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Oprah Wants Your Fellow Dawg to Play Her in a Biopic

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What do Netflix, Oprah Winfrey, and The University of Georgia have in common? I’m sure you can come up with a few commonalities, but the main one I would like to point out is actress, Keekee Simpson. I sat down with the girl who lives a double life as a 4th year, Entertainment Media Studies student and actress. She has had major roles in the CW’s “Black Lightning”, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” alongside Oprah Winfrey, “Ma” staring Octavia Spenser, and many more (you can check her IMDB if you need to). When Vanity Fair asked Oprah, “Who should play you in your biopic?”, she wasted no time in saying “KeeKee Simpson should play me.”

At that point, I would have deemed my life as complete, but KeeKee continues to take this industry by storm. When I spoke with her, these are a few questions I asked:

T: What are your favorite projects that you have worked?

K: “I have so many favorite projects, I cannot even narrow it down to one, but there is a project that I just finished that is called ‘Chambers’. It is a Netflix show that is coming out later this year. It is a super cool Sci-Fi, thriller, teen show, that I cannot wait for everyone to see. I am really excited about that one.”

T: What made you choose to continue your education when you knew that you had a promising acting career?

“I knew for sure that I wanted to become a producer and director, as well. Though I am already in the industry, I wanted to learn the mechanics of it all and… I wanted to have a degree and be certified so I could practice (to become) a producer and director. I really thought it would be great for me to graduate from college in that area. Also, my mom was very serious about me experiencing the college life because it is a great experience in so many people’s lives. She encouraged me to enjoy college even if I had to go work and to just try to make both of them balance. That is what I have been doing the last four years, and it has turned out pretty well.”

T: How do you balance this lifestyle?

K: “It gets pretty tough. I try my hardest to stay on top of my work whenever I get it… and I only take Tuesday Thursday classes. I have only taken Tuesday Thursday classes my entire college career. It really depends on how the class it put together. If I have to go out to LA over the weekend, I am able to leave right after class and go. I have some professors that are very supportive of me, and a lot of professors that are just the opposite… The professors that have helped me, made this all possible and I thank them a lot for that.”

T: Who is your inspiration in the industry?

K: “I love all my ‘blacktresses’ of course. Mrs. Winfrey is a great mentor of mine and I am just so blessed to have her in my life. It’s OPRAHHH!! She helps me keep my head on straight because she balanced college and working when she was my age too. I also have other mentors like Ms. LaTanya Richardson Jackson who honestly has kept me on track ever since I filmed a TV show with her when I was in high school called ‘HBO’s Show me a Hero’. She played my mom. She has seen me grow from graduating high school to going on to college. Having her in my corner has been very beneficial. Having her as a friend and a mentor has kept me stable in my career and my college career.”

T: Any advice for other people in college trying to balance another career or any other actors out there?

K: “I really want you to understand that you are in college in order to work your dream job. That is what college is for. It took me while to understand that. I really urge you to prioritize and understand that both are equally important, but make sure you are following your passions and knowing what is going to progress you in your life.”

With Oprah as a mentor and a legend in the making, I am sure you can see why KeeKee deserved to have a spotlight shown on her. Speaking with KeeKee was an honor and all her fellow Dawgs are rooting her on. She is definitely an inspiration for us to keep going at our own pace and to strive for our dreams. You can catch her on the big screen, on your TVs and your laptops all this year as she continues to push boundaries for black women in entertainment.

Taylor Tucker

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Student Spotlight: Hannah Bostdorff

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As a fourth-year student of the University of Georgia, 21 year-old Hannah Bostdorff is nearing graduation as a Consumer Journalism major. When she was only a freshman in May of 2016, Hannah began to use Instagram as a tool for accountability for her own health. Initially, she began to post her breakfast and lunch during her summer job. Hannah then realized that her platform, Hannah Harvesting Health, would help her to eat in a way that would make her feel better overall and could be used as a creative outlet to share fun and unique recipes.

