanta rap scene with people like Danger Incorporated and thewaterboy. I’d like to think we have our own sound though.

How did the recording process and sound change once you started using YouTube beats instead of Kai’s beats?

Once we split ways after high school, it got more difficult to make songs together. With Kai back in Germany, we turned to the magical world of YouTube to find our beats. There definitely was a change in our sound as we all continued to improve and try out new things. That being said, I’ve continued to work with Kai on music since then, and am hoping we can put out a project together sometime in the future.

What do you look for when choosing beats and who are some of your favorite producers on YouTube? How do you know if you want to make a song for sus boys or keep it solo?

Finding a good beat on YouTube is hard work. It can be tedious looking through all the different “type beats,” but it is worth it when you find a diamond in the rough. I definitely like to go back to certain producers who have a particular sound like 8ROKEBOY and Polo Boy Shawty. As far as whether a song is kkwtheak or Sus Boys, it really just depends on the song. There’s certain songs where i think “yes i need to get so-and-so on this!” and other times where I like the way it sounds with just my part.

How do your live shows compare to the records? What should we expect at Gyro Fest?

So far we’ve only performed a of couple times at some house shows that our friend has thrown; shoutout to Dhruva [bassist for local band Aldente.] We like to have a certain energy when we perform. We don’t like to take our music too seriously so we really just like to go up there and get lit. Gyro Fest 2 is this Friday [February, 8] and we might actually premiere a new song.

What’s next after “alilsumsum”?

I’m constantly working on new stuff and we already have a bunch of tracks in the vault. I’ve been wanting to make a tape called Kk and friends where I get as many of my fellow amateur artists to feature on it as I can. No deadline on that though.

What songs should people looking to get into your music start with?

I would recommend that people new to our music start with our older stuff (SUS BOYZ, Gyro Fest 2018 Singles) and work your way to the new stuff (What’s Going On, The Usual Suspects, alilsumsum.) That way you really get a better understanding of the journey our music has taken, as we have matured as artists.

Written by Reid Koski

Links included in article may contain music with explicit content.

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The Phenomenon of Athens’ Music Scene

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Clarke County currently has a total population of just under 130,000 residents. Of that group, we know that UGA’s undergraduate and graduate students represent approximately 30% and, otherwise, Clarke County is often cited as one of the most impoverished areas in Georgia. It seems rather surprising, then, not only that Athens music scene has flourished, but equally that it has flourished into such an eclectic group of artists and supporters.

Those familiar with Athens music scene know just how varied the potpourri of talent is. Simply looking at an event calendar for this week alone, there are concerts advertised as rock, indie-folk, postmodern, and EDM, along with virtually any other esoteric genre terms you can come up with. This is one of the primary draws of Athens culture and something that is deeply appreciated by locals and students alike. However, Athens’ true unsung heroes are the supporters of this milieu. The only way to viably sustain an environment packed to the brim with artists ranging from chamber jazz to Swedish chillstep is to have a core group of music fans that satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Open-minded and appreciative of a wide-array of music
  2. Willing to allocate chunks of an, oftentimes, extremely limited budget toward concerts, buying records, etc.

The latter condition, especially, makes the situation in Athens truly unique. As previously mentioned, many residents of Clarke County occupy the lower end of the income bracket. As for students, I’m sure many of my fellow Dawgs can attest to the fact that their daily budgets don’t differ too drastically from those locals who are in said lower-income demographic. This fact is a lovely illustration of this town’s priorities. It is clear that the support and cultivation of culture, specifically via music, is of the utmost importance to Athenians.

In short, Athens has achieved a sort of equilibrium between supporters and artists that allows incredible acts from all over the globe to come to this tiny county and perform niche music to venues filled with adoring fans—a feat that not many cities can claim. Granted, there are many cities who can offer an audience for niche music, but not many can do so in intimate venues with a core group of listeners that is willing to support anybody with talent and a gig, regardless of the genre. This community has successfully overcome the expectations and limitations implied by economics and created a self-sufficient musical utopia—the perfect location for someone like me to start narcissistically blogging about culture. Stay tuned.  

