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How to pick the right influencer 101

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Investing in influencer marketing is a key factor with consumers being more skeptical of traditional advertising and marketing techniques. Also the fact that with technology the consumers have more and more control over what they see or hear.

From an article in a digital marketing from the AMA.

An influencer is defined in the dictionary as: Individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship”; in other words they are social media “celebrities”, with power over others.

Influencers are a powerful marketing tool because they are authentic and trusted creators of content. It is a totally different approach than a direct advertisement, which is usually not welcomed by the audience in the first place. Through influencers the brand can get closer to the audience and actually be helpful to the viewers. Although followers don’t know the influencers it is shown that ordinary people trust their opinions quite a lot; some research say that is even as powerful as families´ and friends´ opinions.  This digital “celebrities” are ideal to target specific audiences that might not be reached any other way through social media.

There are 4 rules to identify an influencer:

  1. Popularity ≠ Influence
    1. Look at the number of followers they have on social media but it is also important to see how they are connected to your target market.
  2. To be influential a person has to be actively writing on topics that matter to your audience.
  3. To be influential a person must have authority.
    1. This means that a person is quoted by others in the industry.
  4. Influencers drive action.
    1. This means that when they recommend something it should directly boost sales.

Investment in influencer marketing is a growing trend, but it is still very complex; especially the process of finding the right influencer. There are millions of people, a variety of platforms, a selection of products, endless posts, so we find ourselves immersed in this whole new universe. The brand needs to choose the accurate influencer or else these marketing efforts will be worthless.

From an article in digital marketing from the AMA

A company can manage their influencers either in house or outsourcing it. When choosing in house a good option is a software package that is able to help the firm identify influencers and measure results. In house is usually used when the firm has only a low-to-moderate budget, since this saves money, however it is more time consuming and less expertise from part of the business. The other option is to work with a third party that is responsible for all the arrangements; they would have more expertise and frees the firm´s marketers to focus on other things, but it is more expensive.

Some tips when choosing influencers:

  1. Know your target audience and your influencer´s target audience.
    1. Know who the potential influencer for your brand targets too. The fact that is talking about products in your industry doesn’t necessarily mean they are reaching your segment. Therefore when defining the audience the firm needs to be as specific as possible. This tip would not only help the business to reach the right audience, but it gives the influencer authenticity.
  2. Find values that align with the company´s values
    1. In other words, the digital “celebrity” needs to match with your business. Influencers become a representative of the brand so they need to embody what the firm is; they need to be advocates of what the company stands for.
  3. Set a goal
    1. Understand that as with any other medium there needs to be a strategy behind the content you are pushing, it shouldn’t be there just to be there. This would not only help the focus, the execution and choosing the right influencer, but will also aid later in evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign.
  4. Create a long-term relationship with your influencers that drive sales to your company.
  5. Have a plan in case the influencer screws up.
    1. This should not happen but should be there in just in case.
  6. Analyze the influencer quantity and quality
    1. Understand how they build their networks, how they engage with their audience and what type of content they post
  7. Start with the few and invest with the best

Also take in to consideration:

  1. How regularly do they post
    1. It depends on the platform: in Facebook it is recommended it is about 1 post per day; in Instagram is good about 1-2 posts per day and on Twitter is around 15 tweets per day.
  2. Do their fans interact with their photos
    1. Understand the number of likes and the comments people make on their posts. Also evaluate if the influencer answers to them and engages with their audience.
  3. How would your business compensate the influencers

Local businesses are also able to use digital celebrities to boost their sales. Some of the tips above may apply to them, but they should try to look for micro-influencers which usually have 1,000 to 10,000 followers.

Some tips to find micro-influencers are:

  1. Use hashtags that are related to your product, business or industry
  2. Conduct research on social channels
    1. See who has a large number of followers and see if they tag brands in their photos.
    2. “Choosing an influencer who is already a fan of your product or service makes it easier to persuade them into promoting your brand” (Chris Ake, Forbes)
  3. Research on Google
    1. Be very specific and take a special look at bloggers.
  4. Find influencers that engage with their audience, this is especially important for local.


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One of my new fav Instagram accounts is @embracingblackculture. I forget how I stumbled upon the page, but I really appreciate their content. They have 130K + followers and over 2000 posts, so this obviously isn’t something new… I’m just a little late to the game.

Basically, they post things related to black culture including news, comedy and inspirational messages. Their tag line is “to Educate, Empower and Entertain…” Most recently, many of their posts have been related to the Black Panther movie. I have yet to see the movie (shame on me), but their posts are making me want to see it even more. I’m just not the most avid movie-goer.

