Ogilvy: Making Airports Magical

When most people think of airports, they are not met with peaceful or wonderous feelings. Yet, the collaboration of Ogilvy and Singapore’s newest mixed-use airport did just that. Jewel Changi Airport, set to officially open in April 2019, is an airport like no other. Complete with 10 stories of gardens, a hotel, retail, restaurants, and

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The World Infamous

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Year after year, Athens, Georgia is ranked in the top college towns to live in. Three years ago, when I was deciding on colleges, I knew that I wanted to find a place where I would want to live for four years. For me, the cities that I would potentially be living in were a

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Corporate Spotlight:

Since the early 2000’s, Kalpesh Patel has served as an executive for Raja Foods, a subsidiary of Patel Brothers. Patel Brothers is a national Indian grocery store chain and Raja Foods is the food supplier that supplies frozen, packaged, and fresh goods for Patel Brothers and hundreds of other Indian (and non-Indian) grocery stores. Over

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"I was really unsure about going to SparkSouth, but I’m so happy I did. I learned so much about the actual marketing world from real people instead of a classroom PowerPoint."


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"I never thought I would find a program that would feel like a family, but I have absolutely found that with the Digital Marketing Program."


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"I walked away from SparkSouth with more insight than I had ever imagined. I especially enjoyed the mentorship lunch and opportunity to network in a more intimate setting."


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"The opportunities provided by the Digital Marketing program at UGA - namely the New York trip and the Digital Marketing Compeition - allow students a glimpse into the real world of marketing and advertising, an experience we can't get sitting behind a desk."


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"Dear Professor Osbon, I have thoroughly enjoyed your social media marketing course this semester. It has been one of my favorite and most valuable classes that I have taken thus fat at UGA. The blogs, individual brand comparison paper, and final group presentations were enjoyable to work on as well as pieces I can proudly show to friends, family, and potential employers. I have a new passion for social media marketing and am excited to continue growing as a young marketing professional."


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