Hannah’s page was not always at the level that it is today. It took some time to gain the following and confidence that her account now has. By consistently posting appealing content and engaging with others’ pages, Hannah was able to gain 10 thousand followers by April 2018 and currently has an impressive 30.5 thousand followers.  While it’s fun and exciting to run her account, Hannah noted that it is definitely tricky at times to keep up with while also being a full-time student. She knows that it is essential to allocate her time and resources to both school and her passion, which is of course her account, @hannahharvestinghealth.

Growing up Hannah always had a passion for cooking and baking, but she started navigating toward healthy options in high school in order to fuel her workouts and soccer practices. Later on through Instagram, Hannah really began to learn about nutrition and all of the amazing food and products out there. The knowledge she has gained through Instagram and various nutrition classes here at UGA has really solidified Hannah’s love for a healthy lifestyle and sparked her continuous desire to keep learning about food and how it impacts our bodies.

As most people have found out the hard way, it’s not easy to build healthy habits and it’s even harder to stick to them. Hannah’s advice to build healthy habits and turn those habits into a lifestyle is to “Just start somewhere!” While many people want to dive into a healthy lifestyle, they don’t take the right action. Hannah recommends not getting caught up in trying to follow someone’s exact lifestyle choices and instead focusing on what comes easily and is enjoyable for you. “You have to find what works for YOU and progress in that daily. In the end, finding what works best for you is going to be extremely beneficial to your health and well-being.”

As a food blogger, Hannah has created and recreated countless recipes and meals, but her go-to is oatmeal because on top of being tasty, it is also loaded with nutrients including healthy fats and proteins and it helps to keep you full. Because of Hannah’s social media success, she receives a lot of snack products like bars that she eats daily, but she also enjoys making homemade snacks such as energy bites and smoothies, which can all be found on her page.

One thing that Hannah has learned from people with similar accounts is that it’s important to just be yourself! As Hannah emphasized, “We each have something unique to bring to the table and that’s exactly what we should bring.” She also pointed out that when you embrace who you are can provide a lot of encouragement to yourself and others.

Aside from all of the delicious knowledge about food and health that Hannah has gained throughout this process, she has also gotten a lot of feedback from her followers. Many people have reached out to her not only about their love of a recipe, but also to let her know that they relate to her words of encouragement. Knowing that she is able to inspire people and make a difference through her posts is what keeps Hannah going and what makes the account mean so much to her. If you scroll through Hannah’s page, @hannahharvestinghealth, you can easily take notice of her incorporation of her faith into her platform. Hannah attested, “2 Corinthians 1:4 says “He comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort others” and I firmly believe that! [God] puts people in our lives for a reason and I just continually pray that I can be that comfort to someone who isn’t exactly walking a smooth road.” As you can see, Hannah is not afraid to be true to herself and to share that version of herself with anyone who views or follows her page.

As Hannah’s college chapter comes to a close, she plans to utilize both her major and her platform to pursue a food marketing career. Through her account she has been able to network with an amazing variety of people and brands, of which she is very grateful for. She hopes to focus her time and effort into her work and apply everything that she has learned so far to her future. Hannah is an inspiring young woman and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her in years to come.

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Student Spotlight: Caroline Carder

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When thinking of who to write about, Caroline was an obvious choice. I have witnessed Caroline’s skill first hand working with her this past semester on American Marketing Association’s International Case Competition with the Wall Street Journal. Her ability to seamlessly juggle our client’s problems and present adapted strategy solutions inspired me. Caroline is a fourth-year Marketing student with a certificate in Entrepreneurship and is a familiar face around campus, even serving on the Homecoming Court in 2018.

Highly involved and dedicated are two words I would use in describing Caroline. She has a variety of skill sets and a range of leadership experience. Caroline served as President of Panhellenic Council representing over 5,000 women and 19 Greek Organizations. Prior to president she served as Director of Programing where she executed various events for Panhellenic and leadership and development conferences. She has been a member of Women in Business and Terry Mentor Program, as well an active servant of the community working with organizations such as Extra Special People, UGA Student Pantry, Boys & Girls Club, UGA Miracle, Prevent Child Abuse America and Girl Scouts.