But honestly, I love this page. It has some great content, and it’s less drama-filled than @theshaderoom. Don’t get me wrong, I do love @theshaderoom, but I do appreciate the positivity and lighter humor from @embracingblackculture. They just have different intentions, and I understand that.

I always love finding new blogs/accounts to follow. Whether it be on Instagram, Tumblr, or Medium, I get inspired by what I read and see. And I think that’s the power of social media. I love the Internet and the platform it provides for people to express themselves quickly and effectively. We all know it can be used negatively, but the positives outweigh the negatives for me.

Also, if you aren’t familiar with Medium, please do check it out. It’s an app and website where people post articles related to a plethora of topics. I set my interests as business, marketing, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, productivity, etc. Each post has an estimated read time like 5 or 10 min, and I try to read a few things in the mornings before class or just throughout the day.

Not just a social media influencer, but a business

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I have always wondered how hard it is to be a social media star. Having to be in your phone 24/7 and instead of promoting a brand or product, promoting yourself. One of the most popular social media influencers is Alexis Ren, she is an American model and internet celebrity. Her full name is Alexis René Glabach, she was born in Santa Monica, California in November 1996.

Alexis started her modeling career at 13 when she was hired by clothing company Brandy Melville. A year later she signed a contract with Nous Model Management. Nevertheless her internet fame didn’t start until she was 16 with a photoshoot with Lucas Passmore, in which the pictures were posted on Tumblr, one the most important microblogging sites. After that shoot she appeared in a variety of magazines and campaigns. A few years later she was hired by Calvin Klein for #mycalvins campaign.

The model gained a lot of fame in 2014 with Jay Alvarez, who at that time was her boyfriend. They promoted themselves together by posting pictures and videos of them on Instagram and Youtube. After she broke up with Jay in 2016, Alexis kept rising.

Most liked picture on Instagram +1.1 million likes

Ren battled an eating disorder, where she over-exercised as punishment. She has used her confessions as a form of authenticity and openness to promote herself. Is like a brand being transparent to their customers. She also does community and service activities and posts about it on social media, it is like a company trying to be socially responsible.

After Candice Swanepoel, Alexis is the 2nd most influential lingerie model on Instagram, due to all her followers and engagement. She earns a lot of money for every sexy snap posted, around $50 grand per post. She usually has over 700,000 likes on her posts taking into consideration she is only 21 years old. Being a model is a lucrative career, but being a model in 2018 means they need to promote themselves through social media if they want to be even more profitable, with a special emphasis on Instagram.

Alexis makes a variety of social media advertising, usually promoting clothing brands. Her last series of advertisement was for the mobile game: Final Fantasy XV: A new empire. She has also featured for several TV spots. Furthermore her modeling career has grown to be in a lot of magazines, including Sports Illustrated and Maxim.

The social media influencer has leveraged her name, her body and her portrayed exercising image, to launch an activewear line called Ren Active. The official page for her clothing line is renactive.co.

Within all the social media channels, Alexis uses Instagram and Twitter the most, as a way of marketing herself. In Instagram she has 11.8 million followers and more than 450 posts. She usually posts pictures of herself (clearly), showing her body and face. There is a pretty good amount of posts of her in bikini or lingerie. Alexis´ Instagram also has some advertising posts. She is very active on Instagram, making about 5 posts per month. On the other hand, on Twitter the model has 1.5 million followers and more than 6000 tweets. She is even more active in this site making it almost like her personal blog, her posts are frequently about what she is thinking. She has about 1200 photos and videos uploaded in this platform. Ren also has a Facebook page with 475,000 likes and followers. Her Facebook is not that active, posts once or twice a month, about pictures that are already on Instagram and uses it to promote her activewear. Finally on Youtube she has about 288,000 subscribers but only has 5 videos.

She has built a legion of 11.8 million loyal followers. Alexis is a breakout star, just as many social media influencers. Today, Alexis Ren is not just an influencer name, it is a brand, and it is a business.

Social Media Marketing Within Business: Why is it Failing?!

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Currently, I run a small sales business (I like to call it that because it is, but it’s really just mostly a fun way to earn a little extra cash) composed of makeup and skincare products. The company I “work for” is called SeneGence. One of their most popular items, LipSense, is what sold me on the company and attracted me to become a distributor. LipSense is essentially a lip color that last up to 18 hours and requires little to no extra attention or reapplication during that time period! Freakin’ awesome, right? Especially for someone like myself who loves trying out new makeup products and values time and minimal effort after I apply the product the first time. The company presents up to a 50% discount for distributors (Hello, that in itself was enough to make me sign up!), the opportunity to make individual sales, along with the opportunity to recruit team members, or “downlines,” and make commission based on their orders and sales. It requires no minimum monthly sales but leaves a lot of room to allow the individual distributor to decide how active she wants to be. It was a no brainer, I definitely wanted in.

