Is Vine Really Coming Back?!

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Is Vine Really Coming Back?!


The answer is yes and no. 

Since being acquired by Twitter in 2013 Vine wasn’t getting the funds it needed to stay afloat. After it’s release Vine quickly rose to the top of social media platforms. 6.5 second videos that could occupy you for hours; it had never been done before. However, Vine’s time at the top was short lived. Due to a gradual decrease in use by consumers and a trend of the most popular “Viners” moving their platforms to YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, Vine quickly saw it’s numbers dwindle. In January of 2017, Twitter pulled the plug on Vine. Many people were crushed. RIP Vine forever?

Maybe not.

Co-founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, refused to see his once-flourishing app just go to waste. He will be releasing a new app called “v2”. He has made it very clear to not call it “Vine 2” as Twitter still owns the rights to Vine, but it will essentially have all the same components of Vine. 2 to 6.5 second videos that loop seamlessly over and over. You can upload videos or record them directly on vine, being able to flip the camera while you record. There will be no filters of any sort, just raw content.

Okay…so what’s new?

The videos will now be fullscreen, rather than the square shape of Vine. Though the timeline will be chronological (we all know what a mess Instagram has made with that one), the “Explore” tab will have an algorithm to try to provide you with content you want to see. Hofmann has mentioned possibly adding a “nope” button that will remove content you don’t like from your feed.

What about the money!

In the original Vine, there was no way for creators to make money directly from the app. This resulted in a lot of paid advertisements by outside brands or creators going to other apps where they can make money directly, such as YouTube. Hofmann has assured that he plans on creating a way for creators to generate money directly from v2, though he hasn’t quite decided how to do it yet.

Hofmann has not given an official release date yet but has stated it will debut “definitely in 2018, hopefully when it’s warm in the northern hemisphere” which leaves me to think it will be sometime in the spring/summer. Will you be one of the first to come back to Vine? I certainly can’t wait.


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