On top of Caroline’s impressive extracurricular involvement, Caroline has held internships for the Technology Association of Georgia and as a Marketing intern for Sage Corps in Amsterdam. In these internships, she generated proposals for prospective clients, hosted technology-based events, created promotional packets, developed a business model for a startup, conducted target market research, built a brand image, and created consistent blog postings. Caroline was also a member of the 2018 Winning Team of the UGA Digital Marketing Competition where she leveraged a $100K budget to solve digital marketing challenges as well as created and pitched a year-long marketing plan for the company.

Looking at all that Caroline has been a part of it is important to note that she feels the Digital Case Competition has been the most impactful in building her career. Her coach has become a mentor and stated this was the closest experience she had to actually performing project management for an agency. She urges every student to find somewhere and get deeply involved while on campus. Caroline is open-minded about her career opportunities and is interested in both agency and sales roles but would ultimately like to end up in the fashion industry. I see big things when it comes to Caroline’s future, I know she will continue to inspire those around her.

Connect with Caroline on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caroline-carder/

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Student Spotlight: Rebecca Wright

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Rebecca Wright is a University of Georgia senior from Savannah, GA with a passion for trash and photography. She has worked hard these past 4 years to get where she’s at right now and I, for one, and extremely excited to see what she’s going to accomplish in the next few years. Rebecca is graduating this May with a degree in journalism, a minor in environmental law and two certificates, one in sustainability and the other in new media. She is currently the president of the UGA branch of the national press photography association and is also on the executive board of bag the bag, a club at UGA that advocates for sustainability in Athens.

On top of everything she is involved with at the school, Rebecca was also the photo editor for the Red & Black, a college newspaper that is completely independent from the university; it is actually the largest one of its kind in the state of Georgia!  As the name might imply, Rebecca is responsible for editing and publishing photos to accompany the articles written for the Red & Black. In addition to having been the editor in charge, Rebecca is also a photographer for the newspaper, she mainly takes photos of protests and events.

Rebecca loves the environment and has a love/hate relationship with trash. She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of trash, specifically what can and what cannot be recycled, and has a desire to educate the public on this issue. People don’t really think about their trash or what happens to it after they throw it away. Most people view it as disposable, which it is in a sense, but it is having a huge, irreversible impact on our environment. She is trying to use her voice to reach people and reduce the use of single use items, particularly single use plastics, she runs an Instagram @trashed_rmw that does just this. Rebecca feels that contaminated recycling is one of the biggest barriers to reducing the amount of trash in our landfills, contaminated recycling is when people throw items in to a recycling bin with food or liquid still in them or items that seem recyclable but in reality, are not. These items contaminate the recycling bin and cause everything to be taken to a landfill.

In becoming a more professional adult, Rebecca has had to make some minor adjustments to her social media to reflect her work more in order to appeal to potential future employers.  The idea of transparency is huge in journalism so there us a huge tie between one’s personal life and their career and what they have a passion for covering. She wants to be able to keep her Instagram true to herself while also maintaining a level of professionalism, and from what I have seen, she is doing a great job at keeping these two things balanced!

When asked about her post-graduation plans, Rebecca said she doesn’t have anything concrete yet but is looking to change that as soon as possible. In her future career she would love to have a journalist and editorial role, specifically in digital production, which is what she did at the Red & Black last semester. Her dream job is to work at the climate and environment desk at the New York Times.

To learn more about Rebecca and look at some of her work, visit her website here.

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Student Spotlight: Local Rapper Kkwtheak

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Album cover for newest mixtape from The Sus Boys.

Local Soundcloud rapper Kkwtheak is helping to modernize the local music scene that seems to have fallen into complacency. He leads the rap group, Sus Boys, who recently released a new mixtape alilsumsum and play at house shows around town. I recently sat down with him to discuss what inspired his unique take on the Soundcloud rap genre (think “Licence to Ill” with trap beats) and his plans for the future.