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HeAthens Homecoming: Spotlight on the Drive By Truckers

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By: Lindsey Williams

An image depicting the current band members. From left to right: Brad Morgan, Jay Gonzalez, Patterson Hood, Matt Patton, Mike Cooley

Their Story

Many bands got their start in the Classic City, one of these being a tenacious southern rock band known as the Drive-By Truckers. Their start in Athens dates back to 1996 when Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley got together and began their journey to stardom. The DBTs have cycled through many members over the years but consist of a few long standing members – Hood, Cooley, Adam Howell, Matt Lane, John Neff, and Barry Sell.

The Drive-By Truckers are most known for writing raw, authentic, songs that have meaning and tell a story. They do not worry if people think their songs are too truthful because they know their fans stand by them and believe in their artistry. I got the opportunity to see the Drive-By Truckers this week on The Outlaw Country Cruise 4 hosted by Sixthman®. I witnessed first-hand how powerful it can be when a band tells their truth and holds true to their beliefs.

A video of the song “Lookout Mountain” performed by Drive-By Truckers, recorded by my father, David Williams.

The Event

The Drive-By Truckers come back to Athens every year for a weekend they refer to as “Heathen Homecoming” where they play and express homage to the city in which they got their start. This year is the 19th annual HeAthens’ Homecoming which has grown to become a 4 four night event.

Night One (February 13th): Adam’s House Cat (an early band of Hood and Cooley) with special guest Jay Gonzalez at 40 Watt Club

Night Two (February 14th):  a Valentine’s Celebration with Don Chambers opening

Night Three (February 15th): DBT is joined by Eyelids, their good friends from Portland Oregon, who opened for them in Europe

Night Four (February 16th):  The Drive-By Truckers perform at 40 Watt Club with special guests Camp Amped Band and Linqua Franqa

The shows went on presale November 2nd 2018 and have since sold out with the exception of nights one and two. Fans will travel far and wide to support the DBT. I know some people personally who are making the trip from New York and Washington, DC to see them perform.

The Impact on Athens

The Drive-By Truckers have made an impact in the Classic City in several ways. First, DBT supports and raises money for Nuçi’s Space, a resource center based in Athens, Georgia with a mission to end the epidemic of depression and suicide of musicians as well as other services to assist in musicians’ emotional, physical and overall well-being.. The band does a benefit each year during HeAthens Homecoming for Nuçi’s at the 40 Watt in order to raise money and awareness.

Bringing numbers of fans in to the area to watch the DBT perform and selling out the shows undoubtedly impacts the economy. Hotels will have filled rooms, restaurants will be busy throughout the week, as well as expand the amount of people shopping and enjoying the Athens night life.

Truckers Tid-Bits

The Truckers and their Athens “HeAthens Homecoming” has grown so much that many local coffee shops and breweries have introduced Drive-By Truckers themed products which not only market the event but the Truckers as well.

Jittery Joe’s Coffee Roasting Company along with the Drive-By Truckers released a special blend of coffee called Cups of Dawn. This particular blend is a custom blend producing a smooth cup of coffee with a subtle sweet chocolate flavor mixed with a nut finish. The idea behind the product was to simulate just as “When you think of Drive-By Truckers you think ‘Now that is Rock n Roll’ and when you taste Cup of Dawn you think ‘Now that is a cup of coffee!’” says Charlie Mustard, Jittery Joe’s Roaster.

Additionally, the Hanging Hills Brewing Company released a HeAthens Homecoming Pilsner in late January in support of the event. The beer is a collaboration beer worked on with the brewery and the Drive-By Truckers. The microbrewery, based in Connecticut is a long-time fan of the Truckers and HeAthens homecoming and wanted to show their support.

So What?

It is important to know your city and what is has to offer, but also look into the history of it and what makes it so special and unique. One of the treasures of Athens is the music, musicians, and musical acts that sprouted here in the Classic City. They enrich the city with culture, tradition, and something to hold onto and come back for.

I encourage you all to look into what makes Athens special for you. 