Shortly after beginning my business, I was doing plenty of sales with my friends and family. Quickly, however, things slowed down. I didn’t know how to promote my business outside of what I was doing. My social media pages were in tip-top shape! Did some research, and that’s when it hit me. Social media is an extremely effective, convenient, easy way to promote your business. It’s when you use social media as your only sales channel that things go south. Don’t get me wrong, utilizing Facebook and Instagram to make sales is a great way to do so. Some business solely make sales via this route. However, I have come to find that most consumers are more convinced and more likely to try your product when you see them face-to-face. When they can physically see your emotions, your excitement, your passion for what you’re talking about. A Facebook post is great, but it doesn’t provide that human factor that often is needed to seal the deal on sales, especially when retaining new customers. Imagine meeting someone for the first time, or hardly knowing them, and deciding that you want to retain them as a customer for your business. Would you pick up the phone, call them, and immediately start pitching your business to them? No! You have no relationship with this person yet. That would be weird, that would be awkward, that would be ineffective. Social media is meant to be used for communication of your product via online community, especially for those who have already purchased from you and are familiar with your business. Human presence is meant to be used as a marketplace, especially for creating a consumer base and building genuine, lasting relationships that will never fail to keep your customers coming back to purchase from you, time and time again.


So, right now, I know what you’re thinking. But, social media is so convenient! I don’t have time to pursue all of customers in person. A lot of my client base lives out of town! Social media as my main sales channel works best for me! Ok, and I totally believe you. If what you’re doing now for your business via social media is working, by all means, continue! However, if you, like most, are finding that sales are decreasing and your social media just isn’t active like it used to be or ever was, I challenge you to take my advice. Write letters, call people, host in-home parties, go by your customers’ houses if that is convenient for them, host a dinner party or go out to dinner and bring your products! If you absolutely cannot find time or it is absolutely impossible to have physical human interaction, GO LIVE on your Facebook pages or Instagram pages. Find some way to make your social media sales and your virtual business more personal and more tangible. I promise you, your business and your bank account will thank you later! 😊

Retail’s Social Media Strategy and I

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Social media has made a large impact on the world and continues to grow.  It started as a fun way to chat, post, and like different interests while also keeping up with old friends; now it has grown into an industry that many businesses are using to their advantage.  Whether it is to inform loyal customers or to grab the attention of potential new ones, social media has created a whole new platform for businesses to project their voice and vision for a fraction of the cost.


One industry that is leading the way in their use of social media is retail.  I witnessed this first hand at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Student Program this past weekend at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.  While at this conference, I saw an abundance of different retailers and the federation itself using social media to engage with the multiple student, professional, and educator attendees.  Being a fellow attendee, social media addict, and marketing nut, I fell victim to the social media strategy that was laid out within arm’s length.  Here is how retail and I assisted each other through Instagram:

Daily Post


For the entire weekend that I was in the city, I posted a series of pictures recapping my day. The posts were a fun way for me to keep a log of my time and update followers on what was happening daily.  How did this help different retailers?  The pictures in the posts allowed me to showcase the different things that they have to offer.  Whether it was the fun photo booth located at Uniqlo clothing store on 5th Ave. or the delicious food at Stella 34 Trattoria, I was able to broadcast various products and services to an audience who may not originally be within their target market but could likely join.






Hashtags are a great way to drive traffic to a particular interest, product, trend, brand, and so much more.  Different companies and the NRF themselves encouraged students to add their hashtags (#reatilsfuture or #kohlsinnyc) to their posts.  This allowed the companies and other students at the conference to see what other attendees thought about speakers, events, and their time in the city.  With the hashtags, these retailers were able to engage with attendees, create a conversation, and promote their brand all in one.




For me, captions are the best part about Instagram.  Behind every picture is a story and captions allow users to provide the background information needed for followers to understand the significance behind certain pictures.  My captions allowed me to not only tell a story but, also gave me the opportunity to provide positive word-of-mouth to these businesses.  For example, my time at Da Marino Restaurant was one to remember.  Not only was the food amazing but the experience was as well.  If not for the caption, no one would know that based on the picture of my plate.



How Retail Helped Me

As someone who would love to work with social media in the future but seldom post on her own personal accounts, I am a bit of a walking contradiction.  However, the NRF, Kohl’s, and more retailers have helped me change that over the weekend.  I took advantage of the opportunity and gained practice in keeping up with my own personal social media campaign/series and had a ton of fun while doing it!  Social media is not only a fun platform to connect, but it is a valuable tool for businesses to engage and produce positive results.

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