How did the Sus Boys get started and who were your biggest inspirations?

In high school I would always joke about dropping a mixtape. Senior year I met my buddy Kai who made beats and we started talking about making music. From there we just started recording stupid songs with the rest of our friends and realized it was actually really fun. I was intrigued by the idea of a rap collective from other groups like Odd Future, Pro Era and Sad Boys (hence the name). Most of us are pretty avid SoundCloud users, so we get a lot of inspiration from some OG SoundCloud rappers like Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi and Playboi Carti, as well as the underground Atlanta rap scene with people like Danger Incorporated and thewaterboy. I’d like to think we have our own sound though.

How did the recording process and sound change once you started using YouTube beats instead of Kai’s beats?

Once we split ways after high school, it got more difficult to make songs together. With Kai back in Germany, we turned to the magical world of YouTube to find our beats. There definitely was a change in our sound as we all continued to improve and try out new things. That being said, I’ve continued to work with Kai on music since then, and am hoping we can put out a project together sometime in the future.

What do you look for when choosing beats and who are some of your favorite producers on YouTube? How do you know if you want to make a song for sus boys or keep it solo?

Finding a good beat on YouTube is hard work. It can be tedious looking through all the different “type beats,” but it is worth it when you find a diamond in the rough. I definitely like to go back to certain producers who have a particular sound like 8ROKEBOY and Polo Boy Shawty. As far as whether a song is kkwtheak or Sus Boys, it really just depends on the song. There’s certain songs where i think “yes i need to get so-and-so on this!” and other times where I like the way it sounds with just my part.

How do your live shows compare to the records? What should we expect at Gyro Fest?

So far we’ve only performed a of couple times at some house shows that our friend has thrown; shoutout to Dhruva [bassist for local band Aldente.] We like to have a certain energy when we perform. We don’t like to take our music too seriously so we really just like to go up there and get lit. Gyro Fest 2 is this Friday [February, 8] and we might actually premiere a new song.

What’s next after “alilsumsum”?

I’m constantly working on new stuff and we already have a bunch of tracks in the vault. I’ve been wanting to make a tape called Kk and friends where I get as many of my fellow amateur artists to feature on it as I can. No deadline on that though.

What songs should people looking to get into your music start with?

I would recommend that people new to our music start with our older stuff (SUS BOYZ, Gyro Fest 2018 Singles) and work your way to the new stuff (What’s Going On, The Usual Suspects, alilsumsum.) That way you really get a better understanding of the journey our music has taken, as we have matured as artists.

Written by Reid Koski

Links included in article may contain music with explicit content.

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Student Spotlight: John Kutteh

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At a school with 28,848 students, it can be pretty difficult to stick out. That is no problem for my dear friend John Kutteh. John and I became friends our freshman year here in Athens and became roommates the following year. Since then, it has been a joy to do life with him. John is a well-spoken guy who is one of the easiest people to talk to I have ever met. John strives to make everyone in a room feel heard and comfortable. He is also very funny and that is not a liberal use of the word very. You will never meet a guy more ready to get to know you and serve you more readily than John. In addition to all of this, he is very actively involved on campus at UGA and in the community of Athens. As such, I decided to interview my roommate and find out a little of his story from his own perspective. So, without further ado, I present to you the John Kutteh Interview.

Q: What is your name, year in school, and where are you from?

A: “My name is John Kutteh. I am a third year studying public relations from Memphis, TN.”

Q: What made you want to come to UGA?

A: “Actually, I didn’t really have a strong desire to come to UGA. It was literally the only school that worked financially and location-wise. I like to say that coming to Georgia was the best decision that was ever made for me.”

Q: Why do you say that?

A: “The people I met here and the organizations I’ve been a part of have all had really big impacts on my life.”

Q: What organizations have you been involved with in your time here at UGA?