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Electronic Music in Athens

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Quietly underneath the surface, a strong subculture has been developing in Athens around electronic music. Starting off with house shows and late-night after-parties such as the Spun After events, people have finally been able to connect with others who share in their passion for bass music. These same people have been able to rally around local artists to support them in playing at venues and bars in Athens like Nowhere Bar. Steal Your Bass Night at Caledonia Lounge has been regularly bringing in amazing local talent and has been growing exponentially. Also, Falling Up Productions, which was started by a UGA music business student, has succeeded in booking several nationally touring acts to play at Live Wire with local support. Giving this movement even more momentum, larger acts like Whethan and Borgore have started to plan stops at the Georgia Theatre on their tours which continue to bring in large audiences. 

Liquid Stranger has an upcoming show at the Theatre on February 2nd with other hard-hitting, space bass openers like G-Rex and LSDREAM. Also, Getter will be brining his Visceral tour to Athens on March 27th to showcase his new melodic experience that you won’t want to miss.

“kill will” performing at Nowhere Bar on 11/02/18

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The More You Know – Instagram & Spotify

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As many people have discovered, there are a few different ways in which you can now connect your Instagram to Spotify. This is possible through the use of Instagram’s story feature, which provides users with a variety of ways to create and share music socially. Below are three ways anyone can add music to the mix with their social posts.

1) The “Music” Story

When you swipe over into the story section of the app, multiple options appear across the bottom of the screen. These options determine the form in which the media will be created for the story. Options such as, “Normal,” “Boomerang,” or “Live” allow users to create a variety of different content types to share at limited times. The “Music” option connects with Spotify to allow individuals to search for a song, look through popular songs linked to stories, or scroll through songs grouped by mood or genre. Once a song choice has been made, users can then listen and select the 15 seconds that they want to play during their new video post. Finally, the video can be recorded with the chosen music overlayed. The song information is displayed on the screen in a rectangular box but can be re-sized and placed wherever the user wants it to appear on the screen with their video.

The “Music” Option on Instagram Stories

2) The “Music” Sticker

If users wanted a song to play over a new photo, pre-captured photo, or pre-recorded video, the “Music” sticker can be utilized. This sticker is another feature that allows Spotify to be connected to your story to add a musical element to your posts. To use the sticker, choose the media you wish to post (photo, video, text, etc.) and then open the stickers panel found in the top right corner. In the stickers panel, the “Music” sticker can be selected which will open the music search and selection screen. This screen is the same as the one used in the “Music” story option section and offers a wide variety of music that can be overlayed on top of your selected media. Simply choose a song, re-size or re-locate the sticker to fit where you want it, and then post!

The “Music” Sticker on Instagram Stories

3) Linking a Song/Podcast/Playlist

The last way in which music can be shared via Spotify on your Instagram story is actually through the Spotify app. A common thing users are doing socially now is sharing and recommending music to their friends and followers. To make this easier and more functional, Spotify and Instagram have worked together to create linking capabilities within the Spotify app. These capabilities allow you to choose the song, podcast, or playlist you are wanting to link, and then “share” it directly through an Instagram story. All you have to do is select the three little dots on the right side of the desired media within the Spotify app. This will open up the options screen, which includes a sharing option. Looking at the sharing options, an “Instagram Story” option appears. Once this is selected, the Instagram app will be opened, you will be brought directly to the story feature, and a square displaying the song or playlist information can be re-sized and re-arranged on the screen and posted to your story. The main difference between linking through the Spotify app versus through the Instagram story feature is that the audio will not actually play on the post if it is linked via the Spotify app. Instead, the information will appear, and friends and followers will have the option to click the “Play on Spotify” button on your story. This will open the Spotify app directly to the song, podcast, or playlist that was linked.

Sharing From Spotify to Instagram Stories

In the end, how you choose to link Spotify to your Instagram story is up to you. All three of these options have various impacts on the content and consumption of your story. For businesses, music linking capabilities provide the opportunity to increase the quality and interactivity of your story to consumers. With this feature gaining more and more popularity, individuals will be looking to their favorite brands to adopt these trends and use them creatively to strengthen their brand’s social image on Instagram. Try experimenting with these features and see which options work best to support your personal or professional brand with music!

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Happy Networking!

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