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Old Spice: A Needed Change of Direction

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Old spice has always been marketed to one specific audience, men. Their latest commercial revolves around a woman thinking she has bought body wash for herself, due to the newer fragrances such as lavender. She then becomes appalled after she has learned about what she has done, this leads up to the tagline of “Men have skin too.”

The brand has a target audience and they reach them well, however they have always appeared to be the same commercial idea twirled around into a new form, over and over again. Whether it was man riding a horse, or Terry Crews in the bathroom, it all comes back to being the embodiment of man hood.

This latest ad delves into a direction they are not used too, providing a more well rounded idea of manhood. While it is important for many men to retain their masculinity, the world is becoming more accepting of differences in opinions, including what a “manly” man should smell like.

The lavender scent, in the past, would never be one that Old Spice would even attempt to tackle due to the feministic idea of it. They now realize that they could’ve been reaching a larger target audience if they were to supply a variety of scents all with the notion of providing a skin friendly product. While there are still the basic range of scents such as “swagger” or “pure sport”, the latest ad campaign aims to show men that the smell is purely preference. The real importance of body wash is providing a skin cleansing and rehydrating formula, all in the name of keeping mens skin healthy.

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