A: “I have been heavily involved in Phi Slam at UGA. Phi Slam is a ministry that seeks to give students an alternative to the downtown scene in Athens. Our hope is that, in doing that, students will be able to engage in authentic, lasting community throughout their years in college. I was also an orientation leader this past summer.”

Q: How did you get involved with Phi Slam?

“I got involved with Phi Slam at the beginning of my first year. I met a few of the guys that were already in Phi Slam and decided that it was something in which I also wanted to participate. I applied and went through the interview process and found out in November that I was going to be joining the organization.”

Q: What skills do you bring to Phi Slam that help the overall organization?

“I think I bring a sense of organization to the organization. [Break for laughter] That was a terribly worded sentence. I think that being organized helps us accomplish our tasks in a timely manner and stay on top of projects.”

John and I actually got into Phi Slam together and I can speak first hand to this. Before we became a part of the ministry, it was very common for tools and decorations to go missing and for Phi Slam to be very unprepared for events. John, however, has helped lead in organization and we are running more efficiently than ever.

Q: What made you want to be an orientation leader?

A: “I remembered how scared I was when I came to orientation as an incoming freshman. I applied for the orientation leader position hoping to be able to ease the fears of a student like me, coming into college without knowing anyone or knowing anything about the school at all.”

Q: What was one time you showed leadership during your time as an orientation leader?

“As a group of orientation leaders, we had to show leadership every day. Every week, we had around 60 new students that were looking to us to help them transition either to college as a freshman or to UGA as a transfer student. These students needed strong leadership. They needed someone to show them how UGA works and how they can make their time at UGA successful.”

John has always been good at showing empathy and putting himself in others’ shoes. With his past experience at orientation, I have no doubt that John was able to be as excited as the most eager freshman as well as be there for anyone that was nervous. John is very good at seeing people as people and meeting them where they are at.

In his time at UGA, John has held some competitive positions. There are many good reasons for this, but I think the best one just comes from how he treats people he meets. It’s easy to be nice once. It’s truly impressive when someone can repeat that same care and attention over and over and that’s something easily recognizable in John. Whether you are an employer or just looking for a friend, I guarantee you would love to meet John Kutteh.

Check out his LinkedIn!

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Student Spotlight: Hannah Bass

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UGA Biomedical Engineering Senior, Hannah Bass, refused to allow her challenging course load to prevent her from fulfilling her study abroad dreams. Hannah Bass studies biological engineering with a biomedical emphasis and German minor at The University of Georgia. Understandably it can be challenging to study abroad with such an intensive major that requires specific classes, however, Hannah was able to overcome these challenges and study abroad via three separate programs in Germany, Singapore, and England and complete an internship abroad in Uganda – all while still graduating in 4 years! During this time, she was also able to travel to over 20 new countries, marking a total of 33 travelled to throughout her life, all by the age of 21.

Hannah began fulfilling her study abroad dreams as a freshman through the UGA Freiburg Program where she was able to expand her German language skills in Germany. However, this one summer abroad was not near enough and only ignited her passion for travel. Ultimately, Hannah’s junior year was one that most students only dream of having, as she travelled to 27 different countries within a single year. Her fall semester was spent at The National University of Singapore, where she spent her weekends playing with (not riding!) elephants in Thailand, jumping off waterfalls in the Philippines, or traveling to countless other Asian countries. During January, Hannah held a Global Health Internship with Child Family Health Institute in Uganda where she assisted outreach clinics, shadowed clinicians, inputted data for the HIV clinic, and learned about global health and food sustainability topics. She wrapped up her Junior year in England where she studied abroad at The University of Oxford through the UGA at Oxford Program. Here, she attended Keble College as an associate student, completing tutorials in Biochemistry and Microbiology and backpacked across Europe in her spare time on the weekends.

Not only has Hannah made an impact abroad, but she is highly involved on campus at UGA. Hannah has served as the President of the Society of Women Engineers for almost three semesters and as an Engineering Ambassador through the UGA College of Engineering for the past year. She has conducted independent research on obstructed labor through UGA’s Center for Undergraduate Research, and currently volunteers at the Thomas Lay After-School Program and on the Hospital Relations Committee for UGA Miracle. 

When asked about how she was able to pull off such an amazing year abroad, Hannah credits her success to planning ahead – she knew she needed to save her more general courses for her time abroad, especially with such a specific major. Hannah wants students to know that studying abroad is “one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences you can have during college.” Most importantly, she wants students who may feel that their majors do not allow space for time abroad to realize that this is not true. She explains that, “while it is definitely easier to go abroad with certain majors, there are so many options that there is always going to be some type of program that can earn you credit for your degree.” Whether this be through a Maymester, summer program, or full semester exchange, by putting in extra effort to get specific courses approved, you can accomplish your study abroad dreams.  

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Student Spotlight: Rebecca Gemes

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Rebecca Gemes is currently a senior at the University of Georgia majoring in Consumer Journalism. She grew up in a small city in South Mississippi known as Hattiesburg, until she moved to Columbus, GA her sophomore year of high school. Becca initially planned on going to Ole Miss or MS State, and had never considered attending UGA, but once she moved to Georgia she began considering UGA more and more. Once she received her early acceptance to UGA, Becca said, “I never turned back!” 

Becca was originally a Human Development & Family Science (HDFS) major, but later fell in love with the College of FACS, especially the professors and the advisor. She was also drawn to a career in PR, however she wanted to remain in the college of FACS. This is when she was presented with the Consumer Journalism program, which was a perfect fit. In addition to this, Becca has certificates in Personal & Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship. She decided to pursue to the Personal & Organizational Leadership certificate because of the amazing people she knew who were a part of the program as well as how highly people spoke of it. This certificate program is in the Institute for Leadership Advancement and it aims to develop “values-based, impact-driven leaders.” Those who know Becca, know she embodies this perfectly. 

Outside of school, Becca dedicates much of her time to Cru, an on-campus Christian ministry. She got involved with this organization her freshman year and has become involved in a greater capacity each year since. Sophomore year she led a small Bible group study, the next year she helped to launch the Greek Women’s Ministry team, and this year she is involved on the Greek team and is also a Worship team leader. During Becca’s junior year, she began working for the UGA Alumni Association as the Strategic Communications Intern, in which she wrote for the Executive Director, as well as a host of other responsibilities. This past semester, Becca dedicated a large amount of her time working for UGA Sports Communications. “Sports Comm” works with all media forms (newspaper, radio, network tv, etc.) on behalf of UGA Athletics to represent the twenty-one sports. While working here she helped handle all of the credentials for sporting events and dealt with any requests for players and coaches. Currently, Becca is working closely with The Southern Coterie, a digital resource for the entrepreneurial south that provides resources for entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Although she started as an intern, she has recently been appointed a new role as Membership Coordinator and Digital + Events Assistant. When asked what she does aside from work and Cru, Becca said “the rest of my time is spent with friends, catching up with people I don’t run into often, and studying…balance is a big word for me that I’m always working on.”

I asked Becca what her objectives upon gradation are and she expressed that she doesn’t know exactly what she wants yet, but she does know she would like a job with a small company that she absolutely loves and is passionate about, regardless of what it is. 

When asked if there was a particular person that has had a major impact on her during her time here, she explained that there are countless people at this University that she cherishes and have had an impact on her, each in a different way. One of those people is Dr. Bill McDonald, the Dean of Students. Becca described him as “a mastermind at seeing students, caring for them, and doing everything in his power to meet their needs and ensure every person on this campus is taken care of.” 

Lastly, I asked Becca what advice she would give to an incoming freshmen looking back at her time at UGA and she said to learn about what all UGA has to offer and to take full advantage of it. “Talk to anyone and everyone about what they study, what they’re involved in, and why.” This is something Becca says has helped her exponentially in her job search. Another large piece of advice that has enriched Becca’s time at UGA is get to know and be friends with people who are different than you. She explains that “Whether your life looks different, the color of your skin looks different, the way you allocate your time looks different, or what you value is different, people are worth getting to know, and different types of people grow you and shape you in different ways.” She said that when you’ve experienced different people and different ways of life, you can serve people a lot better. 

Becca is a true Dawg to say the very least and has undoubtedly left her mark on the University of Georgia.

Becca singing the National Anthem at the UGA baseball game

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Student Spotlight: Dani Levenson

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Dani Levenson grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, IL in a loving household with her parents, Lisa and Steve, and younger sister, Ashley (19). Upon graduating high school, Levenson decided to step out of her comfort zone and head down south to the University of Georgia. Beginning her college career in the fall of 2015, she immediately jumped in with both feet and went through sorority recruitment. After an extensive process, Levenson decided to pledge Zeta Tau Alpha and instantaneously made friends and became involved in Greek life as well as other programs across campus.

Dani is currently a senior finance major in Terry College at UGA; she is graduating with honors this spring in addition to being Suma Cum Lade. She is part of the honors program as well as the Institute for Leadership Advancement (ILA) at the university. Upon starting her collegiate career, Levenson received a scholarship for her exceptional high school accomplishments in which a large portion of her tuition is covered. Other than the obvious smarts, Levenson has extensive qualities that make her well-worthy of a student spotlight. She has been involved in mentorship and leadership programs, multiple internships, as well as social involvement across campus. Among these are Corsair Society, Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), and Citi Early Identification Membership Investment Banking Program, and many others. In addition to her endeavors on campus at UGA, Dani also completed a study abroad program in Australia and New Zealand in which she had the opportunity to fulfill once in a lifetime experiences such as bungee jumping, hiking, and scuba diving.

Other than her extensive professional and collegiate accomplishments, Dani has been a fun and spunky girl throughout her entire life. She was an accomplished dancer from a young age and even continued this talent in college by earning a spot on the Greek Grind dance team representing Zeta Tau Alpha (also known as the reigning champs). She is an extremely savvy traveler and can create itineraries that lead to the most amazing trips. On one of her trips to New York, Dani got tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show and, due to her dumb luck, she managed to get on television and receive the famous “ugly sweater” during the holiday episode.

The widespread leadership and involvement that Dani has accomplished in her college career as well as her encompassing personality has set the stage for what can only be her successful future. After graduation, Levenson plans to start work at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey in Atlanta, GA and will assume the role as an investment banking analyst. It is clear that Dani Levenson will continue her successes and become a strong leader in the banking world as well as the Atlanta community.

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UGA, Friendships and so much more: Kelly Ahern Interview

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Kelly Ahern serves as the Vice President for the UGA chapter of American Marketing Association. Along with that she is heavily involved in her sorority Alpha Gamma Delta and serves as a Crosstrainer mentor for young students in the Athens area. She is currently pursing a major in Marketing with a digital emphasis with two certificates and will be graduating in May 2019!

We met up with her to ask her some questions

Interviewer: What is one piece of advice you would give to a Freshman bulldawg?

Kelly: One piece of advice I would give to a freshman is to just enjoy every moment of their college career and be the best version of yourself. I know people say this a lot, but time really flies by so it is so important to make the most out of it!

Interviewer: Tell us a little bit about your internship experience

Kelly: I interned at a company called Active Cities when I was a junior and this past summer at a marketing agency called Veugeler Design Group. My biggest takeaway was how important the culture of a company is. At the end of the day, the people that you are surrounded by and that you see each day are what really makes the difference at a job and I know now that I want my coworkers to truly be my friends. 

Interviewer: What about UGA will you miss the most?

Kelly: I will definitely miss being surrounded by my friends at all times. I have grown so close to people I have met here and it will be so hard to not see them every day.

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Kelly:  In ten years I hope to be married and starting a family. I also hope that I have settled into a job that makes me happy and I am working towards being promoted within that job! 

Good luck to you in your future endeavors Kelly!

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